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  1. We actually seem to have based our game plan on being somewhat defensively solid at the expense of having any sort of plan as to how we’re going to score goals ourselves, which is wild seeing as people tipped us to steamroll the division. 1-0 Airdrie. Ally Roy to be rebuilt using Robocop-style technology and then tap in a last minute winner. Zak Rudden to be crushed by a vending machine and ruled out for the rest of his contract.
  2. I am guessing they weren’t allowed under COVID restrictions, maybe too many staff members already? I know from other team’s updates like Albion Rovers that they can’t even give live updates because social media staff weren’t allowed in the game, so I presume this falls under the same remit.
  3. I think the issue is we are always going to be looking at this issue through the lens of wanting to go to games again. If you are not a football fan and don’t have any emotional investment, it’s hard to justify IMO, and throwing stuff like “how come I can go for a meal?!?” out is just trying to find a reason to make ourselves feel better about going. Realistically, we can all pinky promise to social distance and wear masks and stuff but asking clubs made entirely of volunteers and part time staff that in all honesty struggle to attract committee members a lot of the times to enact a whole of new legislation to allow people back is a mammoth task. I got offered a ticket to see Stewart Lee at the Stand with a big treatise on all of the measures to make it sure it goes ahead. Booking a slot to enter a venue to avoid a massive queue, named tickets with no changes, even numbered groups only to ensure there isn’t tons of empty seats. Their restricted capacity was ninety people. Your bigger non-league teams like Talbot, Clydebank, Pollok attract audiences higher than that and even then, there are few pubs outside Wetherspoons megaboozers seating that pre-COVID. It’s not the clubs’ fault, there’s only so much they can do. But putting faith in people’s ability to self police is highly naive when you’ve got anti maskers protesting in Glasgow Green about 5G and the polis raiding house parties of thirty people at the weekend. Things like the fixture listings on Pyramid News show people can’t be trusted to not act in their self interest. Posting stuff like “they can’t stop you turning up” is frighteningly reckless. This isn’t QP not having public toilets at Lesser Hampden or senior teams taking on junior teams in the off-season and not advertising it to avoid getting their heads kicked in by the SJFA. This is a public health crisis where you can literally die from going to these games if you catch the virus. We shouldn’t be travelling for non-essential reasons and promoting hundreds of people travelling from town to town to watch games in places where the bogs haven’t been cleaned since the Hong Kong handover is dangerous and things like the Pyramid News telling people to chance their arm is HIGHLY irresponsible, especially as it will probably lead to clubs getting fined or them just shuttering football yet again because people can’t control their primal urge to watch Annbank vs. Maybole.
  4. I had planned to go to the groundhop in March and was really looking forward to it. I think it would be a fun day but it definitely would be tiring dealing with their OCD antics all the time. I would classify myself as a groundhopper, but I am by no means a neurotic about details. I keep a phone listing date, score and venue of each match through the season but it’s more a reference thing as my memory is atrocious these days. I hope to get to this.
  5. One question I wanted to ask was has there been any issues with Juniors moving over to the EOS in terms of fixture pile-ups and the calendar shift? As far as I know, the senior teams are restricted from playing in June, while the Juniors do so a few weeks later to allow them to deal with fixture pile-ups like Talbot every year or Wishaw’s hellish season where they had three thousand games in hand by April and ended up playing four games a week by the end. Is there any sort of protocol for this in the Seniors? With the apocalyptic weather we’ve had this year and whole cards being postponed, how are the EOS defectors poised to cope in the finishing straight this year?
  6. I am very surprised to hear these four teams wanting to leave. I know Blackburn are struggling but this is two conference winners and two runners-up looking to jump back and Bo’ness look set to win the title, possibly going to the Lowland if cards line up. Is there any reason why? What were they expecting? What was different? Were they banking on going up straight away and have taken the huff at the lack of instant gratification?
  7. Won’t lie, I would be more up for the pyramid if Talbot were utterly scudding the Trossachs BB branch in freakshow mismatches.
  8. If I were TJ trying to kill the WoSFL and keep the Juniors together at tonight’s meeting, I would simply show them the last eight thousand pages of tedious hypothetical Luncarty/Fauldhouse boundary debate in this thread. They’d be at my mercy by page four.
  9. Is there any public statement about Oban or Glasgow Uni potentially applying? I really hope they do as I’d love to see more cross-pollination with the amateurs, specifically teams like Dunoon Ams, Rothesay Brandane or even Isle of Arran AFC. is there any teams in the amateur leagues that could realistically stand a chance of being accepted based on their current state? It would be interesting to see how strong teams from say the Caledonian or SAFL would fare.
  10. One team that’s not been mentioned that surely has to be a shout for this league is Gartcairn. It’s hardly like Gartcairn have historic ties to the Junior grade as the first team was only formed five years ago. Surely they must be looking at other community clubs like EK, BSC and Cumbernauld and fancy their chances, especially considering that Rossvale have expressed interest?
  11. But neither of these situations are likely because either A) The champions would not be licenced, meaning they wouldn’t contest play-offs, so no cricket scores and literally of no consequence to the relevant EOS/WOS teams or B) The champions had secured a licence with the aim of entering the LL, in which case they would have had to make considerable upgrades to the team’s infrastructure and by association, the on-pitch team to mount a challenge, which would be a more level playing field. I find it a rather cynical view you advocate that the SOS would not want to be involved at Tier 6 for fear of getting shoed. If that was the case then why does anyone outside the favourites bother entering cup competitions, because they’ll just get shoed, right? i feel it is very narrow-sighted to advocate the downgrade of the SOS and does not take into account the clubs in the league themselves. They have a good setup with local rivalries that mean something to the clubs. I don’t see why clubs should be asked to ditch their local derbies and theoretically go to Pollok, Oban or Kilsyth for away games if they want to progress as a club when a bunch of people on here who support teams from the WOS leagues don’t want to watch their team play against St. Cuthbert’s. Where is the benefit for SOS clubs in this restructure?
  12. I think it’s pretty mental that after years of people (rightly) harping on the SJFA for deriding the Lowland League as being of inferior quality and populated by teams like BSC and Caley Braves with double figures fanbases are now using the same excuse to shunt SoS down to Tier 7/8. Also funny to see people deriding the remaining East Juniors for wanting to come in at Tier 6 by saying they should have joined when they had the chance and then suggesting St Cuthbert and the lads make space for the proper big teams like Talbot and either be assimilated or gentlemanly forfeit their Tier 6 status for the betterment of some OCD forum posters who don’t live in the area and think the league is shite, because they can’t be arsed to pay attention to it. it’s a historic regional league which embraced the pyramid when everyone else was wailing about gold toilets and Elgin away on a Tuesday. Seeing as half the league isn’t licensed and reserves, it’s highly unlikely that they are going to factor into LL promotion/relegation anyway so what is the necessity to rip them up apart from to stop some P&B poster from KIlbirnie having panic attacks because their precious pyramid isn’t exactly to his liking?
  13. Attendance at Caledonian Braves vs. St. Cuthbert’s Wanderers was 13 off a headcount.
  14. I go every time because I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t go and we beat Celtic, but we will probably get battered, take in hunners of cup tie money then spend half of it on new seats. The world keeps turning. 1-0 Thistle (Miller, 93’)
  15. Does anyone know if the Edinburgh City U20 games are played on the first team pitch at Ainslie Park? i am a groundhopper looking to tick it off as part of the 42 but don’t fancy making the trip if it’s played on an adjacent 3G. I know they use both when City and Spartans have a fixture clash, but Spartans are away this Friday.
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