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  1. I hope this was a joke? Otherwise you’re an idiot!
  2. Can’t really blame the guy if he’s been offered a full time coaching role, however, it’s just bad luck that we appoint a guy and lose him a couple of weeks later
  3. That’s some assumption to make. Just because he is laid back in his interviews certainly doesn’t mean he lacks passion or aggression. Would you rather we had someone with passion saying “and stuff like that” every few sentences?
  4. I didn’t think you were calling me a liar but I’m doubting myself now 😂. I’d like to know more about the incentivised contracts, as I’d have thought goal and assist bonuses would have been part of contracts anyway
  5. I’m not going to lie, I may be completely wrong but I’m sure some of McKinnon’s signings were set up like that. As I say, may be totally wrong
  6. We’ve announced 2 year deals before where there was an option of the second year for the club to decide
  7. Agree that it could be that, but you may find they need to reach some of these targets to trigger the second or third year.
  8. As has been previously mentioned, they spoke about incentivised contracts that they are now offering, therefore, you would have to assume that a lot of these two & three year deals have clauses in them so the club can get rid of them if they’re not performing at the level required. Saying that, it is Falkirk we’re talking about
  9. He might not need to do any of that with the correct style of play. He may just need to get himself in the right position to feed off the wingers. It comes down to the style of play Sheerin sets up, but Keena was isolated when he played last season, which is why I think he looked so poor. I’m giving him a fresh start and hoping he proves the original hype around him was correct
  10. If they play with 3 up front with wingers who are actually up alongside the striker, then Keena will be just fine in that setup. Playing him up top on his own is when it becomes an issue. Once again, Keena had one big injury last season. Why do you constantly write that he’s constantly getting injured?
  11. We’re unlikely to sign a striker who is going to bang in goals though. It’s more likely that a striker we get on loan will be better quality, therefore, in your scenario, we will be in the same position anyway. There really is no solution
  12. But is their left back any good? Some of our fans believe that’s what makes the difference
  13. That would be truly tragic. If someone decided to watch that over the European Championship semi final, they’d need their head looked at
  14. Im just making the point that there was a bit of luck in it as just because he did it with Morton in league 1, didn’t mean we’d get the same from him. Obviously we were fortunate to get him on very good form, and like you say, his record over the two seasons was very good and you would say he’s a proven scorer at League 1, but you couldn’t say that after he did it one season
  15. He did it once and then didn’t really show that sort of form again before we got him, so that hardly describes “proven”. Nobody describes Michu as a proven goal scorer in the premiership!
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