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  1. God knows, but I would be very pleasantly surprised if were to stay.
  2. Not with us, seemingly. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/23552051.curtis-main-set-leave-st-mirren-big-money-offer-table/
  3. It might not do Jim any harm to consider an assistant manager position somewhere if anything is available. Stay in the game, keep learning, but not in the full glare. I think he has many of the attributes to be successful (wtf do I know, right enough), but always struck me as a bit stubborn and slow to recognise when things weren't working out as planned. Perhaps a bit naive? There is no substitute for experience, but another front line position might be too much of a gamble for him just now.
  4. Let's be honest, this is just SMiSA chucking a bone. I wouldn't be getting too excited about it.
  5. Indeed, and I understand that is the primary reason for his limited game time. Unacceptable.
  6. I agree. It is undignified behaviour, and I refuse to accept the club being diminished by association.
  7. Indeed. Quite the hill to die on, right enough....
  8. The club will also be looking to attract commercial sponsors, and this pantomime will be a very unwelcome distraction and could serve to put off potential backers from signing up.
  9. I'm thoroughly bored reading the guy's name now. Gie's a signing....
  10. According to BBC pundits that was never a penalty.
  11. Mr St Mirren.? That's toe-curling stuff. He is becoming that jobbie (yes, that is how it is spelled) that just refuses to be flushed.
  12. It is distasteful at best for people who have an axe to grind with others dragging the club into their shabby wee intrigues. Like many others, I can't get overly excited about this one way or another, but I do resent the wellbeing and stability of the club being jeopardised by petty squabbles and ridiculous dick-waving antics.
  13. This entire episode has introduced a whole new dimension to daft.
  14. Aye, unless he posted it himself - and even then, given what we know of the guy of late, a degree of scepticism should be employed - then I would be reserving judgement on this.
  15. Donald Trump is (arguably) a successful businessman....
  16. Good thread. In poll 2, I voted for the 3rd option, purely on the basis that we could make an impact in one fundamental way - stop shelling out for a shite product. You wouldn't keep eating in a restaurant if the food was consistently pish, or buy clothes from the same brand that are always burst at the seams, yet we continue to fork out increasingly silly sums to follow out fitba teams. Its pretty much a unique scenario, and one I've often pondered. The only way to bring about genuine change is to say we have had enough and chuck it until the clubs are forced to actually listen and act. As someone has already said, the fact that Doncaster is still in a job says it all really.
  17. On the basis of the information available (ie - lack thereof) in respect of the latest Kibble Bad story, it all seems a bit silly just now. Almost as if a group of 1st year Media Studies students from the Tech were given an assignment to recreate Paisley's version of Succession.
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