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  1. It is far easier to muster laughter at these white shirted clowns. Europe's biggest laughing stock of a national team
  2. Safranko will be staying at Sepsi it almost certainly looks like.
  3. Imagine if the Czechs decided to do a no show after UEFA said the game is on. The match officials and Scotland turn up and are out on the pitch but no Czech Republic. A repeat of Estonia v Scotland in 1996 history can not repeat itself surely.
  4. And a bad week to be capped off with a big win for Israel on Friday. Connolly should have the full force of disciplinary action taken against him.
  5. While it will be very nice to see Shankland back I would have thought that the plastic pitch would have been a risk so soon after his injury.
  6. Florent Hoti is the trialist form the abandoned game. Was at Rochdale only 19 and looks to be one for the youth team.
  7. I recall a fine hat trick of free kicks at Rugby Park by Ray McKinnon not something to forget easily.
  8. Having seen the positive start that United have made to the season I am confident of a positive a positive result at Rugby Park. There is no doubt that Killie will be tough opposition and I am always wary of United on a plastic pitch. I have no idea how close to a return Shankland is to a return from injury and wether or not he has any chance of being involved even if off the bench but would not be upset if he is not risked on the plastic surface just yet. My prediction is a 2-1 win for United in this one.
  9. Oh poor Neymar losing a CL final what a shame. Absolutely not losing this and another CL final or cup final that diving despicable cheat plays in is exactly what he deserves. No sympathy for him at all.
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