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  1. @JamieThomasIdk man, but I’ll beat you in a game of skate
  2. Is this sarcasm? I would like to go to español games
  3. I know jiu jitsu, muy thai is where I’m headed next
  4. Hmmm I don't blame you guys for your responses... I totally understand... Really wish I would have gave the tattoo more thought. I was young and eager to get a tattoo. I do still plan on moving to Barcelona though. Looks like I'll just have to keep a t-shirt on all the time or look into ways of covering up the tattoo. Thanks for the honest feedback.
  5. Hello, When I was 19 I got a spanish coat of arms tattoo on my upper back which is clearly visible when I have my shirt off. When I got the tattoo, I had no idea about any of the politcal problems between Catalonia and Spain. I got the tattoo because I have family in Spain and love the culture. Anyways, I plan on moving to Barcelona and am wondering if this may be an issue. I plan on keeping my shirt on most of the time but am worried about being assaulted if I am shirtless (If I am at the beach or something). Do any of you Catalans think this would be a problem? Thanks!