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  1. Donald Trump is (arguably) a successful businessman....
  2. Good thread. In poll 2, I voted for the 3rd option, purely on the basis that we could make an impact in one fundamental way - stop shelling out for a shite product. You wouldn't keep eating in a restaurant if the food was consistently pish, or buy clothes from the same brand that are always burst at the seams, yet we continue to fork out increasingly silly sums to follow out fitba teams. Its pretty much a unique scenario, and one I've often pondered. The only way to bring about genuine change is to say we have had enough and chuck it until the clubs are forced to actually listen and act. As someone has already said, the fact that Doncaster is still in a job says it all really.
  3. On the basis of the information available (ie - lack thereof) in respect of the latest Kibble Bad story, it all seems a bit silly just now. Almost as if a group of 1st year Media Studies students from the Tech were given an assignment to recreate Paisley's version of Succession.
  4. Paul McMullen was pretty short. Short on a few things including end product, but also height.
  5. Props to this Buddie who we met when cheerleading the Kilt Walk folks in Dumbarton this afternoon! He was raising funds for the St Mirren Foundation.
  6. Ditto. Wife just received renewal within a fortnight.
  7. We were stinking. Only Gogic looked up for that. Awful performance and Killie thoroughly deserving of the win (should have been bigger). Top 6 is a great achievement, but we somehow managed to take some of the shine off it. Typical.
  8. Our ground has sold out about half a dozen times. It might not be the most aesthetically pleasing place, but I'm not sure it could genuinely be argued that it is too small. There is also the option to fill in the corners if needs be. Some positive aspects of having a stadium the size of SMP is that maintenance costs are manageable, it can generate a decent atmosphere when packed out, and we can earn revenue from its use for U21 games and women's matches, etc.
  9. My photo memories on my phone from 5 years ago today are of the title winning match and glorious celebrations in the Bankhouse that evening. 5 years ago today?! Can that be right?
  10. I have just cancelled my membership. What an absolute shambles. Like others, it is with considerable regret, but to remain a member in these circumstances is to condone and perpetuate the current set up, and I can't do that. Benefit of the doubt applied previously, but a thresholdhas been reached.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/articles/c4n9ww3jpvgo "Feels like home"
  12. Aye, its a hard one to get the heid around. Oddly, it seems like more than 20 years ago in some ways. Maybe that's because it was all a bit surreal!
  13. Happy St Mirren's Day folks! 10 years! Dear God, I feel auld.
  14. Not caring and disagreeing are to distinct reponses. The platform isn't relevant in the context of my post. Let's be honest, the platform GL used to air his views is owned by a sociopath who runs a company that systematically racially abuses its employees, but no-one is talking about that.
  15. Are you disagreeing with what he said in the segment I posted?
  16. Can't help but fear that the team will struggle to bring new life to the obsolete, tarnished, and broken heap of debris that is presented to it on this occasion....
  17. Many Thanks guys. And here is James O'brien nailing it too (also apologies for any duplicate posting)
  18. Don't do Facebook. Any way of embedding or whatever? Ta. ETA - checked YouTube but doesn't seem to be in there.
  19. This is brutal. Could get worse yet. Would at least have been a competition with 11 v 11. The Celtic fans screaming and frothing over every minor incident around the box when 5-1 up against 10 men is embarrassing.
  20. This appointment is either absolutely batshit crazy, or utterly inspired. I'll let the Dundee United fans decide....
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