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  1. Personally I don’t think a 442 with a midfield diamond would work. You’ll either lose the battle in the middle or be overrun on the wings. I would be willing to try it though as something needs to change.
  2. I didn’t have any issues when Holt came in so was willing to give him a fair crack at the job but he really doesn’t come across as a likeable guy. Wouldn’t surprise me if his old clubs don’t want anything to do with him
  3. I said there was players out there but we are low down in the pecking order due to being in league 1. You’ve backed up this argument since he is playing with Arbroath in the championship
  4. I partially agree with this. The goals we conceded last week should easily be defendable with the players we have. The free kick against QP should have been saved and I’d be confident Martin would. We do need more quality up the other end, which I agree but the goals conceded recently have been unbelievably poor.
  5. We’ve got just the one for you. Jaime Wilson is the man you need. We’ve not been playing him much as we know he’s destined for better things and felt it would be unfair risking him at this level. I’m sure he’ll go with all the fans well wishes and we’ll all keep tabs on him as he moves through the SPFL
  6. I don’t agree with this. I’m not sure what you want him to say in these interviews. I think he still comes across as confident that the style of play is working but frustrated as to why it’s not producing results. Regardless, he needs to start getting results starting tomorrow or the pressure will seriously start to mount.
  7. I don’t think you’ll get a Falkirk fan disagree
  8. Could they be announcing the strip with a new signing and then punting Keena on loan?
  9. Where has this come from. If so, we better have something better lined up but one things for certain, Keena will go to Raith and bang them in
  10. You’re correct so I apologise for that. I don’t think Sheerin sees Miller as a starter or he wouldn’t have taken the captaincy off him. I fully expect him to be on the bench tomorrow unless injuries mean he has to play.
  11. Well you posted nonsense then ignored the reason posted as to why Miller was starting games
  12. He’s been an ever present because Williamson has been injured you clown! Could you not read my first post?
  13. I’d hardly say he sees Miller in the first 11 no matter what. He’s been playing because Williamson has been injured. Do you actually know the players and what positions they play? I really worry about our fans sometimes!
  14. Pretty sure a lot of us passed comment that the two blue strips would cause issues when playing other teams in blue.
  15. Morrison just posted on his Instagram that he got an operation. I’m taking this as good news as they must have identified an issue
  16. Can’t say I’d have been over the moon if we’d got Keatings on loan. Don’t think he’s really done much apart from score against us when he was at Hibs
  17. Sheerin’s comments made it sound like they’ll need to wait and see. I’m sure he said he has been given rehabilitation work that he can do at the club, then they’ll review his knee after that
  18. Sheerin’s comments made it sound like they’ll need to wait and see. I’m sure he said he has been given rehabilitation work that he can do at the club, then they’ll review his knee after that
  19. No, it’s just facts. Football has changed
  20. A 4231 is supposed to give you the width. Like I’ve said, if that isn’t happening, then Sheerin needs to sort out why. I will say that getting wide and whipping in crosses is not going to help you beat these teams. I don’t think any of our attacking players would beat Buchanan and McGeever to a header
  21. That’s because teams are happy to let us keep the ball and sit deep like Dumbarton and Clyde did. Changing to a 442 will not change that. Sheerin needs to find a style that will help us break teams down
  22. I don’t disagree with this. I made a point earlier that it’s about getting players into attack crosses and spaces. What I was alluding to in the post you’ve quoted, is pushing Telfer further forward isn’t going to give us extra people attacking the ball, it will just crowd an already overcrowded area. What we do need to do is find a way to cut teams open so guys like Telfer can break into spaces and have a positive impact in the final third
  23. 4231 is not a fancy formation. It is a formation that is used at every level of football, including boys clubs. Very few teams will use a basic 442 anymore because it is out dated and far to easy to play against.
  24. When has Nesbitt played up front before? Whenever we have went two up front, we’ve been chasing a game, which usually means the opposition will sit deeper to protect the lead so of course we’ll get more shots off. You’ve missed my point. Pushing Telfer into a crowded area isn’t going to give an extra person to aim for in the box. The problem is we’re trying to cross into a box filled with players where we need to be cutting teams open.
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