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  1. Och no! They would have had their club covid towels on them overnight
  2. Excellent statement. Pity our own board are totally incapable of such a comment.
  3. Haha. Just whe I thought J.Low and the board couldn't get any lower, they come up with this cringing steaming pish.
  4. Of course they knew. It was a blatant attempt ar insurrection and to impose a dictatorship.
  5. Particularly your mob for their part in last season's shambles. Karma.
  6. How do I change my e-mail adress on here?
  7. Ah but Racism and Rape isnt a funny matter, is it? But you make light of employing one of each. Soap dodging. You have us mixed up with your pals at Celtic FC. Remember, we are the West End Luvvies.
  8. Keith will be the 3rd team to shite it from playing Clyde. More and more teams just dont want to be near Racist Rapist FC.
  9. If McCall wanted it off because he doesnt trust what he has available to beat Clyde, that speaks volumes about his recruitments.
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