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  1. Love to see that. If it was Blair it would be a Pimms bottle.
  2. I think this deal will squeak through but with caveats. A referendum to be launched to ratify the deal or not followed by a general election which hopefully jets us to the start of the break up of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  3. If any, and I mean any Labour MP's vote for this then they must be kicked out of the party.
  4. Watching the news later last night and reporters were saying that the DUP were very down about the proposed deal while the ERG were almost cock a hoop. Hopefully this p***ks their fascist bubble and they start to accuse each other of betrayal and surrender. Delicious.
  5. If we end up as successful as we did after McNamara left then I will be utterly delighted.
  6. They are just confirming to us how politically thick they are.
  7. I'm too busy watching some shite on The Tory Broadcasting Corporation.
  8. Apparently in her speech to the conference she says it 'must' happen next year.
  9. Haller. 1969 , 2-3 loss in a 1970 WC qualifier.
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