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  1. San Marino v Scotland - 24 March 2019

    Horrible 1-0 win against San Marino with the winner being an og. This team and manager have drained all confidence and belief in them from me at this point in time. Before Thursday I would have looked for a win by 3, 4 or even 5 now I will take a lucky winner. I though Kazakhstan was bad, it can not get any worse or can it.
  2. Wednesday 5. Thursday 6. Friday 4. Rather poor bottom of the table form that is, relegation relegation here we come.
  3. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    McLeish has to go but a return for Strachan is definitely not the answer, I really hope this article is just a lazy list of candidates cobbled together as there has to be better options out there. Unfortunately I would not be surprised if the SFA decided to reappoint Strachan.
  4. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    By losing to or drawing with San Marino on Sunday, there can be nothing lower than that.
  5. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    McLeish should be sacked after this utterly dire performance as there is no sign of improvement or belief there will be any. However the SFA cannot be trusted to get such a decision correct and would probably go for the cheapest option for a replacement, rather than the most competent replacement available. The SFA should refund all travelling fans for their commitment in going to the game over there after this farcical performance.
  6. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    At least there is the backup Nations League qualifying playoff option, however that is just another way of messing up qualifying with this useless team.
  7. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    San Marino will be disappointed if they only draw on Sunday going by this shambolic display.
  8. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    This is getting turned off when it reaches 3, 4 or 5 before half time absolutely pathetic. Wish I could say I am surprised but I am not.
  9. Pub quiz 14. Stupid album cover section not a single one correct .