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  1. I agree, looks like we won’t go up now. Dropping far to many points. We should be doing much better the cash we’ve spent on wages.
  2. Another last minute win, delighted for Ian and the players.
  3. What a great win, we now must push on up the table.
  4. No way would Grierson leave whitletts a club on the up(moving to new ground), for a team that look unfortunately like a team that’s going to be relegated.
  5. 1 minute you’re praising Ian, the next your asking if he should be sack.
  6. No not really, really feel for Ian and his coaches.
  7. Heard this today, I’m sure whitletts will turn things around. As for peter what a manager he will be for someone to get in.
  8. I haven't heard a thing about this, and with our shortage of players we can ill afford to loose anyone.
  9. Peter did a great job for us at Girvan, both our clubs are struggling right now, but i'm sure they have the correct man in place.
  10. Fingers crossed, hard game, but your right we need to start climbing the table.
  11. You would have to be very unlucky to have 10 of all the same injury.
  12. Do you need a reason to get an injury?
  13. Come on, has it not dawned on you that we are miss a full team, get behind the team if your a true fan.
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