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  1. I’ve never wanted to keep #Pete5 more than I do now...
  2. They’ve just changed that to be fair. On the initial announcement they had him down as #16, now updated to #11
  3. Here’s a better photo of the trialist. Are we sure this guy is Sørensen? Thank you blessed Well Fans II 🙏🏻
  4. Well this is now all looking quite redundant. According to the website, Long has now been given the #9
  5. Being a bit pedantic, I don’t think us leaving the #9 and #11 jerseys unclaimed is a coincidence in the slightest. Still hoping for the bold Gboly (blessed he be) to take the #11 but I’m almost certain they’re keeping the #9 for Robinson’s main striker going into the new season. If Hartley is properly fit again and ready to go then I’m really quite happy with our defensive options going into the new season. We could maybe do with a proper Gorrin replacement, assumed it’d be Fané but pretty sure Flow said there was no real chance of that happening. But with Polworth and Sloth, as well as potentially Turnbull and Tanner all suited to play more advanced in midfield, it’d definiately be on the defensive side of midfield we’d need an extra.
  6. I think that’ll be it to be honest. The medical results are delayed a bit meaning they can’t officially sign him yet. Pretty much looks like it’s just an admin thing and he’ll be announced as soon as it’s all wrapped up. With the nature of this saga and the fact there’s further delays, the internet will speculate until it’s all properly wrapped up. Would be a great laugh if there is another dramatic u-turn though.
  7. Loving the rumours spreading on the notorious Well Fans II that the Turnbull deal is on the verge of collapse and that Celtic are trying to change the deal. 😂 Odds on he’ll get announced in the morning and the outrage will be fierce
  8. Also, in my delusional over-optimistic land of joy, I have prophesied... THE SECOND COMING
  9. Maybe overly ambitious but Murphy at Rangers? You’ve also mentioned Erwin who might actually be an option, mind Robinson took him to Oldham and that. Also Ainsworth will be looking for a club but I highly doubt Robinson wants him and many fans would be opposed. Although, a front line with Ariyibi and Ainsworth would be new level #SexyMotherwell 1 in every 7 games. Although there’s like zero chance of him coming here, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to Marvin Johnson this summer, as he was used in a minimal capacity on loan at Sheffield United and he was very out of favour at Middlesbrough.
  10. You’ve literally said this like 4/5 times already in the past week. I think we’ve all got the messsage...
  11. I think you’re pretty spot on with this. Purely in terms of numbers in and out, we’ve lost Cadden, Hastie, Frear and Ariyibi (please come home Gboly) as wingers and only recruited Hylton so far. Saying that, I think at this point he’s the one I’m most excited to see. Bringing in 2 more should be fine, especially as guys like Long and Polworth can seemingly play wide too. up front we lost, (lost is a very loose phrase...) Main, Sammon, Newell, Bowman and Johnson has been missing since his goal at Fir Park against Celtic. That only leaves us realistically with a promising yet very raw James Scott. Think 2 strikers is a must, Scott to play from the bench and Johnson to either leave or make last 10 minute substitutions more interesting. Midfield is a bit peculiar. We’ve got Campbell, Sloth, Polworth, (which actually might end up making a solid starting midfield) and pretty much a bunch of untested kids at this level. As much as we don’t wish to stall development, you have to think we need at least 1 more in the middle to replace either the bold #DT7 or McHugh/A-Rod. happy enough defensively for now anyway, Gallagher seems a great Aldred replacement, and I’m excited to see how Maguire kicks on.
  12. Good to see that SO have already written off the new guy and Robinson’s recruitment strategy is already flawed and poor. God I love pre-pre-season...
  13. Genuinely forgot that. I was under the assumption that he was in the group of 1 year deals for the likes of Rose, Grimmy, ARG, Mbulu etc
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