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  1. Even by FM standards Arbroath reaching the Betfred Cup semi finals is bizarre.
  2. Only 81 away fans not good. Still a fair way off the lowest away support I have seen which is 5 away fans on my Benfica save. Gil Vicente brought 5 fans to Benfica in the Portuguese Cup. The stay away travelling fans missed nothing as Vicente lost 3-1.
  3. Its null and void Its null and void Its null and void Time to come to terms with no league completion, no title and no promotion. Football is of least concern in a situation like this. Time for a digital football fix with FM20 + FIFA 20. Plenty to be getting on with both on particular FM while the season is suspended. Trophies to be won with Liverpool, Trabzonspor, Benfica and The Rangers.
  4. In game VAR is my biggest annoyance so far, especially on my Tabzonspor save.
  5. CaspianChris

    FIFA 20

    Its s shame VAR can not be implemented on FIFA 21. Just think of the amusement it could cause.
  6. I am only doing it in the balance of fairness. I done the same with Celtic a few years ago and got to the CL quarters a few times but no further. Always the inevitable draw against a Barcelona or Juventus so no chance of progress.
  7. Got right back in the mood for this and got a couple of saves going with a couple more planned. Current: Liverpool and Trabzonspor Planned: Benfica and Rangers. Rangers only to see how much progress in Europe can be made
  8. Which team are you and how are you getting on?
  9. The reaction when the Scottish Championship is declared null a d void as well as the other leagues will be interesting. Public health and safety is of far more importance than a game or any other sport and no risks should be taken with this virus. A new strain which no one knows how lethal it will get.
  10. FA Cup R3 sees a home tie v Man Utd.
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