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  1. Jack Ross was out his depth at Sunderland, and has been playing catch up since then. It was a mis-step, but an entirely understandable one. He left when his stock was high. Fair enough. I think he was a good fit for a club like St Mirren, and would have done well to stay a bit longer to cut his teeth in our top tier, but that's easy for me to say. I have no ill-will towards him, but no great sympathy either. He believed in the mythology that had developed around him, and overstretched, but you can't knock his ambition and self-belief.
  2. Everyone will have an opinion on this, and I reckon that's a reflection on how Ross' career has developed. Some coaches go about their business in a fairly low-key manner, but JR has always had a high profile persona, and seems to have courted that. As a result, a certain mythology has grown around him, and folk have been monitoring his progress closely, many harbouring a hope that he'll fall on his arse. My view is that his previous (relative) success relied heavily on his coaching and backroom colleagues. He is a figurehead type. Articulate and polished. More style than substance. He'll be a Sky pundit within a month.
  3. There has been quite a bit of chat on here regarding the possibility of Ethan moving on. I don't suppose that means a great deal, right enough. I would much prefer he stays, but also sad to hear that Joe might be heading to pastures new.
  4. I wonder if this development suggests that Erhahon is in SR's plans, and Gogic coming in was very much with the centre half position in mind?
  5. The suggestion that we should 'defend' how we run our club in the face of criticism from OF supporters takes laughable to a new level.
  6. Fair enough I'm not suggesting he is a poor manager, just that I think he has midjudged a few things in his recent career.
  7. Jack Ross' most successful period in management was with St Mirren in the 2nd tier of Scottish football. For me, it is absolutely no coincidence that the upturn in our form under Ross featured the arrival of Steven McGinn. McGinn was a leader on the pitch. He was passionate, committed, and provided coherence. That was at least as significant as anything Ross contributed. Without McGinn, St Mirren would have been relegated. Without McGinn, we would not have won the league the following year. Oh, and there is the small matter of Lewis Morgan being the best player in that division by a considerable stretch. To a great extent, the stars aligned for Ross back then. His biggest mistake was not cutting his teeth in the top league with Saints. He believed the hype, and it has backfired spectacularly
  8. That is absolutely tremendous news. Didn't see it coming at all. Well done to everyone involved!
  9. Aye, and talks of going to primary school in Paisley. She was recalling feeling at the time how her "fellow pupils" were being let down by the education system and lack of opportunities. Astonishing insights from an 8 year old, rendered all the more remarkable as she is evidently now as thick as two short planks.
  10. If Liz Truss gives a shout out to Paisley one more time I might have to start following Beith Juniors....
  11. That was my immediate thought. Cynicism in old age is a terrible thing....
  12. Outstanding goalkeeper. Still in his 50s. Very sad indeed.
  13. I hadn't seen that, so cheers. John comes across very well, as expected. One thing that did strike me in particular, though, is that he referred to Keith Lasley's role as 'Chief Operating Officer', which makes him a COO! Seems harsh.
  14. I'm more concerned that it might be flagged offside....
  15. We're St Mirren fans, FFS. Underwhelmed is our default setting.
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