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  1. Mon the Court Mon the Sheriff Mon the life ban from attending any football game in Scotland that thug deserves.
  2. Sure I saw on twitter earlier this refs card average a game is something like 5. Only another 4 yellows to go to reach that tally.
  3. Probably be lucky to get near 100 the way things are going with the batting
  4. A very good year for Rizwan so far then
  5. The expression on the jambo will be me when Pakistan start disappearing into the distance with an uncatchable score Praying for a massive upset though
  6. As incompetent as ever then. Useless programme.
  7. Do Scotland need to qualifying for next year's World Cup and when does that begin if so?
  8. I had a dream that Scotland a very nice win over India today, now if only that could happen. In reality I fear a far worse mauling than the one inflicted by Afghanistan
  9. And extra practise for future seasons to come. And despite it being a blatant dive the VAR official has confirmed the penalty to Rangers award as correct.
  10. Hands off Stuart Petrie Sure Falkirk fans would not mind seeing Sheerin depart though.
  11. Just wait a few years and Saints can have their own Perth Derby Jeanfield v Saints Saints v Jeanfield
  12. The pain oh the pain to come Afghanistan levels of pain to be exceeded in those games
  13. My start as unemployed beta save is in danger of becoming a you are sacked save Just can't seem to get a result with Wigan.
  14. Not according to that arrogant board it appears.
  15. Just seen those Q+A session from during the week and oh dear what an embarrassing shambles from the Falkirk board. The fans do have a right to ask significant questions about what is happening at the club and to express serious concerns over very poor recruitment, coaching, management and on field performances. Also to have concerns about what is happening with the club regarding boardroom decision making although answers regarding that maybe be limited due to confidentiality issues. To be treated with utterly high levels of contempt and disdain as it is clear the board did is totally unacceptable and disgraceful. As for the booing scares the players comment I have not heard anything so ridiculous, what do the board expect to happen especially after dreadfully poor and uninterested performances and dire results. Let me guess for the fans to very politely clap the players off with "Unlucky old chaps unlucky but you did play very well" style comments.
  16. Fortunately for St Mirren Andrew Dallas is not around today to help Rangers out with that.
  17. Newcastle have a £200m transfer budget. Started a small beta save as unemployed and with not the best manager stats anyway and I got a job interview very early on by Newcastle. Brendon Rodgers got that job. Eventually got the Wigan job a few months in with them a few places above the relegation place.
  18. Think Moldova should be confident of at least one win next month. Based on how woeful Scotland have been tonight.
  19. The Faroe fans music playing quality has been of a far superior quality than the standard of play from Scotland.
  20. Such a pathetic, dire, woeful, useless and uninspiring first half that was very lucky to still be level at half time. A vast, vast improvement needed second half or a very embarrassing defeat is on the way.
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