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  1. Mind Grimshaw extended his contract until 2022 as well. All part of the plan you see. Sell a 19 year old horse riding Celtic-angerer and restore #LG4 to his rightful place on the right wing. Now we just need to find the tape to bind Tait’s knees back together and we’re back in business boys. Still have plenty of time to #ANNOUNCETONY too.
  2. I mean, if we’re signing Dykes, Bayo, Griffiths, Watt and the boy from Hartlepool, then I think I might possibly be ok about Scott leaving. Securing any of Ainsworth, Ariyibi and Prince Ciftci would seal my support though... #ANNOUNCETONYANDPALS
  3. Shhhhh!! If we keep quiet about it, Hull might forget...
  4. Realistically, there’s a lot of meh there isn’t there? I’d be hoping we could keep a good few, but in all honesty the lot listed there shouldn’t be overly difficult to replace. Long would be the one I’d be most keen to keep I think, but that’s probably based on his current form in addition the the fact we have no other strikers at the minute. Gillespie you’d obviously hope would extend but then again, do we really need 2 first team keepers? (and the wages that’d cost) Looks to me like it might be more sensible to sign up Ferguson as back up and have faith in Carson to play as first choice next year Hartley and Dunne have also been good servants and if the manager trusts them/can’t get better options, then they’re clearly worth keeping around. I’d also want to keep the projects (Ilic and Manzinga) on the go, unless their wages were being chucked into something much better (and proven at this level) if that was at all possible. Certainly worth another year though surely? Also wouldn’t mind if we could get O’Hara permanently. A very Robinson type player that I think has offered enough in recent weeks to merit a contract if it can be offered. I mean, I love Richard Tait, but from his last few outings, he looks done at this level. Think Livingstone is also as good as gone at this point, which is quite a shame considering how exciting he could be at U21 level. Much in the way of the bold DT23, he hasn’t appeared to have transitioned to first team football as well as we’d have liked. Unsure on Maguire still as well.
  5. We seem to love a good punt on a name in the January window. Very happy to see that continue... #ANNOUNCETONY
  6. Would normally back us to win at home but can’t shake the feeling we’ll be dropping points due to the absences in the forward line. With Long probably out and Hylton unwell, that only leaves Scott as a nailed on starter. With that in mind, I’d expect us to run with that same midfield 4 we played against Aberdeen with Scott partnering up with any of Ndjoli/Manzinga/Ilic/MacIver/Seedorf. Expecting an energetic and battling performance where we’ll be hoping to take advantage of set pieces and all the usual malarkey that goes with that. Would take a draw now. Bonus points if we manage to see the elusive Casper Sloth feature at all.
  7. Think it was mentioned at the same time that Gillespie has the gloves for now, “but at some point,” Carson will be reintroduced for next season’s preparations. Sounds to me like Gillespie will be first pick until the split unless he massively drops form or gets injured. Robinson also reiterated that they are constantly monitoring Ferguson and will assess his contract at the end of the season.
  8. Everyone loves a good winger, however the reality is that we probably just don’t need another one, leading me to believe that unless one is on the way out (also unlikely) then this isn’t happening and it’s in the news because we’re all bored. I do think we need a striker, as I’m sure most of us would agree, however if we don’t do any business in this window I don’t think I’ll be left too disappointed. A few players coming back from long term injury, in addition to maybe some youngsters getting more game time, would be similar to new signings anyway. Whilst we’re not under threat from relegation, I’m just a very meh level of content, and happy to trust the squad we have I suppose.
  9. Completely agree. Whole heartedly in favour of bringing back Ariyibi, Ainsworth, Prince Nadir and Granda Higdon to launch us into a European qualifying round.
  10. Suppose we can scratch big Trev off this list considering he’s just signed up again. Very much relieved to have at least one of the keepers extending their stay.
  11. Really excited for the return of ITKMarv and his secret contacts giving us the latest from the rumour mill.
  12. Agree with this to be quite honest. The reality with our midfield is that for the right balance I think we are picking one of Maguire or Donnelly, one of Campbell, O’Hara (and eventually) Sloth and one of Polworth or Turnbull. Not exactly the hottest of takes, but I’d assume we’ll be running with the midfield that won against St. Mirren for a good while.
  13. I’ve never wanted to keep #Pete5 more than I do now...
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