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  1. Peter did a fantastic job here 1st around, players seem to be responding to him again. Not sure what happened at whitletts, could be like you said, players not buying into it.
  2. Back on topic, what a difference since Peter came back, no harm to Ian.
  3. Sorry gogsy, that’s me just coming across your post, as it’s all been full of tripe lately. To answer your question, Hopefully we have floodlighting for the summer.
  4. Very harsh with the personal insults I think, yes he was clearly out his depth, but Ian has his good points, like others have said he was good at attracting players to the club, maybe not the greatest academically, but to make him out as a clowns a bit much.
  5. Good start to Peters return, thought we played some nice football today.
  6. I would not think any player will leave unless Peter has replacements lined up. Also think there could be a bit of mischief making from you ka1, as far as I’m aware Peter has spoken to all the players and are all happy to stay.
  7. Best of luck to Ian, he had a good coaching staff, i didn't get him bringing in the lad Baillie, doing this and the injuries has been his downfall. Anyway i'm delighted to have Peter back, i was gutted when he left for Cumnock, hopefully with him in charge we can move up the league.
  8. I agree, looks like we won’t go up now. Dropping far to many points. We should be doing much better the cash we’ve spent on wages.
  9. Another last minute win, delighted for Ian and the players.
  10. What a great win, we now must push on up the table.
  11. No way would Grierson leave whitletts a club on the up(moving to new ground), for a team that look unfortunately like a team that’s going to be relegated.
  12. 1 minute you’re praising Ian, the next your asking if he should be sack.
  13. No not really, really feel for Ian and his coaches.
  14. Heard this today, I’m sure whitletts will turn things around. As for peter what a manager he will be for someone to get in.
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