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  1. CaspianChris

    FIFA 20

    Anyone seen a faster red card than this 😂.
  2. 13 clear you say. Unlucky 13 that would be. Beware of number 13. So when does the calamity start.
  3. Prediction for today. Arbroath 0 United 3. A glorious Shankland hat trick.
  4. While delighted with the SNP getting the 48 seats, I am still despairing at how voting went elsewhere and I am not surprised however at Tory support in England. No matter how evil their policies and views on ordinary are people worryingly still vote for them. So much for having faith in humanity to do the right thing 😢😢
  5. If Boris Johnson was a fish, then he would be this type of fish. An ugly, useless slimy blob no one can love.
  6. Thursday 8. Friday 0 - Thanks to still being in a state of pure rage at Boris loving voters. Resulting in a serious lack of focus.
  7. Conservatives stay in power. Johnson loses his seat. JACOB REECE-MOGG GETS INTO No10.
  8. PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE BE TRUE. No more Johnson as PM if he gets voted out of his Uxbridge as you can not have a PM that has no seat I believe. I certainly can not think of any precedence for such an event though
  9. My local polling station was quiet when I went in about 4pm or so. There was a few people drifting in and out though but certainly not jam packed like I have heard about elsewhere. However it may have been busier earlier on in the day and may still be before polling finishes at 10pm.
  10. Oh I say old chap, that sounds like Tory party central.
  11. I would waste time hoping sadly, people with that attitude will never change. It's a shame on humanity that you have people like that.
  12. Looks like Boris has turned to evil dark arts to revive the ghost of Maggie Thatcher for some sinister purpose. Like putting curses on all anti Tory voters.
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