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  1. I actually thought McCann dealt well with Agyeman yesterday. He didn’t commit himself forward as much, however, I’d say that was common sense as Agyeman was clearly going to cause us issues. There was one specific time in the first half that Agyeman knocked it past McCann and he managed to get back and use his strength to get the ball back so I wouldn’t say he was turned inside out by him. Yeats needs to start in midfield. He is everywhere and for a guy his size he isn’t afraid to get stuck in. Ola just looks like he has that touch of class and like many I’ve been desperate to see more of him so hopefully he gets his chance. McGlynn needs to find a way to play both Alegria and Burrell as I thought they caused their defence a lot of issues, however, that might not work every game
  2. This is true but that one small part has had the biggest impact. If there aim was to try and get more people to sign up to FSS, then I can guarantee they’ve done the exact opposite
  3. I’ve emailed them. They need called out on this
  4. That is terribly worded and will quite rightly piss a lot of people off
  5. Doesn’t look like Ola and Burrell are out with the other subs
  6. Mackie was poor last week so if he wanted to change it he should have benched him today. Moving McCann to right back is baffling
  7. Can we get back to talking about the football please. Back to the match on Saturday. I spent the whole of half time in a queue that when I joined at the half time whistle had no more than 15 people in it. It’s a shambles and needs sorted!
  8. Morrison is Playing with so much confidence just now. The difference in him from a few weeks ago is frightening
  9. Harrison wasn’t great but by no means the worst. I’d take Harrison over Dallison any day of the week
  10. I did enjoy that interview from Rumarn. I hope he has the performances to back up the confidence
  11. I think it was a reckless tackle, hence the red. He intentionally caught McCanns standing/trailing leg and made no attempt to play the ball
  12. Yes Morrison should have scored more today but it’s worth remembering that the majority of the chances he didn’t take were ones created by him. If he was out the team today we would have created far less than we did. I would be more annoyed if he was missing chances created by other players that someone else could take
  13. I honestly think Alegria needs a couple of goals. He made some really good runs, had a couple of really intelligent knockdowns and held the ball up well. He should have done better in front of goal but I believe that’s a confidence thing
  14. I’m not being reactionary here but completely honest. I was really not sure about renewing my season ticket this year but I decided the new BOD and management team needed backing and time so I renewed. Now I know it’s early but I’m already starting to get concerns that things could be similar to what we’ve seen in previous seasons. If that is the case, myself and I suspect a lot of other fans won’t renew next season and it will make things extremely difficult. I really hope things turn around and we can get rid of some of the dross we’ve been stuck with from last season.
  15. Burrell looks so much better than Alegria from what I’ve seen so far
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