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  1. Aye, as much as I'd love to see a free-scoring, fit, and motivated Brophy back in the stripes, his current form is context-specific. Various factors will apply. Maybe he wasn't settled here. Our manager's approach didn't favour playing him. He simply needed a new challenge. Who knows, but the chances of him continuing his renaissance back in Paisley are probably pretty slim.
  2. Lasley looks to have been an inspired appointment. He talks a language that resonates with the support, but also seems to have a keen business sense. I hope he is around for a good few years, but his progress, like that of the manager, won't have gone unnoticed. That said, both are developments to be celebrated.
  3. Outstanding is stretching it, but it is moderately entertaining.
  4. I lasted about 4 minutes of the blovaiting fool (and that was after skipping to his self-defeating analysis of the red card)! They really need to take a deep breath and focus on hoping that their club can turn this round rather than indulging in OFesque obsession with individual, marginal decisions. We know the officials are shite overall. We know there are laughable inconsistencies. We know decisions can change games, and that VAR hasn't helped one iota. Teams can make it harder on themselves though, and by Christ, Aberdeen are doing that currently. A wee bit of self-respect is required now. It is becoming toe-curling.
  5. Ach, that's a bitter sweet read. Ethan will play for Scotland in due course. I am in absolutely no doubt whatsoever about that.
  6. I suppose the flip side of that is that he might reasonably expect to get more game time there than at a club at a higher level. How many times have we witnessed players heading dahn saaf only to play reserves or sit on the bench? Time will tell if this works out for him, but I wish him the very best on his move.
  7. All this chat about how much a player is worth is spurious. He is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for him. That is wildly variable based on from whom and where any bid comes, so throwing figures around is a wee bit pointless and certainly not worth falling out over.
  8. I know the phrase "back him or sack him" is a bit hackneyed, but FFS.
  9. I always had the suspicion that Jim thought games were only 45 minutes in total duration.
  10. Agreed, though perhaps the hindsight argument could be applied. I was surprised that Aberdeen went for Goodwin, to be honest. After taking a punt on Glass, I thought they would go down the more proven manager route. If for no other reason than to regain a bit of credibility. Jim hadn't achieved anything of significant note, unlike Jack Ross, who at least was coming off the back of a fantastic season and league championship. I might be being unduly cynical, but I think both Ross and Goodwin are/were articulate, assured, and very media friendly. This resulted in them being touted as the next big thing in their respective moments. That seemed to overshadow their actual and potential limitations. ETA: consider Martindale by way of contrast. A more rough and ready character who, despite his very significant achievements against considerable odds, tends to be less often touted and, by association, courted.
  11. Tremendous news on Kiltie. He is the type of player every squad can benefit from. Can light up a match with a telling run, and has an eye for goal and, crucially, assists.
  12. So what does it translate as?!* *and why did you just admit to listening to a Runrig album?!
  13. GVB claiming it was difficult because St Mirren played "so defensively". That's drivel. It was difficult because his team underperformed. St Mirren had a game plan that was little different from the set-up in most games we play. He should have analysed that and been able to mobilise the resources available to him to counteract St Mirren's approach. His players are very mediocre, right enough, so he could pleas that in mitigation, but he selects the match day squad.
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