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  1. Had a couple of bad knee injuries , he is a cut above and unless he was hampered by the injuries I expect he would have left us by now
  2. Agree but I think that’s a positive as Vaughan if fit will hit 20 and we have more players capable of scoring this year along with the new formation
  3. Utter shite, failing at United, staying 3weeks at Morton and relegating falkirk
  4. Agree with that mate and was better than what I expected, definitely more to come from him
  5. He will do well with Vaughan when he returns, 2 class players
  6. If its drysdale then I will never go back to this, absolute clown of a man who has set the club back years and stole a wage out of the club
  7. I think a few folk will be thinking more about there holidays than season tickets at the moment and we will see an upturn in numbers closer to the league campaign kicking off, finance option would definitely help push numbers up
  8. If true then at least we will always have East Fife for company;-)
  9. Far too much common sense for this thread, please leave ;-)!!and East Fife will be up there as well imo
  10. Cheers mate, you could be right but hoping Mcglynn gets the best out of him
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