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  1. Ken Hutton is a great chap. Very knowledgeable and highly intelligent. When Houston was Manager he accused him of not having the players fit enough. Houstie went apoplectic!!
  2. They’re absolutely correct. No need for muzzles. We’re human beings.
  3. Must say I find it odd the number of separist supporters who are following what Javid says. Nothing to do with Scotland what he says?
  4. I think the issue now is that the NHS are seeing way higher admissions for other non Covid reasons due to these people becoming acute as they have not been able to get treatment due to the previous pressures. Covid admissions are not the problem any more, it's all the other conditions that have become serious enough to need hospital admission due to them being pushed down the previous pecking order. In England Covid cases make up just 5.5% of hospital admissions. Hospital capacity is still below90%. The problem is the lack of overall hospital capacity which has been the case for years. ’Just in time’ increases efficiency under normal times but when we’re trying to clear a massive backlog it’s no good.
  5. Pretty well as said already. Colborn is a complete idiot. Got the evening off on a wrong footing. Good question from Ken Hutton but not much of a reply. The big thing for me was how poor Sheerin came across. Not expecting great speaking skills but definitely NOT the person to organise or motivate a squad of players. Can’t see him lasting very long. No great new initiatives to placate the fans. Basically, have patience. They stated categorically that they are willing to meet with the NB group and blamed them for previous overtures breaking down.
  6. Interestingly, I understand that SA has turned anti the Board.
  7. Happy to admit I was wrong. That was shocking today. No skill, no fitness, no fight, no game plan. Airdrie were better in every department. Sorry to say it, but Sheerin has to go. Just got my ticket for Tuesday. Just wish I could swear but too late for that.
  8. I think you are correct. In the meantime we need to rely on fossil fuels and nuclear until the storage question has been fully addressed..
  9. I think you’re saying that it isn’t all that significant to the end user so, as we all live in the same country, who cares? Maybe to a separatist, but not to a unionist.
  10. Okay, so how significant do those charges translate into electricity consumer prices between the regions of the UK?
  11. As a unionist, the UK is my country. What Scotland produces alone is just part of the National Grid. Just like the subsidy Scotland receives from London and the SE it’s called ‘pulling and sharing’
  12. Better things to do especially when things football wise are quiet.
  13. Take a look at the National Grid over the last month and fossil fuels have produced over 50% of electricity generation. Wind is minimal.
  14. I think we’ll soon know who the idiot is when we’re paying a fortune for energy, especially when the wind isn’t blowing,
  15. What you are saying makes sense for new properties but I’m not so sure about older houses?
  16. Okay, well it’s surely daft to class a full time GP the same as a part time one. One does more work and sees more patients than the other. In terms of planning, training and recruitment, it’s surely important to measure the output of both. Whats your answer?
  17. I’m learning from what you’re telling me. It’s a subject about which I know little and I’m certainly not making any political points as BJK appears to think. Many years ago, I did tax work for numerous practices but that was before the big changes in terms and conditions came about. So thanks for the enlightenment. Appreciated.
  18. If that's the case why the "Wow" exclamation in your initial post ? That suggests to me that you were trying to make an issue of it rather than pointing out they are doing nothing wrong and are in fact doing plenty other work when not actually seeing patients. I was merely surprised at the figures which have been confirmed by other contributors. As I said we obviously need more. You always want to make a big issue out of things and you were slating the Telegraph journalist for no major reason other than you don’t like the paper.
  19. I thinking you’re getting the wrong end of the stick here. I, for one, am just trying to get the facts and, it would appear that a substantial number of GP’s are choosing to work part time, as is their right. I can see it at my practice. We therefore need to train up lots more.
  20. As someone itk, what’s your take on the report about GP’s?
  21. Telegraph reporting that the average GP works 3 days per week. If true, wow!!!
  22. Nothing wrong with looking after the planet but pointless taking us all back to preindustrial times and we’re living in caves especially as the UK contributes less than1% of the worlds pollution. We should be ensuring our energy supplies by restarting fracking and exploiting all the oil discoveries, building more nuclear and gas power stations and,yes, cleaner coal. Wind is too risky to rely on but great for an add-on source to the base provision.
  23. We got the same situation a few weeks ago going to Majorca. They combined the flight with Menorca passengers but fortunately we landed first at Majorca before it went on to Menorca. Makes sense for Jet2 to combine their Balearic flights. Anyway, relax and enjoy your holiday. Currently with Jet2 in Falaman.
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