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  1. How bad was Frankie though for our first goal Great composure and finish by connell and agreed he was excellent for the 3rd
  2. Agreed that’s the work rate that’s been missing but very welcome performance in a tough game, for someone who wasn’t wanting to go I definitely enjoyed it as a spectacle
  3. Agreed he was excellent today and saw a big difference in the team from the last match I was at( Dundee)
  4. Glad I ended up going, good open game and we started well and scored2 good goals, connell showed some class to score. Second half we dipped, Ayr played well enough boy up top looks a good find but we showed a bit of character and got a big win, team looked much better than the last game I was at ( dundee) hopefully we can build on this.
  5. Unbelievable first half from rovers, where has that been hiding great goal by young connell some composure
  6. Yeah can’t get my head around that either plus we played at Hampden in a Scottish cup semi under Mcglynn.
  7. No I think that’s too dismissive to say cup win counts for nothing, it was a good day out for the fans and first half was very positive before the wheels fell off, there was the nucleus of a decent team at the club but too many have been allowed to leave and a few dodgy signings made ( reading between the lines it looks like reducing the wage bill) but yeah I cannae be arsed with it at the moment, feels like Grant Murray era all over again
  8. First half of last season was very good and we had a cup win so not a total disaster, we know what caused mainly our second half slump. It’s not failure having a transition season I just have little appetite for Murray ball at the moment and what he says isn’t reflecting on the park, still haven’t got a ticket for tomorrow and longer I leave it probably won’t
  9. your probably right but this feels like it will be like a Grant Murray season, scrape by and unspectacular football. Tbh this is the first year in a long time I haven’t bought a season ticket and glad I didn’t, finding excuses not to go these days
  10. Maybe that’s right but he has done nothing to earn unwavering support from the fans yet, I personally feel very little about him either way tbh a bit like his team, he talks a good game but yet to see it on the park, hope he does thou
  11. I think we should all be concerned about the team at present tbh, we need to start picking up results soon, no team is too good to go down
  12. Honestly the state some of some folk over the last few pages about a minutes silence/armbands or playing a song is incredible Save it for important stuff like whether we sign a striker or not ffs. If you want to boo during a minutes silence then go ahead, if others think you look like a fanny then so be it.
  13. If we are signing someone then it will be mentioned today in his interview as the previous few have been
  14. I agree , I’m no great fan of his but he is a steady enough player who can pop up with the occasional important goal eg Killie away last season and Morton this season.
  15. Novo was signed with a lad called Jorge zoco who interpreted for novo
  16. We could sign a decent player if we didn’t sign 2 x cheaper players like connell and Mcbride . Murray’s recruitment is more Gary Locke than Mcglynn so far and is more than a cause for concern. We haven’t signed enough good players, brown isn’t as good as rossco or Brad, connell isn’t as good as matej . Easton is a good player, 2 x cb look decent . Millen is poor , Ngwenya isn’t better than young so waste of a loan. Murray at fault for this
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