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  1. There's also the elephant in the room that is Network Rail - it genuinely isn't fit for purpose. What’s Network Rail got to do with this?
  2. Just remember, however, the SG had quite a lead in time to get this right. They must have known all those problems. Presumably, they did some ‘due diligence’ - or maybe not??
  3. Maybe we could also include on the list the £500mnplus guarantee given to mr Gupta for the smelter against the promise of 2000 jobs being created. I think there are 50.
  4. Seems to be gays or bisexuals who are getting it?
  5. Okay, thanks. I don’t do twitter so means nothing to me.
  6. Is that with our without nuclear weapons on Scottish territory?
  7. I don’t agree. The conservatives get away with absolutely nothing. They may try but the press, tv news, their own MP’s, former advisors (Cummings) are over everything they do whereas in Scotland, the SNP are a closed shop with the media being totally servile. Time for you to realise how far freedom is being eroded here.
  8. Quite an interesting debate about which I’ve given some thought. As a confirmed Unionist Conservative who would only vote for a party which allowed people to progress in life and be aspirational, I’m starting to warm a bit to Labour. Sarwar seems a decent sort from a business family and some others such as Baillie I find okay. At the local elections I gave Labour my second vote as I’m basically anything other than SNP who are increasingly incompetent and secretive. If they are an example of what Independence would look like - no thanks.
  9. Okay, I thought you said you were locked into a tariff which implied that you were stymied till August. In fact, it’s the reverse.
  10. Surely your tariff till August will be lower than the current variable rate assuming that your tariff started last August or earlier? Am I missing something here?
  11. The type of heating she has may not be her choice. That’s true but it’s easy to check from your meter if you don’t have a smart meter.
  12. Fair enough but , obviously, her mode of heating in her house is inappropriate.
  13. Why should it take 18months to train a driver? Doesnt strike me as rocket science.
  14. Your imagination is a bit weird. How can a single mum clock up £760 per month on fuel then be left, according to you with 82 euros???
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