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  1. Its not often you can say that nairn feels quite close to home but compared to wick i think weve got off lightly
  2. Exactly and you would think its the other side of the planet theyre visiting , personally i love having any excuse to head up to glasgow for a day out , get up there nice and early and explore the city then a 15 minute train from central to the football ground then back into the city centre for a few drinks or food hopefuly on the strength of seeing your beloved club winning a trophy . Whats not to like here ?
  3. No it was a question to your good self as you know, hence the question mark . You said ' because its completely needless ? Why ??
  4. Its completely needless to host a game in a large city with excellent transport links ( for the vast minority that dont go on supporters buses ) & at a ground thats top 5 in the west easily?
  5. Why not and please stop the OTT drama. There will be lots of supporters buses laid on to take fans straight to the game and back home , just dont understand this stigma that hangs around the junior game of taking a nosebleed when you leave your area of postcode , its backwards and cringey for me , go and enjoy your cup final and day out and regardless of the venue people would be picking holes in it especially our east ayrshire friends
  6. Looks good so that does and far better than the last time i was at lesser hampden.
  7. Yes it is Jimmy Genitals No no talbot bing ..............cappielow is a far better surface than anything the juniors has to offer ................thats why celtic request cappielow for their youth home games and not beechwood
  8. No its not thats nonsense . Its not even as good as cappielow.
  9. Personally i think playing at hampden every second week would have been a big attraction albeit to an almost empty stadium and it would beat most junior experiences pitch wise and setup wise obviously.QP couldnt pay wages and hampden was a charming asset for me when it came to taking our junior boys almost constantly.
  10. So now the scotland team will remain at hampden and queens park will play out of lesser hampden as of 2020 the question is shall this put an end to the pretty much constant snapping up of junior players by QP? Theyve always been able to dangle a large carrot at junior players to play at hampden every second week and its excellent pitch , just wondering if loads of junior players will see lesser hampden as an attraction .?
  11. Only one spouting pish is yourself and as said keep it coming and keep stretching that IQ.....
  12. Still stopped you lot from winning the league though Ps , i shall await your childish jimmy genitals reply
  13. Yup the big yin must have been up all night thinking that one up .
  14. Just thought i would pop by and say That the penalty talbot got was a blatant dive and same old talbot ..........as for the language in the background from the footage ...........that stuffs not on when there are young kids there..............
  15. Theyre good at preventing them though ............
  16. George grierson will return home as darvel boss.........
  17. Wee tony the star wars figure says ' its nuhin to do wae me and no my fault '
  18. Buffs 7/4 at home with their record at abbey park against us . Who makes up these odds stevie wonder ? Hope the bookies are correct of course .
  19. PC Cabe is your man for the job..............
  20. I'm sure Buffs beat Beith 1-0 at Bellsdale the season before that as well in the Scottish, second or third round. I think it was Chris Strain's first season as manager. Yeah youre correct it will be three games played as classof2010 said in his own wee way , the game you mentioned which was beith 0 kilwinning 1 ; then the semi first leg which was beith 3 kilwinning 0 ( reid, christie and sheridan) , and the second leg kilwinning 1 ( stewart ) beith 0. Three games played with both teams progressing once each.
  21. I agree and your manager is a moron .
  22. The guys a balloon and while most managers if not all put the pressure onto their own shoulders to take the pressure off players hes went right in for the kill in the first paragraph to take the blame away from the management A strange little man indeed and who are these ayrshire benefactors ?
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