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  1. Yes, very frank and open. The one thing which I would have liked to know is - ‘when does the cash run out?’ Is it November or December? With the best will in the world, FSS is NEVER going to be able to plug the gap. So we’re back to soft loans or a new investor. Wasn't clear as to whether the usual donors had been approached and, if so, how amenable they would be to help. It just all seems to be so, so late in the day when the same information was available months ago. Their analysis of the situation was good but I’m not filled with a lot of confidence that they’ve been taking the necessary action and speaking to the right people to solve the short term problem. I think I can now see why the FD resigned. No mention of the AGM- worrying - probably down to the Auditors needing comfort? Fingers crossed.
  2. It seems that if anyone deviates from the forum’s socialist, separatist viewpoint then you are termed evil, bigoted, a fantasist. I’m sure you’d all feel a lot better if you could just ban anyone with a dissenting opinion. Democracy or free speech doesn’t figure very highly. Oh well, crack on.
  3. Very strange indeed. Can’t say I’ve come across anything like that. My local chemist is completely mask free. Staff and customers apart from the odd fanatic but that’s there choice. However, to refuse service. Surely that’s illegal!!
  4. I’ve got some criticism towards the BOD with transparency regarding our financial position but they played a blinder in appointing McGlynn and Smith. Plaudits for that.
  5. No change in my principles regarding lower taxes. However, if they can’t get the necessary support, then bin it for now. As long as they keep the direction of travel towards low taxes and high growth, I’m for it.
  6. Agree about the PA. If abandoning the top rate tax change stops the Tories bickering, well great. Bin it. As I keep saying the cost was minimal but the optics, I suppose, were bad.
  7. You’re correct about the cost of the top rate tax cut. Labour also agree to the cut in N.I. along with energy subsidies plus they want more to be spend on eco projects. So not much difference in borrowing.
  8. Are you serious? Take a look at the current Cabinet and Government as a whole.
  9. The reduction of the top rate of tax back down to New Labour and indeed most other countries levels doesn’t affect me as I’m retired but for the small cost it involves I think it is a good pro- aspirational move. Sends out the right signals.
  10. Don’t agree with your solution but I’ll give you top marks for outlining a plan.
  11. Probably true. Only good thing will be that house prices might fall. Also pensioners should start to get some reward on their cash investments. Its just the economic cycle we’re currently in. Cant really see what governments of any persuasion could do.
  12. The thing is, mortgage rates were going up anyway. It was inevitable due to the Fed increasing aggressively to get inflation out of the US system. Will take some time I would guess. Regarding the most vulnerable, well there you are then. Not many will have mortgages.
  13. Only downside would be that the club would need to pay VAT again on the entry fee over and above on the ST. Could be got round by having a separate gate for such donations and branding the income as donations.
  14. Yes- decent idea. Or against future player sales? We definitely need to be thinking ‘out of the box’.
  15. I’m only guessing here but I think they expected to get rid of quite a few but, when the players saw how good M and S were as coaches, they probably fancied their chances of improvement and decided NOT to leave as was their right thus worsening the budget.
  16. Yes- fair enough. Maybe it’s time to reveal PlanB?
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