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  1. So what? We need the domestic game to sort itself, before thinking about Europe. And losing the two scumbags will only precipitate it.
  2. Dont have pity. Im pissing myself over Aberdeen FC. Even the Dons fans I work with cant help laugh.
  3. For a club supposed be the 3rd biggest in Scotland the embarrassment is all yours.
  4. There's no point. As you are in denial of being Pep, you will just deflect from it. But hey! We all know!
  5. Coming from a person in his previous guise as Pep, said that if Scots voted to stay in the union again that they could all burn in hell. Yep. Just the type of ScotNat that will help lose the next referendum.
  6. Lol. Enjoy your bitter wee Nationalist cocoon.
  7. f**k off. Just the type of Scottish Nationalist that made people fearful of independence.
  8. Oh dear! You believe what you want. I know which way I voted and which way I will from now on until independence comes.
  9. A raging British nationalist? Haw! Haw! If so, why did I vote SNP in the last election, will do so in May and yes in any future referendum. You crack on. You are the kind of rabid nationalist that is as bad as a rabid Brit. You turn waverers off from voting for it.
  10. It will be a different environment in an independent Scotland. Fresh start, new style Tory party. Dont be so sure or cocky. Thats how surprises in politics happens. Complacency.
  11. Of course I did. They will be the only party not to splinter and would probably be better organised and softern their policies to Scottish fears. They may not form the first government alone, but they may form a coalition. They will still be hanging around like a bad smell. There are enough Tories in Scotland to make them a threat.
  12. After independence the SNP will splinter. Left wingers from SNP and Labour will form a new party. Tories wont splinter. LibDems will become an even smaller Tory lite rump than they are. And a few SNPers will join the Tories. Tories to win first Independence election.
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