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  1. Yip, for someone so composed on the ball he can seem to be a bit rash in the challenge. But you need defenders who will let the strikers know they are in a match... as long as he is doing it outside the box and not getting sent off! His decision making will only get even better with a decent run of matches under his belt.
  2. Both teams with a lot to play for so should be a good one. Montrose seem to have our number this season so DL will need to change something. I agree with the above that this is not a game for Johnston to start. We need to complete man for man all over the pitch or it will be another stroll for the Mo.
  3. If we are going pace for pace would Lyon be a better option? To be honest none of our RB options fill me with confidence. Still, makes a change from worrying about our LB
  4. Clyde fans! Lucky you. I had the James Forrest fan club surrounding me!
  5. If we had lost today I would have accused DL of shoehorning, but it's hard to complain with 3 points on the board. I'm not convinced you can have love and wylde in the staring eleven but DL has forgotten more about football than I know so as long as we are out of the relegation zone I won't complain. Was that really Lang's first senior goal? If it was the timing was perfect.
  6. Any sort of win today and Rankin to come on at any point and I'll be skipping up the road
  7. Would be happy enough with Lyon at RB but McNiff at CB would cause me some concern so fingers crossed Howie trains without any issue.
  8. Not sure if I feel about this game. Utter despair about the first half and defending or elation about DGW performance. End of the day it was entertaining stuff
  9. I had a quick look at the league 1 final standings over the years an 40 points seems to be enough to keep clear of the relegation play offs. Given the injuries and a rather poor recent run I think we are doing ok to be on track for safety at the halfway point. Hoping the injuries start to clear up and we can start looking up instead of down.
  10. I can't remember him having stand out game but I agree, we always seem to be better when he is in. Hopefully he can spark a change in form today
  11. Heading right into relegation battle territory. Need Rankin back.
  12. Peterhead done exactly the same as Montrose and stopped us playing. Too many passengers in the first half and frighteningly quiet. At least Duffie gave it back when pushed. Too easy for Peterhead I'm afraid
  13. Hope both sets of fans come out in numbers tomorrow. Been looking forward to this fixture since they were announced tbh. From what I gather Falkirk set up more attack minded at home and if Clyde set up the same it should be a great game. Would much prefer to be going into this game with a match fit Rankin but have every confidence we can take something from the game with the players available. I'm under no illusions that Falkirk will be out for revenge after the reverse fixture result and a massive test for us.
  14. I really enjoyed the game, had a bit of everything. A well earned point against (from what I have seen) the best team in the league and a bit of pride restored
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