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  1. Comedy gold. You plonker.
  2. That and our good friend Thatsvulgar, who has agreed to come to Girvan.
  3. This must be the most feel good thread on pie and bovril, lets keep it this way.
  4. You should be on the T.V. 😂
  5. This poster cracks me up, all good fun with him.
  6. Well done Glens and Bens, 2 very good sides.
  7. Heard our manager talking about it, so I’d imagine he’s told the players.
  8. Getting a lot closer now, all your pish talk only drives our club on.
  9. Much better this week, felt we should have at least got a point, if not all 3.
  10. Give it a rest, no one likes a gloater! But in all fairness after that performance yesterday I think we’re in trouble, taking nothing away from Darvel, who are a very good side.
  11. Our next 2 games are Larkhall and Irvine Victoria, we win them and we could jump above Craigmark. Which we are more than capable of doing, just like the top of the league the bottom isn’t tied up just yet.
  12. I thought he left Kello due to work commitments? If so then that’s not right!
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