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  1. Did anyone see this one coming? Signing players on two year deals? This will never catch on! Welcome Junior😊
  2. That makes sense. He was probably still a wee bit raw when with us, though it was clear that he would develop into a very good player with the right coaching. McGinn has surpassed my moderate expectations, to be honest. I reckon it would be very tough on him to be dropped for another player coming in at right back, but if that player proved to be better, that's fitba.
  3. Aye, I would agree with this, and it was kind of my point (though you have put it across more effectively). I think we could do with a versatile defender who can cover across the back areas. Not easy to come by, of course. Maybe someone with a bit of experience who has been used to being slotted into the different positions as required. Out of curiousity, how often did Naismith play in a central defensive role for us, and was he ever played as a left back? I can't remember.
  4. Not sure that I agree entirely. Jason was prone to the occasional lapse in concentration, and his positional sense could be suspect. In saying that, he has probably progressed since his time with us. Without doubt a good player at our current level, but not without his faults as I recall. I think McGinn (P) is better than many in our support seem to believe. He would be one of my first picks every week.
  5. Apologies, hadn't seen your reply before posting my own inane contribution.
  6. Most likely one more addition and possibly a late loan signing. Ideally a striker and utility defender.
  7. Hearsay, yes. Made up? Who knows. Sounds plausible enough to me.
  8. I can only go on what I was told. It came from a very reliable source, and it is entirely credible given what was a clearly irretrievable rift between Stubbs, Jackson, and most of the established squad. ETA - it is worth adding that the source is someone who would be unlikely to fabricate the account as it only serves to highlight how much of a rip roaring c**t he and a couple of others made of recruiting the management team.
  9. Stubbs referred to the squad he inherited as a one man team - the one being Lewis Morgan who had already departed. That is the ramblings of a fucking cretin. Even if he genuinely believed it to be the case, what exactly was he hoping to achieve by telling them that? Proceeding to stock up on duds would not have went down well.
  10. Watching Jim's post match interview with Top Man Jimbo, that was actually one of the few (only?) areas where he was critical - how the players performed on the ball. It seems he has placed emphasis on how they maintain shape and discipline whilst not in possession, and was happy with that, but reckons the players need to and will improve when we have the ball. Makes a great deal of sense to me. What was particularly encouraging is that the players seemed to be very well drilled and knew what their roles were - and that is in spite of the fact that a good few have only just joined up.
  11. Fiona McAskill who sadly died a few weeks ago. A die hard Buddie and well known and popular figure around the club. Only a young woman too. Really good stuff from the Dons fans joining in. Respect for that.
  12. It really is. Huge credit due to the club for this. It exceeds my hopes and expectations, to be totally honest.
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