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  1. Use the disabled toilet. That is all.
  2. Aye, it wasn't too bad, and what is noticeable is that we now seem to have clear tactics and, as you say, better shape to the team. Earlier in the season, I'd have struggled to describe exactly what formation and tactics we were attempting to play (I suspect Lennon would have too, if he was being totally honest). McAusland had a bad afternoon. These things happen. We can only hope that he'll learn from his errors as opposed to letting his confidence take a knock, and his head to go down. I agree that we should start to compete more effectively over the next round of matches. This season was always going to be a struggle, but if we can get a few players back into contention and settle into a reasonable pattern, we could have enough to hang in there.
  3. Fair enough. The rules of the game can be a bit of a mystery to me, so I'm happy to go with what you're saying. I'd assumed that a player who is potentially occupying the 'keeper or defence (ie - standing in an area where he requires covering) could be deemed as interfering with play. I stand corrected. On Naismith, I'd need to look at it again. I was pretty sure he looked OS. As I've already said, these were not the big calls IMO, so no greetin' on my part.
  4. On the Weiss incident, it was no less a case of violent conduct than that which McGowan received a red card for. He was fortunate to stay on. This, along with the disallowed goal, were the two biggest decisions made in error by the referee/assts. The others were typical calls that could have gone either way Naismith was offside IMO, and Papac was standing in or around the 6 yard box, and, as such, could have been regarded as interfering with play. It's a matter of interpretion. Wardlaw was in-line. Even so, it would have been an opportunity at best. Not a big decision. All in all, I'm not whining about it. We didn't deserve anything from the match. The result is a fair reflection. Anyway, back on 'ignore' for you
  5. In summary: - the disallowed goal was an utterly baffling decision; - Weiss should have been sent off for throwing a punch at Van Zanten. McGowan was sent off for a similarly petulent outburst at Kilmarnock: - Boughera (sp?) handled the ball in the lead up to their second goal. It wasn't given, so it goes; - Naismith was offside when he scored. It wasn't given, ho hum; - Papac looked OS for one of the goals, but it could be argued that he wasn't interfering with play. I wouldn't take that view - surprise, surprise; - Wardlaw was not OS when clean-through; - Our penalty award was very soft, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been given if Rangers hadn't already been 3-0 up; - We competed well enough in the first half but individual errors cost us; - Rangers weren't very good but were better than us where it counted, so deserved to win.
  6. Hi mate

    I was just pulling your leg TBH, but we could possibly make some form of arrangement that I could give you a few quid if your ST is up for grabs for a few matches.

