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  1. He definitely is and a good team player just not a goal scorer so far, hendry back to st Johnstone from Killie, Mcglynn tried for him earlier so maybe again or todorov benchwarming at the pars, got to be worth a shout
  2. Good son. That DA no 1, he just blethers some I’ve been on this chat far too long back to my own neck of the woods I think
  3. Believe what you want I hope yogi signs up till 2024 -and your league 2 title challenge
  4. He is bang average this season proves it anyway I only popped on your page to see what the craic was with mark Connolly ? Give us either todorov, Ohara or wighton and we will give you bene till the end of the season, seems win/win
  5. A fucking charlatan and shouldn’t be coaching any footballers especially young impressionable lads
  6. I told you about him, you didn’t listen bud, he is poison, can’t stand him , pars would do better under Whittaker and shields
  7. We warned them about him, they didn’t listen especially DA no 1 ( do you believe me yet) and now reaping the rewards, he is full of shit and a bully and now my only hope is you give him a contract extension. Guy is so full of it’s unbelievable but is basically rent a quote and lapped up by the media. Good luck lads you will need it
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