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  1. I am sorry that I don't get a daily update. The reason for the initial post was to let you know that Brabco appeared to be selling out sooner than later, something I thought that you may be interested in. Apparently not, so I'll say no more on the subject.
  2. My deepest, beer-sodden apologies. I should have said the 1953 semi-final against Ashfield. (Played at Ibrox on the Saturday evening, attendance 33,000.) Consider my wrists smacked very roughly.
  3. In 1952 Rangers played Hibs at Ibrox. The game was followed by the Junior Cup Final between Vale of Leven and Dunipace. Combining the two attendances - many stayed for the second game - makes it the largest one-day attendance at Ibrox. (If you see what I mean.)
  4. Matthew 7:12 - "Keepeth ye the visiting fans outside until ye 2:30 'inspection' hath taken place." (Old Scrotum AV) (Remember to wave your pints at them as they go past the windows.)
  5. If it's not snowing in Dumbarton East (yet) you better hope that it's not holding off until after two o'clock. It's still not lying here but visibility is very poor. I leave home at 10:00 so please no postponement before that time.
  6. Weather update for travelling folk: it is snowing. Fairly heavily but not lying (yet) due to wet ground. The hound wouldn't go "Walkies!" with Mrs. Scrotum, sharing with me the opinion "I'm not going out in THAT" and preferring to lie in front of the fire chewing an old gout bandage. The hound that is, not me.
  7. Just caught on to the thread title. Nice one!
  8. Time for me to visit Specsavers, I think. I've just read the match preview and thought that one of the linesmen was Chris Gentile. Still, Russell is available. (It says there.)
  9. Good to see that they are outside practising with that wind-machine we hired to kipper the Smokies. Almost feel sorry for the guys who have to trundle it to one end after the toss, then heave it to the other at half-time. Any jokes about BJs will be ignored.
  10. Male (or he was I'm sure the last time he looked). Local person if you term his Drymen upbringing as "local". (Hence why I know him.) Current self-employed person although based in mid-France. Regularly returns to visit family hence the reason for an Easter meeting - the next time he can make it home. Nothing to do with railways but give him a bottle of malt and a straw and I'm sure he'll be happy. Fifer? Eh, no. If anyone wants look back through my previous nonsensical postings you will see I've mentioned his interest before. And as I have had to confirm to "certain persons" yes, he does have the money. He wants to see DFC continue - not as something that will make him rich(er). Sorry that I can't be more specific but you will understand that the process of due diligence is ongoing at both ends. Remember the Salmon Leap Inn? Now you have a pretty good idea.
  11. Yes, I am here. I'm not sure that I want to "name names" with regard to who has been contacted about this matter. I'm a sort of "semi-agent" having been asked to find things out and keep my mate apprised. Likewise, he has been telling me how things are going (on the surface, I suspect). The response he received - and I know not from who - and which I posted here last was to a request for an Easter meeting. Whether the suggestion that he should move before then is bluff neither of us know. He contacted me with this information yesterday to find out if I knew anything about it. I'll keep you updated. Damn - two hours and thirty-seven minutes still to go. (And Neil Rankine EATS breakfast so I'm unlikely to be with him.)
  12. Ok. For those of you who think I'm a drunken old sot who spouts a pile of shite what follows is not for you. If, however, you are prepared to let me give you some FACTS then read on although I am merely the messenger, not the piano player. The question of how much it would cost to "buy out" Brabco was asked (by someone I know) a few weeks past. At that stage he was quoted a minimum price - although the figure he had previously suggested to me he would be prepared to invest was UP TO three times that amount (don't tell Brabco). An approach by him was made today with the intention of talking to the mysterious Brabco over the Easter weekend. He was told that he should "move quicker than that" as Brabco have "other fish that they want to fry". Now, read into that last quote what you will. To me it sounds like Brabco are willing to off-load the club at a major loss and I cannot get that well-known car-park owner Neil Rankine out of my mind. Make of the above what you wish, but may my Doom Bar turn sour if anything I have written is false. 61 years of watching Dumbarton may have driven me mad, but I wouldn't take the p**s out of any Sons supporter on a subject as important as this.
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