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  1. The board will make the final call on the new manager . Alan Archibald is first choice
  2. Steve has only been first team coach 8 weeks
  3. Just seen AJ in McDonalds he was having a happy meal Big SC was having 2 x Big Macs 4 x Fries and 2x Mcflurrys Must be spending the pay off
  4. 100% correct straight from the horse's mouth . but seen the light now axe him and get a lift or keep him and go no where Someone has come up with the cash lol
  5. Great comments but don't be surprised if Crawford gets it after all it was a Board appointment 8 weeks ago to bring him in Smell the coffee wake up
  6. Nice blokes don't get u results Too nice Sacked
  7. The one that didn't happen lol
  8. No when you have a split board its hard to get it over the line Hes been on the edge for weeks have u been sleeping
  9. Ta ta No rumours bud hes gone 8 weeks to late now go and wash the dishes