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  1. Deans is an MSG stooge. He was brought in by Liddell and then Deans brought in this current lot onto the Board. What happened to the consortium of local businessmen/fans (some of whom were instrumental in getting the Rawlins deal over the line) who wanted to significantly invest in the Club? How’s that progressing? The blueprint for the Academy relaunch is almost exactly what this local consortium put to the Club over a year ago which was turned down at the time. I still wouldn’t trust this lot to run a bath let alone our football club.
  2. I certainly hope their fate is sealed, but that’s not the impression Carrie gave me from the interview. On more than one occasion she repeated how well the team had done this season, to be top of the league, playing well, giving everything, great fitness, bla bla bla. Phil was in agreement. Towards the end, she then thanked Gary, Lee and David for their good work. They seem like a thoroughly decent couple and I’m willing to give them both a chance. I almost feel like they are our last hope because Ritchie and the shoe seller are taking us nowhere. Phil certainly has proven experience from his time at Stoke and Orlando City, but where they lost me completely was the aforementioned pish about how well the players and managers are doing. Don’t treat us like fools. Don’t try to dress up a terrible run of performances and results, that’s just an insult. Either say nothing, or simply be honest and state that whilst results of late have been disappointing, they are hoping the team push on over the next few games and achieve our aim of winning the league. They’d earn a lot more respect if they did that.
  3. My point is, last night should be their final game. There shouldn’t be another chance, or another game to right the wrongs, as you suggested. No more ultimatums. No more must win games. Just go now.
  4. So there is one more game then...🥴
  5. Oh here we go... There’s always one more game isn’t there? On what grounds should these two get to take charge of Saturday’s game? If this was McKinnon or Hartley in charge right now, they’d be getting hounded by everyone. Get the pair of them out the door today.
  6. Absolutely not. Stand by everything I said towards Roman Bairn however the fella respectfully asked that we keep things civil, all I did was acknowledged his request with the same level of respect. Off you pop.
  7. Not only did we rush into giving them a permanent deal, we also rewarded the pair of them with a pay rise! Astonishing incompetence but yet hardly surprising. We expect nothing more these days. We truly are the worst run football club in the country. Incredible as you say that we could still be top going into the split. It’s incredible that we are still top today.
  8. Totally agree on the first part. That’s why I loathe Miller, he should never have been welcomed back at this Club let alone given a heroes reception. There’s absolutely no justification for keeping either of them in the job now. As someone else correctly mentioned elsewhere, they were unqualified for the job since day one. It was an embarrassing appointment made by utter buffoons in an attempt to get fans on side. Whilst some evidently thought it was wonderful, it only alienated others even more. Get them emptied today. Even if we were to somehow limp over the line, these two clowns don’t deserve a league winners medal.
  9. It’ll be fine. BSLM loves the Club.
  10. Seriously? His love and commitment to our Club? The only thing Lee Miller cares about is his own ego. He downed tools on us and should never have been allowed back. His antics on the touchline with Keena on Saturday night best sums him up. A performer who’s always playing to the audience. He simply has to to be the centre of attention. Unfortunately at Falkirk, he gets plenty of that from the fanboys who never tire of stroking his ego and telling him how great he is. Get him to fu*k!
  11. No wonder, you’re a boring, repetitive pr!ck of a guy. People like you deserve everything you’re getting right now, so suck it fu*king up! Plenty of us saw this coming a long, long time ago.
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