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  1. You can get yourself so far to f*ck with that suggestion. I’ll take no lecture from you or anyone else with regards to supporting this Club. Those responsible for over a decade of gross mismanagement shall never be forgiven, not least whilst they remain in power!
  2. Good luck with that. The majority of them will still be too busy falling over themselves to buy season tickets and 50/50s.
  3. What’s his interest rate for the repayment?
  4. Unfortunately the MSG don’t need to try very hard. 1,400 soft c*nts have already fallen over themselves to sign up for more of the same. Alexander and Ritchie will be holding their bellies with laughter.
  5. Correct, they don’t. So in that case, fu*k off and let other investors take the club forward. Out of interest, can you elaborate on what money have they put in that they haven’t had back out again?
  6. Absolutely. It’s because of their leadership that we are where we are. Are you honestly telling me that you believe there is no alternative?
  7. Couldn’t agree more. Just making the point that fans organising crowdfunders is absolutely ludicrous when those two ars*holes are still so heavily involved.
  8. The finances are absolutely fine. Our two largest shareholders are multi-millionaires. How about they dip their hands in their pockets for a change and rectify the shambles that their ownership has oversaw rather than us mugs volunteering to organise crowdfunders? Jesus fu*king wept!!
  9. Sounds a lot like the situation with Tidser and The Backstreet Boys.
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