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  1. Went to Dobbies today with my wife and it was full blown t and t.
  2. It’s a very pertinent question. If you train a GP at huge cost and they chose to work for half a week then they do half the work of a full time GP. You therefore need to train up a lot more. I also made the statement that the situation is probably the same throughout the UK but as we live and receive services in Scotland what happens elsewhere is irrelevant. I don’t see what the problem is?
  3. That’s pleasing but for the statistics to be accurate a part time GP should only be classed as half a GP. Cant imagine there will be much difference across the UK but there are so many (mainly female) GP’s who work part time that this needs to be reflected in the statistics to make them meaningful.
  4. Can’t give a straight answer to a simple question. Starmer was the same on Marr yesterday.
  5. UK arrivals are "sub human" that's a bizarre take. Seems you are quoting me with a response to a totally different issue ! Sorry. Im just letting off steam about the whole situation. Complete nonsense.
  6. Time to bin the lot and just treat this like a normal respiratory disease. I read somewhere that’s what Norway has done. Fed up seeing people going about looking subhuman.
  7. Have the buses all stopped running in your area? Where I live there are far too many.
  8. There’s a lot in what you say but we’ve constantly changed the Chairma,BOD and CEO’s over the last few years and it’s not really got us anywhere. Remember Doug Henderson, Margaret Lang, Lex, Colin Liddell, Andy Thomson, Martin Ritchie ? Probably more but I’ve forgotten. Oh yes - Craig Campbell, the tent man and Kieran. Big turnover. We’ve got to stop somewhere.
  9. Maybe I’ve got you wrong but if you believe in free speech, why then would you object to what she said? No problem with me. Words never did any harm. Dont like her at all but she can say what she likes.
  10. Not being critical or anything, but I keep hearing of people constantly doing tests. Some even 2 or 3 times a week. Why is this? You just said you didn’t have Covid symptoms. All very strange?
  11. As someone who’s watched Falkirk longer than most on here, I’ve not commented much recently as I really just don’t know what should happen. Im no expert on the intricacies of football tactics, coaching, etc. but I do love going to games and watching us do reasonably well within the constraints of our fan base, resources, etc. We’re never going to set the heather on fire but it is galling to see the likes of Livingston, Hamilton, st. Johnstone et al doing so much better. The last few years under Hartley, McKinnon and M &M were turgid affairs with little enjoyment being served up. With Sheerin, I have actually loved watching the new playing style but maybe that’s because what preceded was just so awful. After the initial hopeful spell we have gone backwards with no end result for all the fine play. To that extent I can see where both camps of opinion are coming from. What to do? I think Sheerin, who comes over as a decent sort, needs to be given more time- probably end of October. I totally agree that his failure to adapt his formation and team selections is baffling and I would hope that Grainger would try to influence some of his decisions. However, if he is rigid in his philosophy and the results don’t improve, then the Board will need to act before it is too late. Unlike previous seasons, I don’t think it would take all that much to turn things around. Im probably a ‘sitter on the fence’ but hey- ho, I’m no expert.
  12. Yes, that’s correct and I don’t think there is much difference between a 15year old and a 16 year old. Far too impressionable and easily influenced. 21 seems about right to me.
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