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  1. I heard it was due to poor representation by certain clubs at awards nights.
  2. Lochar v Saints only game to beat the weather I think
  3. Can’t people just give teams credit when it’s earned on this? Bonnyton look capable of putting up a title challenge to me!
  4. The money/committee needed to run a club in the South would be too much for most if not all Sunday sides to make the move. Then it comes down to where games are played also. There’s also the boys who can’t play on a Saturday due to work etc.
  5. Mids, Threave will be right at the top again and i fancy Bonnyton to build on their first season in the South and compete with them both. Lochar and Abbey Vale will do well to match the league finishes of last season. Saints should have a better season this time around after a poor start last year. YM, Creetown and the young Annan side will battle it out to see who avoids bottom spot. Everyone else in between. All the best to all the sides involved, let’s hope it’s another close title challenge.
  6. Member clubs getting enough cash to keep the club in the black and then some and that’s before you take into consideration sponsorship while other clubs require players to pay to play, im surprised the league was as competitive as it was last season. Clubs like Lochar, Heston and Mids deserve a huge amount of credit.
  7. Dumfries YMCA have games against; Annan Town (A) 05.07.18 7.30pm Summerhill (H) 10.07.18 7.30pm Hawick Waverley (H) 14.07.18 3pm Nithside Colts (H) 24.07.18 7.30pm
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