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  1. Deliciously funny seeing him get the boot. Always thought he was a sanctimonious lefty.
  2. Obviously, families need to take all those factors into account when planning their lives.
  3. Absolutely. This is an occasion where the market is the best ad
  4. He certainly was. Now a complete u- turn. Out with the begging bowl.
  5. Usual erudite reply. However, I always thought she was left- leaning.
  6. Neither of those scenarios are right but sometimes it’s just impossible or impracticable to pursue crooks who have maybe fled the country or operated the scam from abroad. HMRC are a top notch department but sometimes there efforts to catch wrongdoers fail. They had to move quickly with the furlough scheme otherwise the whole economy could have collapsed. Your single parent isn’t going anywhere and is obviously easier to catch. However, if she breaks the law, she needs to be punished. Your portrayal is not fair.
  7. Probably the former. I just do the easy stuff like book keeping and payroll.
  8. Fair enough. At least there seems to have been a debate about its definition. Its taxable which makes it a bit different from some of the others.
  9. And those will never materialise while we have employers who treat UC as a wage subsidy to save them paying a decent wage in the 1st place. It seems it's always the fault on the "lazy" employee. How does an employer even know that someone is on UC? All we know about an employee is the Code No. we get from HMRC to apply to their earnings. Surely it’s only the business of the employee?
  10. Just as an aside- is the state retirement pension actually a benefit? Always thought benefits were things you got when you were ill, unemployed or in dire straits. Always thought that the pension was something everyone paid into and received on retirement age. No doubt the experts will correct me?
  11. No way- I’ve paid in quite a lot over the years and it’s the only benefit I’ve ever had. No doubt you’ll tell me I’m wrong. Certainly never had sickness or unemployment benefit. I do get £100 every winter. Its very possible to be retired and also keep one’s finger on the pulse. No pay though. Much more interesting than wasting my time posting to numpties on here.
  12. We certainly don’t have anyone working more than 35 hours per week. Regarding your specific question, I don’t know the answer. What do you think?
  13. Sounds like we agree then. We most definitely need lots more higher paid jobs. No argument there.
  14. We do actually have some folks who are fit and well!
  15. Yes- that’s what happens when you try to deny the need for fossil fuels in the short to medium term.
  16. If that’s the case, then it’s wrong. Someone doing more hours is helping the economy by increasing GDP and it’s just good for society in general. Obviously, at some point , there needs to be a cut in state benefits but where that should kick in is a matter for debate. Ultimately, we should be looking for people to be working, earning a good wage and supporting themselves out with the state benefits system.
  17. It’s not my place to enquire into an employees personal circumstances. First point. They say they don’t want more more hours as it’s not worth the effort. Their choice. There should be a system in place that incentivises people to do more hours rather than them feelI got, rightly or wrongly, they’re worse off. That seems to be what you’re saying. As an employer we just try to accommodate our employees wishes.
  18. Indeed and back in around 2015, I think, they wrote off (forgave) a few hundred thousand of their loans. Not much publicised but there was a Note deep in the Accounts confirming what they had done. That should never be forgotten.
  19. A fat lot of use you are. If someone tells me something I believe them until they’re proved wrong. Wasn't sufficiently interested to research it.
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