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  1. Who is talking about a terminal illness diagnosis? Maybe you should read a little more carefully.
  2. Indeed and they outsourced the accounting function which has saved a lot.
  3. I think you are being very black and white here. I don’t know if you are a parent or not but I would have thought that, confronted with such a situation, the initial reaction would be to hope that things would change. Just like with a bad medical diagnosis most people would initially hope that it would get better albeit naively. Obviously, after a bit of time to see that things won’t change then it is necessary to deal with the situation to the benefit of the child. Okay, let’s leave it there but I don’t think we’re actually disagreeing here. Maybe you don’t like that?
  4. There was a picture of him coming out of the bus at FC Edinburgh?
  5. Interesting question. Are FSS members eligible to attend the AGM ? Doesn't affect myself as I have shares in my own right but it would seem reasonable for FSS members to be able to attend.
  6. I was asked a perfectly reasonable question by Leith Green which I answered as honestly as possible. All you can do is throw out abuse and soundbites. You are definitely a disgrace to the public service and will probably soon be binned again.
  7. That’s the standard of Pars responses, I’m afraid.
  8. Yes, fair point although it’s really just self id with which I have a problem. Obviously, we’d take all the professional and medical advice available. We would do everything to delay the situation and, I expect, hope they would grow out of it. At the end of the day if drugs and operations are required then I would imagine we’d be supportive and loving. Not much more I can say, really.
  9. Just hope SA doesn’t read this, especially as its likely he’s the one baling us out as per the Accounts.
  10. Speak for yourself. I just believe in biological sex/gender. You are the one propagating all those so called ‘progressive ‘ ideas. Mind you, I think the public are starting to wake up to all the nonsense. Back to basics.
  11. The only contortions I can see are within the SNP.
  12. In my mind, that’s where they should be unless they’ve had their genitalia removed and have a GRC certificate .
  13. So you accept that a transgender woman (in your mind a real woman) should be put in a male prison? Thats where PC gets you. Crazy.
  14. Yes, your assumption is correct but that then makes a nonsense of the policy. People on here can argue all we like but when you put this to mainstream, socially conservative Scotland (maw, paw and the bairns) they think politicians are nuts and frankly disgraceful.
  15. The whole thing is a mess. The SNP are now saying that violent and sex offending trans women should be in a male prison. So that means they’re not female but male? I think it’s time we redefined the point at which a person can be called the gender of their choice. In my opinion, a man transitioning to become a woman cannot be considered to be a woman until his genitalia has been removed and he has a medically approved GRC certificate. Until that point he/she is a man. That seems to be just common sense but hey there’s not much of that about just now.
  16. Thanks for that. Far too early to blame Brexit for all our problems. Personally, I think it will prove to be a good move but that’s probably my bias showing through.
  17. He does have a book to promote. A little bit of publicity won’t do sales any harm
  18. Heard reports of some people having received Accounts and AGM papers. I haven’t received anything yet. Any others?
  19. Complete shambles. Sturgeon said it should be left to the SPS to decide. Burns/Scott was going to a women’s prison. Now it’s an urgent review. Guess what’s going to happen now?
  20. Does Donaldson get his place back and, if so, who drops out?
  21. Agreed. They are convicted criminals. Bear in mind, also, that it’s quite hard to actually get sent to prison in the first place.
  22. Agreed. But I’d be a lot happier if he got his staff back to their offices. Its almost impossible to get hold of an HMRC VAT officer on the telephone. When you do manage it mostly they haven’t a clue and the number for yearly returns actually tells you that they can’t help until they get back to normal service. Appalling service!
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