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  1. GVB claiming it was difficult because St Mirren played "so defensively". That's drivel. It was difficult because his team underperformed. St Mirren had a game plan that was little different from the set-up in most games we play. He should have analysed that and been able to mobilise the resources available to him to counteract St Mirren's approach. His players are very mediocre, right enough, so he could pleas that in mitigation, but he selects the match day squad.
  2. Very disappointed that we didn't win that game. Rangers are dreadful.
  3. Can't really argue with that. I'd have been looking for it to be given.
  4. Strain booked for that, while Kamara not even spoken to for scything Kiltie. Dearie me....
  5. Why is that not a booking for Wright? Clancy is an imposter.
  6. It might well be the case that there has been a degree of financial naivety and/or imprudence, but the notion that SG is the prince across the water just waiting to gallop in on his white charger and save the day is for the birds. I'm not, of course, suggesting that anyone aside from Gilmour and his pals believe that. Creating a divisive, toxic climate at the club will not accomplish anything positive.
  7. I'm currently listening to Off the Ball (I know....), and despite initially highlighting that the introduction of VAR is yet another tedious opportunity to focus on the OF, what have they done? Focused on the Hearts v Celtic match. Have they even mentioned the controversial incident from our game yesterday? Perhaps they have. I have been floating about and might have missed it.
  8. Of course, Sportsound are giving it scant attention and are much more interested in discussing how Rangers are faring.
  9. According to BBC pundits it was a very soft foul, if one at all. If this is how VAR is going to operate, players will be throwing themselves to the deck at every opportunity if they think their opponents might have a chance to break. Dire.
  10. Spoke earlier with a Celtic supporting neighbour. First I've seen of him since the pumping we handing out to them. He admitted to trying to avoid me after the game. The guy was raving about our performance. He didn't think Celtic played particularly badly, more that we were excellent on the day. He reckons in terms of domestic football, the way we set up against them was the most effective he has witnessed since the start of last season.
  11. Stewart has always been a fish wife who loves a bit of tittle tattle. Best taken with a liberal pinch.
  12. I'm sorry (nah, I'm not really), but if a team dominate a game, have a penalty award, and play the last 10 - 15 minutes against 10 men, yet can't overcome the opposition, well yes, yes they do deserve to lose. If you set out to shitfest a game but can't shitfest a result, you deserve to lose.
  13. Welsh had a handful of Ayunga's shirt. There was nothing for Celtic to complain about, aside from their own shambolic defending.
  14. Cover in the left back area would have been good, but that aside, we seem to have a decent, balanced squad.
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