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  1. 15 minutes ago, Coventry Saint said:

    I cancelled mine a few months back as well; I'd been paying in since day 1. I feel bad as I do believe in the fab ownership thing and I don't want to contribute to jeopardising that, but whatever is going on needs to stop.

    I have just cancelled my membership. What an absolute shambles.

    Like others, it is with considerable regret, but to remain a member in these circumstances is to condone and perpetuate the current set up, and I can't do that. Benefit of the doubt applied previously, but a thresholdhas been reached.

  2. 4 minutes ago, MazzyStar said:

    I don’t care what James O’Brien has to say about the media (or anything) since he’s proven time and time again that he is a snivelling little shit of man that spends his days treating people far less privileged than he is as if they are dirt. The fact he works for LBC means anything he says about the “right wing media” is totally meaningless. 

    Not caring and disagreeing are to distinct reponses.

    The platform isn't relevant in the context of my post. Let's be honest, the platform GL used to air his views is owned by a sociopath who runs a company that systematically racially abuses its employees,  but no-one is talking about that.


  3. 3 minutes ago, MazzyStar said:

    It’s a horrible far right outlet that has employed Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage and said stuff like this:


    Here’s James interviewing the devil himself

    Compare the way he talks to Tony Blair to the way he talks to people who phone his radio show. Many of them are working class people who’s communities have been destroyed by those like James O’Brien, who was privately educated. He probably even met some of those responsible for austerity and the 2008 financial crisis whilst studying at LSE. 

    Are you disagreeing with what he said in the segment I posted?

  4. On 25/02/2023 at 19:15, Billy Jean King said:

    Sorry bud never picked up on that. It's bizarre how certain players just don't click at certain clubs. I know there will be plenty folk genuinely saying what you were joking about but it just doesn't happen sometimes. No one can put their finger on why over the years but you win some you lose some. For every Dargo, Wyness and Brophy there is a Reilly, Eddie Gallagher and Martin Cameron.

    Aye, as much as I'd  love to see a free-scoring, fit, and motivated Brophy back in the stripes, his current form is context-specific. 

    Various factors will apply. Maybe he wasn't settled here. Our manager's approach didn't favour playing him. He simply needed a new challenge.  Who knows, but the chances of him continuing his renaissance back in Paisley are probably pretty slim.

  5. 1 hour ago, Gosport Buddie said:

    Lasley looks to have been an inspired appointment. He talks a language that resonates with the support, but also seems to have a keen business sense.

    I hope he is around for a good few years, but his progress, like that of the manager, won't have gone unnoticed. That said, both are developments to be celebrated.

  6. 46 minutes ago, NorthBank said:

    The tears and snotters on this are delicious.


    I lasted about 4 minutes of the blovaiting fool (and that was after skipping to his self-defeating analysis of the red card)! They really need to take a deep breath and focus on hoping that their club can turn this round rather than indulging in OFesque obsession with individual, marginal decisions. We know the officials are shite overall. We know there are laughable inconsistencies. We know decisions can change games, and that VAR hasn't helped one iota. Teams can make it harder on themselves though, and by Christ, Aberdeen are doing that currently. A wee bit of self-respect is required now. It is becoming toe-curling.

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