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  1. It’s all relative. I contribute what I can by subscribing to the FSS and attending matches and buying merchandise, and I look for nothing in return. If I had the money those pair have, I can guarantee you the Club wouldn’t be languishing in the third tier of Scottish football, nor would the Board have to come begging for help. I wonder what their latest interest rates are.
  2. They can f**k off. I’d have taken not a dime from either of them. Falkirk fans my arse.
  3. Get these all blue kits to f*ck. When will folk ever learn?
  4. Nah, can’t be. Gary Deans never walked down Hope Street in his life. p***k!
  5. Aye you’re right. Let’s get Deans and the PR guru back, they were much more professional.
  6. It was me who said it and the post is still there for all to see. But you are wrong to state the post was in response to “a question about employees who work in backroom areas such as Finance, Retail, Commercial & Hospitality”. The post was in response to a suggestion that more “long serving staff” were leaving the Club. No names or departments were mentioned. The same old hangers on have continued to stink the place out for years without any accountability. The Thomson’s, Ritchie’s, Bateman’s, Hogg’s of this world. That list is endless and they’ve all been part of the rot. But I have no axe to grind with anyone who serves in the club shop or who pulls pints behind the bar.
  7. “Personal attacks” . Away and gie’s peace ya clown, League 2 forum for your pish. Nothing will change my opinion of Dowds. He’s not good enough for Falkirk and never will be. I could count the number of good games he’d had for us on one hand. The fact that people are disappointed he’s leaving tells you exactly how low we’ve sunk.
  8. I didn’t describe these “unsung people” as stinking the place out so why are you insinuating I did? JulioBairn stated this afternoon that more long serving staff were rumoured to be leaving the Club. For all anyone knew that could’ve been Keith Hogg for example rather than bar staff or Sharon from hospitality, hence why he should’ve been more specific. Perhaps time to get down off your high horse.
  9. I’m not rattled, but I note that both you and Bainsford have made reference to my earlier comments as if to suggest I was referring specifically to Sharon or the bar staff. Clearly that’s not who I was referring to.
  10. Perhaps earlier you should’ve had the balls to be clear who you were talking about.
  11. Given the Clubs rapid decline over the past few years, I hope the new board clear the fucking decks. Sick of seeing the same old faces stink the place out year after year. Gut the place.
  12. I mentioned Levein a few days ago. He gets my vote.
  13. Ian Murray would be my first choice. I wouldn’t be disappointed with Tommy Wright either (assuming he’d be interested) but I’m not as keen on him as I once was after a poor spell at Kilmarnock. Craig Levein really interests me. A wealth of experience and knows the Scottish game. He’s certainly more than capable at this level and I think he could be exactly the type of appointment we need right now. Whether he has a desire to get back into management is another matter, but we could do a lot worse than ask the question. There are no guarantees no matter who we appoint, but the thought of McIntyre or Johnston does absolutely nothing for me.
  14. So Sammy just happened to be the outstanding candidate despite having no commercial experience whatsoever? As I said, it was yet another nonsense ‘jobs for the boys” appointment that was made to appease the fans, and nothing will convince me otherwise.
  15. Sick of reading pish like this on social media since McGivern’s departure. Sammy’s a decent bloke so let’s separate him as an individual from the role for just a second. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that a guy with 25 years experience in social work, was simply out of his depth at meeting targets and generating much needed income as a ‘Commercial Executive’? It was yet another nonsense appointment by the chumps on the previous board in a desperate attempt to appease the fans. Let’s hope the new board appoint someone who’s not necessarily got any previous connection to the club, but simply knows how to do their job.
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