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  1. Too late for what? Our chances of winning the league won't be over by the end of August
  2. I agree, the lunge probably does make it look worse. I don't think there would've been as many discussions about it had Durnan not been sent off
  3. I'm pretty sure Moffats tackle is serious foul play, which should see red. The fact that he swiped him, rather than going through the back of him probably saved him from getting a red
  4. I fully expect us to get some youth players on loan. Clubs might be happy to foot the full wage bill just to get them experience
  5. This EGM has pretty much showed how much of a divide there is within the MSG. Sandy Alexander was fully backing the BTB bid, which coupled with his comments today, show he still wanted to hold shares and be involved in the club. You also have some of them who have actively seeked a buyer because they want cash. Where do we go from here?
  6. I understand that, however, I don't understand your comment regarding 2 year contracts. That wouldn't affect this year's budget
  7. Why would McKinnon offering 2 year deals have any affect on this year's budget?
  8. Hardly tight. We've got over a month till the window closes. I can see us getting a couple of loans in the last week of the window
  9. I've heard he's off to Sunderland and all that's left to do is negotiate a fee. I don't know how the person that told me would know, however, I trust them
  10. Rumour is a fee is currently being negotiated
  11. The Dunfermline fans will start the whole Shiels shite again
  12. Are you forgetting that most Morton fans are cock wombles? The guy scored 3 goals in 6 games for a Stenhousemuir team that got relegated. A 19 year old who maybe didn't perform well in a poor Morton side, doesn't necessarily mean he'll be shite in a lower division with a team that should be up the top end of the table.
  13. I know McKinnon wasn't in charge at the time, to but Andrew Dallas was on loan at Morton for the second half of the season. That could be the Morton connection
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