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  1. I’m sure Sky do “Build a bet”
  2. I said this recently as well. He probably won us more games than we know
  3. We probably will still be in the league next year but I certainly won’t be watching!
  4. Are you actually serious? How about the fact that we have a much bigger budget than majority of the clubs in the league! We are one of the few full time teams in the league! We built up a decent points gap even though we were playing poor! Nobody thinks we have the automatic right to go up or win the league but when you consider our resources and where we were in the league, every fan has the right to want M&M removed as they’re only going to lose this league now. Even if they do limp over the line, most fans will know they’re not good enough and need to go
  5. No point in blaming him. It’s the two idiots that decided to play him there that deserve all the abuse
  6. Everyone can understand why managers say things in post match interviews. Some managers you just know they’re saying it to defend the players but will give the players a rollocking in the changing room. My concern with M&M, is I honestly think what they say in the interviews is what they believe and what they will be telling the players. Tell players a draw against Dumbarton is acceptable then they will all have a losing mentality
  7. Why do people seem to think that right backs or right wingers can just play wing back no problem? It is a completely different position. You need to be extremely disciplined, have a very good engine and understand when to attack and when to defend. Anyone contemplating playing Morrison at wing back needs their head checked
  8. I totally agree with this. I get the feeling M&M prefer Leitch because he’s got the legs to get about the park, but Telfer has the quality on the ball that Leitch lacks
  9. I definitely agree with this. I was merely saying it would be something worth trying in our current situation. I would also be worried about Sammon supporting the left back
  10. I know this will get slated but I think Sammon would be worth a shot at left mid. He’s a shite finisher, however, he does still have good pace, strength and is decent with his feet. With Connelly being out, we really don’t have many decent options there so it could be worth a try
  11. Since we seem to be throwing about the usual unemployed managers, what about Jim McIntyre?
  12. I think it is a tough decision, as they’ll want to give the guys a few more games to see if they bounce back, however, on the other hand, if they were to change manager just now, it would give them a transfer window to make some changes that they feel are required. I don’t think any fan wants to see a manager(s) fail as ultimately it means the club is failing, but M&M don’t have a managerial CV to give anyone faith they can turn it round and keeping them is as much of a gamble as changing manager.
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