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  1. Jim McLean and Alex Ferguson were what could be described as abrasive characters. They were also successful football managers. There are numerous other examples. Clearly, none of us want someone who is an abusive arsehole at the club, however Flynn is a mature, experienced player, so it would be hoped he could formally call anything too untoward out through the established channels. I acknowledge it is easy for me to say, and definitely more tricky for younger players and staff. Tittle-tattle can be corrosive, though, and I wonder if Flynn would appreciate his mate sharing this stuff with random folk at parties....
  2. That argument only stacks up if you genuinely believe that convicted offenders cannot be rehabilitated, as you suggested earlier. Such a cotention has no basis in fact. Anyway, Gallagher has signed, and I imagine we all have our views on whether or not it was a prudent acquisition by the club. I'm not entirely comfortable with it, to be honest, but I strongly believe in the concept of rehabilitation (it is demonstrably possible and often fully achieved), so hope it applies in his case.
  3. The alternative is to pour money into keeping them incarcerated and conditioned onto believing that once a criminal, always a criminal. Not sure how that benefits anyone.
  4. The notion that former offenders cannot be rehabilitated is utterly preposterous. I understand that oaksoft has very valid personal reasons to hold the views he does, but a sense of proportion is also require. I don't know enough about Gallagher's circumstances, so can't really comment. That said, I'm not going to be a hypocrite here, either. I'd be appalled if Goodwillie or the likes was anywhere near our club. Hopefully Gallagher is genuinely remorseful.
  5. Please explain this uncalled for, and frankly, unpalatable b*****disation of the traditional 'gie's a signing'! Is a geeza not self-styled billy big bollocks from Lahndaan?!
  6. Delighted with the OF allocation decision. The previous arrangement was an abomination, and an embarrassment. Some things are more important than the filthy lucre.
  7. As much as Hartley is an arse, I recall having to chuckle at his reaction to an assist against us at Love St. Hearts were 2-0 down, and he was getting it both barrels from the North Bank. They pulled one back before he delivered a free kick that was converted for their equaliser. He cupped his ear, ran the entire length of the North Bank, and was greeted with outrage and indignation from our support, many of whom remonstrated with the referee and even stewards as regards his audacity and offensive behaviour. It was very amusing, tbh.
  8. Excellent! Very happy with this. Ticks every box. Tony getting a credit for putting the feelers out. What a guy!
  9. Robinson would be a good appointment. Experience, knows our league, will have established contacts, and is probably better looking than most of the others mentioned thus far.
  10. To be honest, if St Mirren were to win at Ibrox or Parkhead, I couldn't care less what the tacky redtops print. As tedious as all that crap might be, it isn't something we should be unduly concerning ourselves with.
  11. The more I consider this, the more I can see the argument for giving someone a short-term deal for the remainer of the season, and evaluating the situation during and thereafter. Drawback with that option, of course, is that it considerably narrows the field in terms of who would put themselves forward. Most coaches already in a position presumably wouldn't want to take the punt of leaving it with the distinct possibility they would have no job come June. That realistically would leave currently out of work figures, or someone from within our existing set up. I wonder if Jack Ross would be worth considering in that context? No tie-in for either party, but someone with the experience required to carry us over the line with limited drama.
  12. Having slept on it, I'm Team Brown. Shits and giggles galore!
  13. Did Harry Davis not have a sketchy injury record when he joined us? He seemed to do okay.
  14. Erhahon to Barnsley confirmed. Odd one, that. Not the Championship I expected....
  15. A few others have thrown things into the mix that are easily clarified if the background info had been read.
  16. It is not remotely surprising that there are significant numbers of people posting and taking issue with this over on B&WA who evidently haven't read the freely available background information. Other legitimate questions are being asked, and that is positive, but sifting through the dross to try and get a handle on the state of debate is a very frustrating experience.
  17. I'm in the middle ground. He can be a bit of a dick at times, but take nothing away from what he achieved at Saints and what we all owe him for that.
  18. I had hoped we might be able to extend Hladky's contract, but if the player budget has been pretty much exhausted, that is less likely now. That's pretty much the only thing I would lament in terms of our business this summer (and even that doesn't take account of the realistic scenario whereby Hladky was offered an extension but declined). Overall, unless the club has put itself in a perilous state (which it won't have) then there isn't too much to find fault with, for those of us who know how to manage our expectations.
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