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  1. Yes- fair enough. Maybe it’s time to reveal PlanB?
  2. Don’t do that. The club is much bigger than the BOD. Im unhappy about the Club governance but it’s prompted me to increase my help. Better times will come about.
  3. Believe it or not but I have never reported anyone to the mods.
  4. You’re too sanitised now. I think I preferred you when you were wildly abusive.
  5. What a sad person you must be. Coming on to the football forum of a team in a lower league than your own to talk politics. Wow!!
  6. If the estate is fairly small, your best bet is to go to your local Sheriff Court where they will tell you how to go about getting Confirmation. I found them very helpful with my Aunts and my mother’s estates. If your uncle owned his house then you’ll need a solicitor.
  7. Just like most contributors on here. Actually, I think the direction of travel is correct. Politically, the removal of the top rate of 45% was a bit naive despite the cost being very small. The retention of the bands with fiscal drag pulls in a lot more cash. Labour wanted the reversal of the N.I. rises, wanted the energy help plus wanted to spend more on going green which made their spending commitments higher than the Tories. Just been announced that we’re not in recession. Pound back pretty well to where it was before the mini budget. If we start getting growth, then I think a lot of this hot air will disappear.
  8. Towards the end, they say ‘there’s no need to worry, no panic’. Thats just nonsense. There is a need to worry. The club probably only has a couple of months cash left. What’s more worrying than that?
  9. I didn’t receive one yet I’m an ST holder, in FSS and have sponsored a player. As to your suggestion, yes, great idea. You could even put one on every seat. Also, maybe an apology regarding the tone of the email might take some of the heat out of the situation. After all, it’s easy to get the tone wrong. Nobody’s perfect.
  10. Yes, but are there willing lenders out there? Easier said than done.
  11. I think we can all agree that it was badly worded but everyone makes mistakes. Im prepared to let it go but I think they need to be a lot more honest with the fans. How bad really is it? What are the consequences of the Auditors not signing the Accounts off. Will it affect us with the football authorities? Will it demoralise the staff? When is the AGM? Brutal honesty is what’s needed and, yes, I’m sure the fan base will rally to the cause.
  12. Personally, I won’t invest anymore until I can be assured that the forecast losses are correct (not understated) and that the total losses are covered. I still maintain that the FSS membership of 500 is disappointing. To do that I think they should put out ‘pledge forms’ as they did a couple of years back to see what is possible and can be triggered at the appropriate time. That way, cash isn’t going into a bottomless pit and investors can be assured that their money is safe at least up to the end of the season.
  13. Not a great statement to the fans. My guess is that they’re getting desperate as the AGM needs to be held fairly soon. To sign off the Accounts, the Auditors will need assurance that the losses are fully covered. They've done well with the Manager but I think this could become quite serious. Anyway, hope not.
  14. What collapse? Debt to GDP- 2nd lowest in the G7 Inflation- same as US and EU Unemployment- very low. I think you’re letting your imagination run riot.
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