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  1. Completely wrong. She merely said that she believed in biological sex. Apparently, this upset some snowflakes.
  2. Obviously a lot of educators on here. Out of interest, do you know of any pupils or teachers who have tested positive and have been seriously ill?
  3. What’s your problem? I’ve found their equipment to be quite good.
  4. He’s fine and looking forward to the new season and the end of this ‘Covid nonsense’. Thank you very much.
  5. Yes nhsinformscotland. They will send you a vaccine certificate.
  6. This is just some red meat thrown by Sturgeon to her own fanatical supporters. Absolutely unenforceable, completely idiotic, and just reinforces the view that she is a complete hypocrite. Pathetic!
  7. I actually quite like Lewis as he’s got a nice pleasant accent and a good flow of words. Comes over quite cultured. Bearing in mind the constraints put on him, well outlined earlier, I think he does well. The immediate post match interviews are as good as can be expected under the circumstances. Having had the chance to listen to commentators of opposing teams, he easily holds his own, I would say. I think we should dispense with the pre match interviews carried out on the Thursday or Friday prior, as none of our recent managers have stated anything interesting. From a fan’s perspective, you hope to hear about injuries, proposed team selections, etc., but realistically, that’s never going to happen. So, I say, bin it.
  8. Sorry, I just don’t get all this protest stuff. The current situation isn’t great PR wise but everyone thought the Rawlins deal was the correct move at the time. I say, let them get on with it and see how it goes. Regarding the Q ana A, okay it could have been set up better but let’s hear what they have to say. I’m sure they’ll address a good few of the matters which have been raised on here. As far as I’m aware the BOD are not in it for personal gain and that should always be remembered. Why put yourself through all this aggro from the ‘baying mob’ when you could have a quiet time doing other things? All this stuff about ‘the miners’, nurses pay, etc. Is just crap. For goodness sake, get a grip.
  9. Thanks for that. Certainly recall seeing him in the reserves.
  10. Information required from club historians. Just heard that Derek Haston has died - approx. 60. Am I correct in saying that he was a fringe player with us. Left back, I think?
  11. Just watched the Andrew Neil hour on GB News and he had Prof Tim Spector on who said that it was effectively over. He was being kind to the Governments by saying we should give it another couple of weeks but you could see he was saying that his stats meant it was done and dusted.
  12. Looks a good team. Maybe time for a little positivity ?
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