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  1. Erhahon to Barnsley confirmed. Odd one, that. Not the Championship I expected....
  2. A few others have thrown things into the mix that are easily clarified if the background info had been read.
  3. It is not remotely surprising that there are significant numbers of people posting and taking issue with this over on B&WA who evidently haven't read the freely available background information. Other legitimate questions are being asked, and that is positive, but sifting through the dross to try and get a handle on the state of debate is a very frustrating experience.
  4. I'm in the middle ground. He can be a bit of a dick at times, but take nothing away from what he achieved at Saints and what we all owe him for that.
  5. I had hoped we might be able to extend Hladky's contract, but if the player budget has been pretty much exhausted, that is less likely now. That's pretty much the only thing I would lament in terms of our business this summer (and even that doesn't take account of the realistic scenario whereby Hladky was offered an extension but declined). Overall, unless the club has put itself in a perilous state (which it won't have) then there isn't too much to find fault with, for those of us who know how to manage our expectations.
  6. Scandalous? Okay, I was a bit pished and talking shite. Anyway, best of luck to Jack. I still think it is an odd one.
  7. Baird out on loan is scandalous, unless he requested it himself in order to get games.
  8. I would take big daft Kirky back. He was slated by some of the less cognitively intact Saints fans after signing his PCA with the club now deceased, but pretty much kept us up on his own after that - who could forget his performance at Tannadice? For that alone, I would welcome him back.
  9. A utility defender would be ideal, as folks have suggested, but they are thin on the ground. McGinn can cover left back with MacPherson on the right (as we set up for the Hibs game), but it isn't ideal. It would have been good to have kept a hold of Hodson, for that reason.
  10. Looks like it could be a quiet day in Paisley (unless Top Man Jimbo is having a bit of fun). I'm fine with things as they are. Another centre half would be a bonus, but we should probably try to keep some funds for January when a couple of our loanees could be away.
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