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  1. I remember him at Kilmarnock and Dundee, then he was coach at Dundee before walking over the road to Tannadice.
  2. The biggest arsehole in Scottish football. But, by god, what a coach/ manager he was who gave us non Old Firm fans pleasure with his success against them. And the fact he took United to within a whisker of a European Cup final!, only to be denied the bribery to the ref is an immeasurable achievement. Always loved his mind battles with Wee Bertie Auld at Thistle, although United regularly humped us. And who could forget his reaction at the disallowed goal at Firhill. Priceless. And his standards were unparalleled. What other manager would fine your players for being poor despit winning 6-1. Lol RIP big man, you deserve all the accolades you are getting.
  3. You will need with your disgraceful Tory pals running the show.
  4. As I live in the city I do take an interest in the local football team.
  5. Quite the opposite, your tedious, melodramatic posts are soporific. Yep. Definitely caged rattled.
  6. Considering we've the (joint with the Bairns) best defensive record in the league I highly doubt that. You just jump on any chance for negativity, don't you? Wow! Someone's cage has been rattled.
  7. Lol. And we'd probably still end up with a minus goal difference at the end of the season.
  8. Clyde 0 Airdrie 5 Dumbarton 0 East Fife 1 Falkirk 3 Thistle 0 Forfar 1 Cove 1
  9. Yeh, perhaps the branch office won't, but you may find some high level defectors when the penny finally drops Richard Leonard perhaps? And the takes over SNP leadership?
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