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  1. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    You are letting your son watch Scotland? What a cruel father you are!
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Over the last week alone, you've shown yourself to be the most cretinous, self loathing, cringe worthy, scottish hating, doff capping imbecile in P&B history. A truly remarkable feat. A remarkable feat that you have vocabulary that totally gets it wrong. A cretin? Have a look at yourself.
  3. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    The word 'could' doesn't make it a certainty.
  4. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Oh well. That's it set in stone then. Oh dear!
  5. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

  6. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    The likelihood isn't a fact. Do you know for certain that Scotland would have been granted entry to the EU?
  7. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Says the NO voter And did voting NO get us into this Brexit mess? Did we know then that we would have a referendum on the EU? Would an independent Scotland have been allowed into the EU? Would we have been allowed in if we refused to join the euro currency as we would have been tied to a British pound? Whereas people like GD voted for Brexit with just a good inkling on the likely outcome.
  8. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Just remember that it is people like you who voted for this and got us into this mess.
  9. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Pity about Robertson. Just have to go with wee sniveling diving cheating Tierney then.
  10. What is the point of Labour

    Don't see that happening until after next GE.
  11. When will indyref2 happen?

    Aww! Bless his wee cotton socks.
  12. When will indyref2 happen?

    As Lloyd's discovered when they bought it.
  13. Rugby - Union And League

    No need for pity. I rarely drink, but I am very comfortable within my own skin thank you. Have a nice day.
  14. Rugby - Union And League

    It's nice that you still acknowledge me. Touching.
  15. Rugby - Union And League

    Absolutely this.
  16. Rugby - Union And League

    Hahaha. You do give me a lot of chuckles. Don't stop now.
  17. Rugby - Union And League

    Aww! You took time out to mention me through your gin filled haze. I didn't know you cared. Love you too.
  18. Rugby - Union And League

    Eddie Howe? Hahaha. No wonder Scotland scored 38 points.
  19. Rugby - Union And League

    Naw - it's just a game champ. Indeed it is a game. A game that Scotland bottled. Lol
  20. Rugby - Union And League

    Are you. OK. Enjoy!
  21. Rugby - Union And League

    Well lads,it's been a hoot talking to you. Enjoy greeting into your haggis and tatties washed down by your cheap whisky.
  22. Rugby - Union And League

    God. You hurting badly as well. Oh my!
  23. Rugby - Union And League

    RBlew the lead in the 83rd minute. Didn't they?
  24. Rugby - Union And League

    A comeback that they blew.
  25. Rugby - Union And League

    A bit upset at a game played by upper class fuckwits? Aye OK.