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  1. Benefits to watching a stream instead of being at game 1. Alcohol on tap 2. Being able to hide behind the sofa when we are scarily shite 3. Can watch with the dug 4. Defeat doesn't hurt as much (see point 1) I'd go back to the ground in a heartbeat even if there were restrictions though.
  2. Agree, sheils actually tracked back really well, picked the Montrose players pocket, then lost it because he wasn't strong enough. That said, they are young and this is why they are here, to learn that side of the game.
  3. 3- 2 Clyde. Trialist comes on at 0 -2, scores hat trick then gets sent off
  4. I just went straight to the vodka, might need another bottle to try and numb this pain though
  5. Clyde to play a leveinesque 4-0-6 and bypass our midfield completely... midfield problems sorted!! Cannot see past a Airdrie win I'm afraid but hopefully we can at least rally and muster a performance
  6. As long as you got to see thistles shot on goal that's the main thing. I donated the cost of the stream to Clyde in your name
  7. Agree but can't wait till Lang has to get into second gear. Strolled it. Fair play to sneddon, he played a blinder. That has to do Shiels confidence a real boost as well.
  8. Derby's make football so the more the merrier. I'm a recent Clyde fan so the rivalry doesn't mean that much to me personally but I am looking forward to all the games, home and away. Geography isn't the only factor, ask any crystal palace / Brighton fan and being in different leagues would naturally dilute the interest. For me, I am hoping for a 10 goal thriller (with Clyde scoring no less than five) with dodgy refereeing decisions, at least 1 wild red card challenge and possibly a car park fight That will get set the tone for the season 😜
  9. Gutted, but can only wish him well. Had the pleasure of chatting to him a couple of times and he was an absolute gentleman Massive job ahead for DL to replace him and Rankin Tough season ahead, but still looking forward to it
  10. Yip, for someone so composed on the ball he can seem to be a bit rash in the challenge. But you need defenders who will let the strikers know they are in a match... as long as he is doing it outside the box and not getting sent off! His decision making will only get even better with a decent run of matches under his belt.
  11. Both teams with a lot to play for so should be a good one. Montrose seem to have our number this season so DL will need to change something. I agree with the above that this is not a game for Johnston to start. We need to complete man for man all over the pitch or it will be another stroll for the Mo.
  12. If we are going pace for pace would Lyon be a better option? To be honest none of our RB options fill me with confidence. Still, makes a change from worrying about our LB
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