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  1. Sporle coming on for Robson Very horrible collision between Robson and McGinn hope both will be ok its never a nice thing to see
  2. A few guesses but a perfect end to the week Friday Edit: well done, but don't put a screenshot that shows a correct answer please! BWV.
  3. 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣 Nothing will happen An away kit reveal would be nice as the purple rumour has interested me
  4. Good performances from Taylor and Edourd to boost fantasy team points will do thank you.
  5. Flying pigs, unicorns and bright pink snow is more likely than that happening.
  6. It's a market that has not worked out to badly for some teams like Motherwell St Johnstone etc. The knowledge and contacts that Micky will have in that market will be an advantage I would think as well.
  7. Think there was a Blackpool fan seeing that he was solid but not the fastest though. It would be good to have more hight there as well it will be interesting to seenif anything happens with this or not.
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