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  1. Mrs Sunak can’t help being the daughter of an entrepreneurial businessman. Totally irrelevant.
  2. Respect your fervour but can’t see it happening. Ill bet you £100 that there isn’t even a referendum before the end of 2023.
  3. Wouldn’t be so sure about that. What about the cash economy? Gardeners, cleaners, tradesmen, it’s huge. Okay, maybe not huge but the principle is the same.
  4. Can’t stand any of those political badges, scarves, colours, pinholes, whatever. Football colours are fine for me.
  5. The more you earn, the more you pay in tax and NI towards it. So it is means tested. Only problem is, it’s so poor that more and more people are going private and paying twice.
  6. Sorry, I think the whole principle is wrong. If you have acquired your assets from income that has been already taxed- savings, investments, your house, etc., etc., what business is it of the state? This isn’t a communist regime were living in. On the other hand, if you need to go into care then it is correct that your assets are sold to pay for that care. The state shouldn’t pay for that if you have assets to pay for it. As far as possible the individual should pay their way and the state should butt out of our business.
  7. I think you double that for a couple where the property is in joint names?
  8. I think everyone will just need to accept that they are going to be poorer for the next few years. Okay, measures will be put in place to try and help the very poorest but, inevitably, some people will suffer. Its really up to us all to try to mitigate our energy use, to shop better for food, to cook better and to generally be more economical with our money. The forthcoming tax rises will hit the better off more, and that’s correct, but there just aren’t enough wealthy people around. Therefore all of us are in for a poorer time.
  9. IHT revenue has surged in recent years mainly due to house prices and a freeze on thresholds. Estimated to produce £9bn by 27/28. In 19/20 the average amount paid by families was £215k. A serious revenue producer.
  10. Can’t help put my head up ‘to get shot at’ but do those stats include pension benefits which I’d guess are better in the Public Sector but hey??
  11. Thanks for pulling that up. The Covid period seems to have caused the recent distortion but, maybe I should keep quiet on stats?
  12. Don’t ask me to quote from it, but, about a week ago I read a report (can’t remember where from) which stated that public employees had done better than private ones over the last 10 or so years in terms of remuneration when you take into account pensions and benefits. In addition, public employees in Scotland did better than their colleagues elsewhere in the UK. Take from that what you will?
  13. Heard a rumour this morning from a supposedly reliable source that Lawal is starting today. Make from that what you will?
  14. Thanks for that. Actually, you’ve taken the time to outline what I was thinking but didn’t have the time to post.
  15. Thanks to the folks who gave me current advice about concert going (O2 Academy- The Tedeschi Trucks Band) We arrived by taxi from the restaurant about 7.35 to find the place almost full due I suppose to the unreserved seating. Anyway, got our seats upstairs and, I must say, the view and sound were great. The band kicked off precisely at 8 as predicted on here and played till the back of 9. An interval was held until 9.30 and the band reappeared and we’re still playing when we left at 10.25 in order to catch our train. Hailed a taxi outside and whisked straight to Queens St to catch the 10.45. The venue had character but was badly in need of refurbishment. There appeared to be glue on the floors as it became difficult to walk and felt like pushing through slime. Probably a good clean required. With regard to the band we hadn’t seen them live before but were fantastically impressed. A very professional 12 piece with double drummers which added to the rhythmic effect. The horn section added an extra dimension and each of the three backing singers could either do solos or play an additional instrument. Special word for the keyboardist who was also a great singer. As for Susan and Derek, well, what can you say. Sublime, fantastic singing coupled with top quality slide guitar playing. All in all, a great nights entertainment coupled with meeting really friendly folks seated on either side of us.
  16. Exactly. Inflation will drop off fairly quickly whilst a 10% pay rise immediately increases your base and stays forever. That’s why the unions are so militant at the moment. It is their job, after all.
  17. I’d go for that apart from maybe retaining Henderson?
  18. Haven’t a clue. All I know is that I have a postal vote for which I completed some paperwork and then they send me the voting forms before an election. Not rocket science and very simple for anyone who is interested in voting. If voting doesn’t interest you then fine, don’t bother.
  19. Voting is a serious business and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If someone can’t be bothered doing the administration, then they don’t deserve the vote.
  20. No idea but I do think there should be rules in place to ensure that only the entitled get the vote. A bit like immigration where countries demand to see your passport. No passport, no docs, no entry. Long-standing rules which everyone knows about.
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