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  1. I didn’t say anything about how good we are but I highlighted the fact that your comment about fight and desire wasn’t true. We have lost two games against teams I would call rivals, so we need to get better and that’s for Sheerin and ultimately Holt to sort out
  2. This is where Holt has to earn his money. Yesterday proved that we still don’t have enough quality in the final third and with Morrison out, we are even weaker. He now needs to do what he can to get someone in of the quality required
  3. I don’t agree with that. We managed to hold onto the win against Airdrie even though we were playing with 10 men for 60 minutes. QP scored and apart from that we were the better team for the majority of the match. Against Cove we were missing players and some had to play after not training for 10 days, but we still got a draw from that. Peterhead and Clyde showed nothing against us. So apart from today, no other team has shown more fight and desire so your comment makes no sense at all. I get emotions are high but please stop with nonsense comments like this.
  4. This is concerning. The game against QP could be put down to an off day but you can’t have 2 off days in a row against rivals
  5. I don’t think anyone is dismissing the need for one, but most make the point that there is nobody out there that we can get that will guarantee us goals
  6. I think there is more chance of Grant getting sacked before they’d loan a player to us
  7. If true, we wouldn’t be able to sign him till January and I would suspect we wouldn’t be at the front of a decent sized queue
  8. Thought that was Telfer, Nesbitt and Keena for a moment
  9. You sometimes hear that the club can pay less of his wages if he is playing and paying more if he’s not used
  10. I know you didn’t. I was more referring to the differences in their style of play. For the record, I want to see more of Krasniqi as he looks a class act
  11. No. You play the players that suit your style of play and that fit into your system. You don’t play players out of position because they’re a better player than someone natural to that position
  12. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head though. Hetherington does a lot of running and does the dirty work breaking up the play. Big Krasniqi is obviously very good on the ball and strong, however, he won’t cover the ground Hetherington does. I don’t think the two of them are a straight comparison and ultimately it’ll depend on what is required for any specific game.
  13. We only have Krasniqi till January so I can see why they’ll prefer Hetherington over him. No point playing Krasniqi until January and then having to put Hetherington back in at an important time of the season. Whether we like it or not, Hetherington is here for the long term so they’ll put their faith in him. I don’t actually think he’s been that bad and I think he does a lot of the unnoticeable stuff. Granted his sending off at Airdrie was daft and his passing can let him down at times.
  14. Nah. I’d stick Mutch up top with Krasniqi as they’re both tall and can kick a ball
  15. You don’t watch a lot of football do you? Holding up play isn’t a basic skill and plenty strikers in the top league can’t do it as it’s not their style of play. Part of the reason I don’t think he’s in the box at the right time is because he drops deep and ends up behind the three attacking mids when the ball goes into the box. Either that is how Sheerin is happy to play or he needs to adjust the style to get more goals from him.
  16. I don’t agree with your comment on Keena. I actually think he’s been playing well in the system Sheerin wants to play. Of course we’d all like to see more goals from him but he’s been holding the ball up well and has also won us two penalties
  17. I don’t think you realise how your posts have come across. By your reckoning, English Championship teams who need a goal scorer should be clambering over each other to sign Michu as he has proved once before that he can score a barrel load at a higher level.
  18. I’m assuming a few posters on here have already written off Keena?
  19. A lot on here we’re underwhelmed when we signed Nesbitt. Let’s give Ruth a chance
  20. One that will get us 15 goals and wants to come to us? I’m pretty sure they’d be snapped up by other teams if they were available
  21. Murray is a fair enough shout but that was last season and I’d guess they will be paying him silly wages. We all know why Goodwillie is at Clyde so that’s a terrible argument to use. Megginson wants part time football, so how can we compete with that. Name me one striker another team in this league he signed this season that you’d take as your main striker? We need to find a striker but it’s nowhere near as easy as some of you like to make out.
  22. Name one decent striker who was available on a pre contract? I’ll make it easy for you, the answer is zero
  23. You’ve missed my point. He maybe did identify strikers 7 months ago but we will be quite a bit down the pecking order so we’ve probably been beaten to a lot of players by teams higher up. We got lucky with McManus. It’s not often players like that are willing to drop two divisions.
  24. Don’t get why people are comparing results at this stage. The real comparison will be after 9 games or 18 games played. Montrose have had a much easier run of games than us so comparing the points at this time is ridiculous
  25. I’m sorry but again your living in a fantasy land. You constantly spout your opinion without any common sense. We are in league 1! We were never going to get a striker of decent quality months ago. We were always going to have to rely on a loan for a striker and that means you need to wait till the teams higher up have their squads sorted. We signed Wilson and Ompreon earlier in the window because that’s the sort of quality that are available at that stage. Holt now needs to pull it out the bag and find a striker but he was never going to manage to bring them in months ago.
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