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  1. Have you ever seen Laverty play? Pace, energy. Where does that come from?
  2. Agree with this. It looked more of a warning slap than anything malicious but I suppose ‘rules are rules’. However, he was having a very poor game and was continually failing to collect the ball cleanly. Not like him at all.
  3. Much more realistic interview with McCracken. Obviously sick!! I think we’ll see some action.
  4. Where do you get this ‘racist’ stuff from? Americans are an amalgam of many races. Which race are you talking about?
  5. Regarding the AGM, I was very impressed with the way GD conducted the meeting and with the new directors. They all appeared very switched on and new their briefs well. Looking good for the future despite the Covid nonsense.
  6. Just hope there’s no legal challenge regarding the vote as it was so close. Presumably the auditors were in charge of the count?
  7. Plastic pitch is okay for this season and next but no longer.
  8. You may be correct. Anyway, all should be revealed tomorrow evening.
  9. Again, not an expert, but I think you can resign at any point. Its an appointment that needs to be ratified at the AGM, I think.
  10. Yes, but surely he should have resigned earlier and should not be part of the BOD recommending a certain course of action to shareholders which he subsequently disapproves of and is voting against. Doesn't seem right ? Any company lawyers, please?
  11. Well, how is it that Lex is a director of FFC who is recommending the Resolutions per the Annual Accounts and Report and is still currently a Director as per Companies House a few days ago? Not a lawyer but is that allowed?
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