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  1. I assume the league games are back on again tomorrow.
  2. Hopefully Rangers go into meltdown mode second half and start viciously hacking anything in green and see a few red cards now. That would be amusing at least as the game is over as a contest.
  3. Was the ref really that bad it lead to this happening Who was the ref?
  4. Have Scotland done enough to beat New Zealand Never realised this was on tv today.
  5. If VAR was active then that would be 100% guaranteed. Still a very strong possibility even with no VAR though.
  6. Is it only Carnoustie, Tayport and Lochee Utd that have the SFA License from the Midlands League? What clubs would be likely to be next in line if it is only those three?
  7. Was at this game today and am very happy with the result. Only moan is it was not a lot more than 2 as Broughty looked good and certainly missed a lot of chances today. Was not massively impressed with Tayport.
  8. It ends with Priti Patel screeching and ranting in her office at the Home Office No more bloody foreigners in this country and then stamping all the paper work as rejected Appeal allowed in 8 months time.
  9. Given the injury surprised Tiger is risking carrying on today just mentioned his ankle is causing bad discomfort again. It has to be better to withdraw due to injury than risk making things worse. Especially as there's no chance of making the cut.
  10. Missed that who ripped it to pieces?
  11. Hacking f*****g scum Port Vale in a friendly as well. Read in the courier it was as a result of an ugly tackle.
  12. People trying to guess the meaning if any behind this tweet
  13. What a pathetic standard of commentator Chick Young really is and it's time he retires from commentating. A penalty shoot out finishing 4-4 and a bonus point each for both teams I have never heard anything so preposterous on a long time.
  14. A very enjoyable day out
  15. The Welsh flag is correct Levitt spotted on M4 following signs for Cardiff and Swansea.
  16. Some excellent news about Zhou after that dreadful accident there. He was declared fit and released from the medical center. There is no doubt he is a very lucky young man today.
  17. Sounds very bad hopefully all involved are OK.
  18. Just came in from dog walking and seen the race is red flagged on lap 1. What happened?
  19. If a permanent deal for Levitt is to be done Man Utd are e apparently looking for a fee of around 300k + add ons.
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