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  1. My comments regarding Nesbitt not scoring or creating goals is really coming back to haunt me, but I’m glad it is.
  2. I noticed this too along with the tickets for the game against Stranraer. Hopefully it’ll sort itself out
  3. I did notice McGlynn giving Smith a look last night after Wilson missed that chance. Almost like it confirmed what they already knew.
  4. Didn’t want to touch any Stranraer tinks!
  5. Should have known this would come back to bite me. Even his chance in the second half off both posts was decent.
  6. I’m all for giving guys a chance but my god Jaime Wilson is dreadful. I actually feel sorry for the guy
  7. Nesbitt just isn’t good enough to be a number 10. He has energy but he creates little to nothing and he doesn’t have an eye for goal as can be seen by his poor attempt to get onto the end of that cross on Friday
  8. He’s a signed Raith Rovers player so why would he be playing in a Friendly for Falkirk? Tell your mate to get his eyes tested!
  9. Funny how opinions differ. I genuinely thought he got stuck in and made a nuisance of himself, which Lafferty certainly didn’t like
  10. I was one who wasn’t fussed whether we signed Kingsley. I’d like to add that had we signed Kingsley, it wouldn’t have won us the league, which was the point I made about signing him in the first place. Id love to see Sibbald back at Falkirk, and if it could be managed, whilst still allowing us to have enough budget to strengthen other areas, then it would be a no brainer. It’s likely it would take a large chunk of the budget up and we are weak in so many other areas that we can’t put all our eggs in one basket. Martingale’s comments regarding his fitness after Covid is also concerning and would be too big a gamble for us.
  11. Add Darwin Núñez to that list. Heard he’s signed for Liverpool.
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