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  1. Considering players contracts run till the end of the month, I don’t expect to hear anything till then
  2. Think he was given a 3 year deal when he signed
  3. Obviously none of us know the full story but I’d be pissed off if the club I was at only decided to offer me a contract once the season was finished and it looked like I was going elsewhere
  4. I get what your saying here, however, if Raith feel McGlynn has taken them as far as he can, then surely the next step is to try for a manager who can take them to the next level. It may not work out but fans will never be happy if a Board decides to just sit stagnant and accept where they are.
  5. There is no doubt the squad has a lot of shit in it, however, I truly believe that with the right manager and if we make 6 good signings, some of the players in the team could look completely different
  6. Wait, he was performing extremely well for the team topping that division before we recalled him
  7. I thought you might go to inform them that they can just terminate contracts.
  8. The fact that players can sit in the reserves earning hundreds of thousands a week and not be paid off tells you everything you need to know. Don’t need to be an expert to know that contracts that don’t have caveats in are water tight.
  9. You are clueless! We all know how employment contracts work but football is completely different.
  10. Only if the 6 players are of the right calibre and type required. I’d argue that with the possible exception of Watson, none have turned out to be what we required. Maybe I don’t care as much anymore but I’m not bothered if Rennie stays or goes next season. I don’t see who we will appoint that will get a tune out of the players we’re stuck with and get a perfect record with the rest of the signings.
  11. The season ticket numbers are going to be very poor next season!
  12. He can’t play for another club this season
  13. Too many people on here saying “the BOD need to appoint a decent manager” but what “decent manager” will come to us? Nobody is the answer because they’ll have much better offers than us. The only chance we will have is if we appoint someone who shows promise and we get lucky. We have become a club who can quickly turn on a manger when things aren’t going well due to the years of underperforming. Our turnover of managers wouldn’t fill anyone with confidence that they’ll be here long and we’ve got a dreadful squad who are mostly signed up for next season too. As a club we are in a dreadful position. The squad assembled in the summer was nothing short of shocking. We were paying a guy who’s main task was to sign players and he couldn’t even identify that you need a strong core to compete in this league. I don’t think I’ll be renewing my season ticket next season as it’ll just be more of the same and I’ve got better things to do with my time and money. The damage has been done over many years and I hope to god it can be fixed, however, I have a feeling it may just get worse in the short term.
  14. Your not getting this are you. He didn’t build the team!
  15. Did you read what I wrote? How is that a fair comparison? It’s a completely different squad of players. M&M did okay when they came in because they did the simple thing most managers would do and made McManus their number one striker.
  16. There is a big difference to the comparisons though. Sheerin had a full pre season and time to pick the players he signed. Rennie had to take a team who’s confidence was shot and try and make something of it. I don’t like comparing straight stats as you’re not comparing apples with apples
  17. Can’t wait for him to get a one year extension
  18. I don’t think it would make the difference we need. At that stage you need to decide whether it’s even worthwhile. We need someone with specific qualities and if we can’t get them, then might as well just stick with what we have. Signing another lightweight midfielder who is a bit better than the likes of Seb Ross or Nesbitt won’t change anything.
  19. The point I was making is I’m sure we could get a player that is better than them, however, we need a player who is significantly better and would make a difference. We need a leader and someone who stands up when the going gets tough. Bringing someone in who is a bit better than Seb Ross for instance isn’t going to make a difference.
  20. So we should sign a player and potentially spend more money on a midfielder who is just a little bit better than Gary Miller? We need to bring players in of the right quality, otherwise we might as well just stick with what we have.
  21. Sheerin didn’t get sacked for the performances he had at the start of the season. He was sacked because the performances fell off a cliff and the results were just as bad culminating in a 6-0 defeat to Queens Park. The downward trajectory doesn’t just change because a new manager comes in. When it’s as bad as it was, it takes time to reverse that and I don’t think it has been, which doesn’t help with the poor personnel we have. Now I’m not advocating that Rennie gets the job next season, however, I don’t think it’s fair to judge him on the dreadful team he inherited.
  22. It depends really. Like any business, there will be a budget set for the year and you lose it regardless if you spend it or not and this may be the same with the playing budget. I’m not really sure why you keep bringing up the fact we’re paying this. We could have signed two other players for the same money who may have had no impact. I believe most thought Griffiths was worth the gamble when he signed. Now that we know what we’ve got, people can’t start deciding it was a bad decision retrospectively.
  23. I really don’t. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the squad is so much than people on here realise. The balance of the squad and team setup was all wrong from the start of the season. We lack strength, we lack height and we lack pace in forward positions. We’ll get more of the same till the end of the season. I wasn’t one of the people championing the new BOD when they were appointed, but I’m willing to give them the chance they deserve. For me they get a free pass till the end of the season as the damage was already done and nobody was going to recover it. The summer is where they will be tested and I can only hope they get it right, otherwise I dread to think what will happen to the club.
  24. That defending is what really annoys me. It’s basics. It’s nothing to do with tactics or what the coaches are doing. It’s literally basic stuff that’s expected of any player playing at even a semi professional level
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