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  1. Be assured, I was not trying to be condescending. Any saving is good but I was merely trying to make the same point as yourself that, as, in the general scheme of things, it’s no big deal and I would have thought that Labour would have had something much more substantive in terms of policy initiative.
  2. You haven’t answered my point. Albania is about to join the EU and therefore must have everything that a civilised democracy should have. We should, in my opinion, not be granting asylum to Albanians.
  3. Nothing wrong with Albanians but why can’t they come legally? Haven't heard of any Swedes coming on the small boat, Channel route. I would imagine if you or I went to Albania, we’d need a passport, visa, etc.
  4. Your stats are out of date. I'm talking about this summer.
  5. What’s that got to do with the fact that about 40% of those making the Channel crossing are Albanians?
  6. Was down at Little Kerse today with a friend for a coffee at the cafe. We bumped into John and Paul, we exchanged pleasantries and they couldn’t have been nicer.
  7. Not comparable figures. EDF (nationalised) is suing the French government for around £8bn relating to losses they’ve incurred in selling at below market price. Inevitably this will be picked up by the French government who will then need to claw it back from taxpayers. We are subsidising the poorest but I would think more direct action will be coming once the new PM is installed.
  8. Pleased to hear that if it’s true. Wife and I went to Jamaica every year between 2004 and 2012 and, apart from the resorts, the impression we got was one of decay and neglect. The infrastructure was terrible with the roads full of potholes and old rusting cars and lorries abandoned at the roadside. The shops were very poor and had very little to sell. Drug dealers were everywhere and the resorts needed 24 hour security. The big thing seemed to be Bob Marley and the tat being sold was predominantly around his memory. I know absolutely nothing about it’s economic performance, GDP, etc. but these were just our impressions. Maybe it’s come on as the country most definitely has great potential with the weather, beaches, tourism, etc. and the locals we met were generally very friendly. We were attending a yearly rock and blues festival and visitors were encouraged to bring books for the local schools which were in short supply. A very striking thing was how well turned out the school kids were with school uniform appearing to be compulsory. Anyway, pleasing if true.
  9. With pcp deals, if you want to keep the car rather than hand it back, there is still a fairly hefty final payment to make. If you have money and the MV of the car is higher than the final payment, then it’s a no brainer to buy the car. If you hand the car back then you’ll still need to find the funds for the deposit on the new car. I went down this route last time but I don’t recommend it.
  10. They were very much executive hands-on Chairpersons. What I was imagining was more of a Campbell Christie model where the Chairman doesn’t do a lot but rather runs the meetings and co-ordinates the activities of the executive directors. Anyway, that’s my ideas.
  11. Authoritarian is the wrong word. On a football clubs board, you are going to have people who are/have been successful in their careers and probably have strong views about their areas of expertise and also about other people’s area. In my view, without a Chairman who sets the agenda and runs the meetings, our set up is a recipe for disaster. In fact, it is terrible corporate governance.
  12. What we need is a strong independent Chairman to conduct meetings and to knock heads together as and when required.
  13. Maybe it’s a cheap deal like Will Vaulks to get him back up and running and in the shop window?
  14. Just enjoy the weather. Stay in the UK during summer. Its also much more civilised travelling out with the summer rush.
  15. No. No idea if it’s to do with Brexit or not but we are currently getting excellent service from our UK suppliers with next day delivery even for small orders. This used to be a problem. European suppliers are fine but it just seems that the UK ones are putting in extra effort which is great. Very pleased to be supporting the home economy.
  16. Nothing but they’ve now stepped up their game and are offering good terms.
  17. I’ll need to look into that as I’m going back to Spain in September. Been three times this year with no problems whatsoever. You've got me worried!!
  18. I bet the Guardian spends a great deal of time looking for such cases.
  19. Yes, but I know that the UK producers have increased production to compensate for people abandoning European suppliers. Surely a good thing.
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