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  1. He’s brutal at interviews. Never gives an insightful answer and answers most of the questions the same
  2. Sammon was dreadful but it was a good assist for McManus’ goal. Thought Dixon was superb tonight. He really is turning into one of the standout performers for me
  3. What you have described would have been more useful in goals
  4. You’ve obviously not seen Leo Fasan. No way your keeper was worse than him
  5. This was my take on it. They've been praising the board on how they've been backed so I just think he was too pissed off to talk about it.
  6. I agree with this. If he puts himself on ahead of other options then there is a good chance it could cause upset in the changing room
  7. Of course he is. You aren't cup tied for just one round FFS
  8. Why tonight? We still have over a week left
  9. Remember we can still sign players and bring in loan deals up till the 9th February. I suspect M&M will have more options once the window closes for the league's above
  10. Longridge ineligible. Never thought about him not being contracted to the club when the first match was played
  11. Bowie has got talent for his age and is showing great potential, however, a fee is usually judged on what league/club the player is at, so I'll be shocked if you get an offer close to £200k
  12. With the additions of Todd and De Vita we have enough cover in midfield to push Louis up top. I'd definitely give that a try as neither Sammon or McMillan are capable of holding down that spot at the moment
  13. He quite often doesn't even answer the question he was asked. He has a few statements that he reuses regardless of the question
  14. He assisted the other as well. As other have said before, the move away from us is exactly what he needed
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