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  1. Rovers v Dumbo

    We're bringing our new team bus.
  2. Sons vs Diamonds

    I'm grown up enough to know that not only one pub on the planet has a copper drip tray in the bar. And I was not referring to your comment per se. I was responding to the general feeling being expressed, If my use of the word "dirty" offended you to the extent that you are the only one to question it that's too bloody bad.
  3. Rovers v Dumbo

    Is Pellie in goal next Saturday?
  4. Rovers v Dumbo

    Isn't everywhere beyond Fife "abroad" or is it beyond Cowdenbeath?
  5. Sons vs Diamonds

    Pedant. And what of your comment yesterday? Hint:
  6. Sons vs Diamonds

    Not directly but certainly intimated. Always look forward to your crap responses to my posts. It's like you have to say something. Anything. One day you'll get one right.
  7. Sons vs Diamonds

    Those who think Airdrie were "dirty" obviously didn't grow up watching the football I did. Physical, yes, but "dirty"never. Breaking up play in this way is hardly a new tactic and if a team can get away with it then it's up to the other side to adapt. The fact that Thomas and Forbes were frequently crowded out should surprise no-one. It will probably happen in every game now. It's a contact sport (or supposed to be) so you take the knocks and get on with it. To which, kudos to the Airdrie player who went down under a heavy tackle near our box late on. I thought he'd landed badly but he made no complaint, got up, and carried on.
  8. Sons vs Diamonds

    Balloch House Hotel.
  9. Sons vs Diamonds

    11.23 Service slow today.
  10. Sons vs Diamonds

    Just for a few moments the sun came out, the skies were blue, there was hardly a cloud to spoil my view. But now it's pishin' it down again.
  11. Sons vs Diamonds

    11 to 11.30 is for the first two pints. At least.
  12. Sons vs Diamonds

    Gone are the days of phoning "local referee" Eddie Mulgrew and getting his decision based on his sobriety and the club's wishes.
  13. Sons vs Diamonds

    You'll have wasted 30 minutes. Shocking.
  14. Sons' sorrow

    11.00 IS lunchtime. I never eat on an empty stomach.
  15. Sons' sorrow

    I'm told - but don't quote me on it - to expect an "announcement" from the club at 11:00 on Saturday. Personally, I'll be otherwise occupied at that time.