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  1. Absolutely- always will be. Second team is Rangers. Just signed a Rangers player today.
  2. For situations like this, Boris’s water cannon would be fantastic but the pc brigade got upset. The police had no chance so don’t blame them. You can only go so far in putting people under house arrest. At the end of the day, the human spirit will always defeat repression.
  3. I disagree. I am nowhere near to him as regards politics but his analysis of events is very illuminating and very thought provoking. Most posters, especially Sandy, swallow everything given to them by the SNP without questioning. As examples, for sometime, I have tried to find out the current membership of the SNP. No response. I have also tried to find out where the hypothecated fighting fund of £600k is within their accounts when there is only £97k on their Balance Sheet. No response. Sandy - can you help as you appear to be ‘in the know’?
  4. Just seen McGrandles score a great goal for Lincoln. Oh, for those days, and those players again!!
  5. Shame she believes in biological sex - male and female. This seems to be at odds with SNP policy.
  6. Good news today in that the US has lifted tariffs on Scotch whisky and other products. Especially helpful to Scotland. A Brexit plus.
  7. I don’t think it’s ever been properly explained to the general public. For some reason, politicians seem to dodge around it as a subject. Its only hen people like JKR and Jenni Murray start writing articles that it’s given any prominence
  8. She just happens to believe in biological sex which most folks support. No big deal. Apart from that, far too abrasive.
  9. Sandy - the reason we don’t know how many have left is that the SNP won’t give out the numbers. Neither will they explain where the so called hypothecated campaign funds of £600 k are in the Accounts. There was only around £100 k of cash on the Balance Sheet. Letters have been showering in to the Treasurer but he refuses to respond.
  10. All hopeless. Kate Forbes seems a decent person but far too inexperienced.
  11. Thank you for a least acknowledging that. All governments need, from time to time , to take a few chances depending on circumstances. Maybe the ferries and Prestwick airport fall into that category. The Uk government took some chances in vaccine procurement and bingo, it paid off. Maybe Prestwick will pay off. Who knows? The EU went through all the long tedious procurement procedures regarding vaccines and look where they are now!
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