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  1. You’re probably right. I just think that we should treat this just like flu. If you feel terrible just go to bed or stay in for a few days until you feel better. To go to the level of testing yourself just seems daft and a waste of time and resources. I just want us to be the exact opposite of China. Get over it and live your life (or die).
  2. What made you test and did you buy a kit? Surely this nonsense is over?
  3. Aldo’s son and daughter used to run Amodo Mio in Falkirk which was great until they gave it up. The daughter, Carolina, I think got pregnant. It’s now leased out to Christie’s which is okay but not as good as when it was Italian.
  4. In the current situation where the inflation rate of around 10 to 11% is a temporary phenomenon due to exceptional circumstances and will drop rapidly next year, the BT deal is exactly what is required.
  5. Sorry, I should have checked on what I wrote. I think you know what I meant. I get what you say and I think Labour can start to do well in Scotland as the SNP is populated with mostly ex labour voters. I do agree that Tories will always struggle here apart from in certain specific areas. The good thing though is just how volatile politics is. The days of ‘I've always voted labour like my mum and dad’ have long since gone.
  6. Absolutely this. The potential for a landslide will slowly dissipate as the Tory media crank it up in the run up to the GE. The polls will narrow and Starmer will be bricking himself over his somewhat premature "no deal with the SNP" rhetoric. Anyone, Labour or Tory who thinks he wouldn't do a deal with the SNP if it was his only route to power is living in cloud cuckoo land. Given their starting position it really shouldn't get anywhere near that stage but the two things you can bank on in a GE campaign is the influence of the Tory controlled media and Labours ability to shit the bed. Between now and the GE I think there will be big changes that we don’t necessarily foresee at the moment. The current Tory party is indeed imploding and I can see lots of traditional Tories like myself forming a new right of centre party, possibly under Nigel Farage. What we currently have is Labour lite. Labour should do well and will probably win. Apart from anything else, change is needed. There are so many unresolved problems. On Scotland, the SNP is tired and has no ideas as to solving the shocking state of the public services. Eventually, if it’s not already happening, the public will tire of Nicola and I don’t see anyone with the ability to take them forward. This next couple of years is going to be really entertaining.
  7. Wow. Wonder if any of the wilder contributors on here were part of that lot?
  8. If that’s what happens, then I’d have thought they would lend any cash to the club who would need to repay the loans out of any monies the club receives, FSS or not. Can’t see it affecting the shares that FSS gets. If this does happen then I would think that any lender of substantial funds would want someone on the Board to represent their Interests. Absolutely no knowledge regarding this whatsoever.
  9. I agree with you but no point in getting into a tizz about it as, once the long delayed AGM is announced with the attendant papers, things should become a lot clearer. It can only be delayed for so long. In addition whether or not the Auditors can sign the Accounts off as ‘a going concern’ will be very interesting. I imagine that’s what causing the delay. Anyway, time will tell. We just need patience.
  10. I’d just love to know what the SNP would do differently in an independent country bearing in mind they would need to use their own tax revenues with no Barnett and no subsidy per person from Westminster. Their own advisors tell them that there would be years of austerity. Please, somebody, tell me.
  11. I think I’d be inclined to Option3 but you may be right regarding Option2.
  12. Thanks for that. Some of the people on here take a totally ‘black and white’ line on these things and just love to slag off anyone with money. These people are worth having as they pay money to live here and generate economic activity creating employment and tax revenue. If they buzz off to other jurisdictions we get nothing.
  13. Is it not the case that non-Dom’s need to pay a fee?
  14. Regarding 1, it is a good and important thing and, if it can’t fulfil my needs in a reasonable time, then it should pay for my private treatment. On 2 , I don’t think the standard of treatment is far superior to that which the state provides. It’s just that the state is unable to provide it within a reasonable time frame. The answer to both is to adopt my suggestion at 1.
  15. In addition, people seem quite happy to shell out huge sums to vets to keep their pets alive. Says it all. Suffer and wait under the NHS or do your own thing.
  16. Maybe it’s about time the Scottish electorate started to vote in politicians who know what they’re doing rather than idiots with SNP tagged on to their jerseys. Conservatives like myself probably have little chance but maybe it’s time for Labour to get a chance to see what they can do. Can’t be any worse than Sturgeon and her mob.
  17. Nobody is forcing them to strike.
  18. Will there be any possibility of a live stream of the Wick game on Saturday ?
  19. Absolutely. Things do change and I certainly change my views depending on circumstances. Im certainly not someone who would vote for the same party come what may because I’ve always done so. Ive voted Labour, Liberal (bad mistake), Conservative, UKIP, various Independents, not SNP but never say never especially as they’re now opening the door on a two tier health service.
  20. Wonderful. Looks like the beginning of the end of the NHS. It'll not happen overnight but at last the door has been opened.
  21. This is a totally footballing matter and only the manager, players and coaching staff would know. I doubt if the Directors would be told. It could therefore only come from the playing side of the club.
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