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  1. Some excellent news about Zhou after that dreadful accident there. He was declared fit and released from the medical center. There is no doubt he is a very lucky young man today.
  2. Sounds very bad hopefully all involved are OK.
  3. Just came in from dog walking and seen the race is red flagged on lap 1. What happened?
  4. If a permanent deal for Levitt is to be done Man Utd are e apparently looking for a fee of around 300k + add ons.
  5. Cardiff City welcome new signing DYLAN LEVITT Just getting ready for that announcement
  6. Thank you Might go to one of Luncarty or Hill of Beath Maybe both.
  7. Any one know where to find what friendlies Broughty have arranged?
  8. Familiar faces for striker you say so any of the following : Nadir Ciftci Emil Lyng Florent Sinnama-Pongolle Jean Jacques Misse-Misse Patrick N'Koye Alex Mathie Brian Graham Joaquim Ferraz Stevie May It could be
  9. If any more evidence the Dee fans are deluded. The ship will start eventually sink by Halloween. It gave me laugh anyway
  10. UNITED ANNOUNCE SIGNING Of a new internal communications system
  11. Can't argue with that and would be very happy to see it happen. Aberdeen also interested apparently but with Goodwin there that's no surprise.
  12. While all badges, crests and logos are redesigned to the complete satisfaction of the Court of the Lord Lyon of Scotland and which complie with all Heraldry Law.
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