    Let me know what you reckon



  7. I won't let my wife forget her observation that Stephen Hawking was clearly from the US, based on his accent
  8. When I bought my 'proper' mountain bike, I started to pimp it within a few months. It started with the saddle and pedals, but soon it was the cranks and forks etc. I decided to calm it down a bit when my wife pointed out - with some justification - that, based on the mileage I had covered on the bike against the money invested, I'd have been cheaper flying by Concorde Ah, yes.... bike porn - all the gear and no idea Preparing for the commute home on my steed as I type this. I invested in a set of mudguards for the MTB last week given the changing weather. The big test for us budding Armstrongs and Hoys will, as always, be when the weather turns to shit again. The thought of a turbo-trainer depresses me TBH. Pretty much like going to the gym minus the posing wallopers in the free-weight section
  9. Good stuff. Just remember to anticipate when you might have to slow down and stop. I've been using Spuds for years now, and still get caught out from time to time On saddles, I'm not at all convinced by these gel-filled cushioned affairs. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that they can actually be more damaging to the danglies. I can't fault WTB Pure saddles: WTB Pure V Race It seems they are classed as MTB saddles, but I use one for commuting, and find it does the job very well. The best bet is to try before you buy. Go into a big bike store like Dales and explain that you're looking to try out various saddles. You'll never get a proper sense of how it will feel on the road/trail, but it is far better than going by a picture on the net.
  10. SPD pedals, or 'spuds' make a genuine difference once you get the hang of them. Be careful if you start to use them when cycling on the roads though. It's not so bad when tootling along a tow path, or forest track as there are far fewer distractions. On the roads, your busy looking around you and anticipating what motorists might do etc. The trick is to disengage from one of the pedals well in advance of when you're likely to need to slow down or stop. I've fallen foul of approaching a junction, thinking I've got a clear run, having to stop quite suddenly, and forgetting how the fuck to get me feet off the pedals - not good! This is even after using spuds for years. They are worth the effort, but take your time getting used to them, and try and do this on quite roads, or, better still, off-road. One more tip, start off with a loose spring tension. Best of luck with them - you won't look back!
  11. I take it you've undertaken exhaustive research in this regard? It's not my experience, thought there are a good few of them out there. Generally speaking, I've not encountered many arrogant arseholes on bikes as a motorist, or as a cyclist. I complete a 12 mile daily commute on the bike (most days, and certainly whenever I can), and I also drive around 10,000K miles per years, so I reckon I'm qualified to hold this view. I can say that, in my experience, there are many, many more arrogant motorists, van drivers, bus drivers etc., but, even then, this is not a majority. Cyclists who commonly use the same route (eg: commuters) become known to a lot of drivers, so courtesy can go a long way. I don't cycle through red lights, very seldon use the pavement (and only when there is little, safe alternative), and try to acknowledge when motorists are considerate towards me. I rekindled my love of cycling a few months ago, having previously pretty much chucked it due to lack of opportunities to get properly off-road (family commitments etc.). The best option seemed to be to cycle to work. i now hate when I'm stuck with the car. I've lost a stone and a half, feel much fitter, and really enjoy clearing my head at either end of my working day. I'm not saying this to be smug, BTW, I would genuinely love it if more people could share the great things about getting in the saddle. I serviced my Gary Fisher this week, and it's running like a dream
  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/s/st_mirren/8714923.stm
  13. The rags are quoting £20K. Div reckons it has been sorted now, and Lennon will be unveiled later today or tomorrow.
  14. Have you not heard the one about Stewart Gilmour climbing through holes in the fence at Spartan's ground
  15. Ach, you're a hard man Foxy. Where's your heart?
  16. To be fair, I reckon he was responding specifically to GAD's post, and it's particular tone.
  17. That was coming, to be fair. As I've already said, I hope it gets sorted out in a respectful manner. I've no desire to see 'smaller' clubs with a bit of history and integrity behind them being shafted.
  18. It certainly is a gamble (as would any appointment be), and I wholly respect your opinion. I was more picking up on your comment about Gus being ripped to shreds had he looked to the lower leagues. Personally, I'd have found it refreshing even if it hadn't worked out.
  19. What do you base this assertion on? I'd much rather Gus had brought one (or even two) lower league players in ahead of Wyness or AJ for example. I'm pretty sure a substantial proportion of the Saints support would agree with that. If you are despairing before the ink has even dried on Lennon's contract, then I reckon you might be deprived of sunlight or haven't been getting any action recently
  20. Absolutely. Just look at Conway. He was outstanding in the second half of the cup final. It's all about being able to spot a decent player. Ultimately, Gus didn't demonstrate this attribute. I think we got lucky with Dorman, and the signings of Wyness and Johnston pretty much summed up his signing policy in the latter years. I suppose for every dud, it could be argued that Gus brought in a Ross and Gallagher, but that doesn't count as unearthing lower league talent. We need a guy with an eye for that. My hope is that Lennon already has a few players in mind. We need a replacement for Billy, and those are big boots to fill IMO. He might not have been a prolific goalscorer, but he brought a huge amount to the team. I've read somewhere that Lennon likes to play with two wide players, so hopefully that could go some way towards bringing Higdon more into things. Defensively, we weren't looking too bad towards the end of the season, so it will be interesting to see how a new manager changes things around there. I'm just glad that it now looks as though we've brought someone in. The new manager will have a challenge on his hands, but I'm looking forward to a few changes in style and approach.
  21. Aye, let's hope it can be sorted out in a civilised manner. Like you, I've no idea what to think about this apointment. One thing is for sure, though, and that is the fact that Lennon will be familiar with having to work with scarce resources. A few months ago before the season ended, I posted somewhere that I felt we should bite the bullet and look at younger players and the lower leagues for decent prospects, as opposed to paying relatively high wages to mediocre journeymen, or players who are very much in the twilight of their careers. Scottish football is pretty shite when all is said and done, and I'm pretty scunnered with the dross that we have been subjected to week in week out, but I like the idea of going to a match and watching a young player or two being given more than 5 minutes at the end to show us what he can do. My expectation levels in this regard are realisitc enough, but I suspect all clubs will have to make some radical changes in the coming years (hopefully the administrative bodies will do likewise), so there is nothing to suggest that we wouldn't be able to compete. If Lennon has some fresh ideas, and, as has been reported, has an eye for a decent player, then I'm happy enough to wait and see how things pan out. For those looking to slate the appointment before a contract has even been signed....well that's some St Mirren supporters for you
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