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  1. I agree about Summers defensively. Good going forward though.
  2. As soon as i saw the team sheet and saw no centre-forward on it i knew we were in for a tanking. Mortimer on the wing and Osadolar at wing back?? Is it any wonder why Kurtis looked so fustrated in midfield - He had absolutely nobody to play the ball up to. City played with two big lads up front and a Number 10 and they split us open time and time again. There was even a 20 minute spell where QP players never even made a pass. And what contribution did Fotheringham and McLean make? I never saw either of them touch the ball and i was amazed that McLean was still on the field at the end. No play-offs for us this season because we are nowhere near the level that we need to be to finish Top 4.
  3. I think we should wait a couple of months and make Steven Gerrard manager when he gets sacked by Rangers in November
  4. Glad Gus has gone as he had taken us as far as he could but i sincerely hope that he does well in his new role at St. Mirren because there were plenty of highlights during his time at QP. Btw, if you are reading this Gus, can you please take Gregor Fotheringham with you?
  5. Binos v Dragon Slaying QP

    "Fustrating" According to the BBC website Queen's had ONE shot on target during the entire 90 minutes. Unfortunately i missed it as i had slipped into a coma by that point. And seeing Fotheringham walk straight into the starting 11 dismays me. No surprise that he played just as shite as he did during all 36 games last season. I see a 4rd from bottom season on the cards this year as only Berwick, Cowden and Albion Rovers will keep us from the trapdoor.
  6. Binos v Dragon Slaying QP

    By "played us just right, crowding our defense and restricting our creativity" you mean they beat us relatively easily? Which they did.
  7. He's very good! Give him the ball 30 yards out and he'll invariably loop it into the back of the net. Good low centre of gravity too and strong. Not the paciest but he will definitely make a name for himself in the Scottish Premiership one day. Great loan signing by youse lot.
  8. The Jelly Beans v The Bloo Brasil

    Has difficulty scoring from 2 yards out. Has pace though but is more a winger although he tends to give the ball back to the opposition too often. I'm not a fan as i believe that attacking players should be able to hit the back of the net once in a while. God loves a trier though.
  9. "Fustrating" Gus has failed to address the same problems which led to our dismal season last year. Our defence has no height and is often punished by high balls. Gibson was to blame for the Annan 3rd goal which he let bounce over his head (no difficult task considering he's only about 5'9") We cannot defend on the counter attack. So many opposition goals over the last season and a half have come from errors arising from counterattacking plays. Playing one up front (especially at Hampden) when the players are only training part time leaves too much for the number 9 to do and so often our midfielders can't seem to get up in support when we get the ball is up the park. We also have no striker this season who can put the ball into the back of the nest on a regular basis (8 competitive games in - Only 1 goal scored by an attacking player) I see a mid table finish on the cards unless things change.
  10. I've been positive after seeing 3 out of the first four games of the season but despite the very good performances especially in midfield i'm of the opposite opinion of most fans here as i think we will struggle this season because we have nobody who can put the ball in the back of the net. The only player who hasn't impressed me so far is Josh Peters and despite all his running Osodolar isn't going to score more than 2 goals the entire season because he isn't a No 9 and Billy Mortimer looks more comfortable in his new position as winger. So who is going to get us the goals for this 'successful season' everyone is talking about?
  11. We are 2 goalscoring strikers away from anywhere.
  12. Glad to see McGrory promoted to the first team, he's got a defence splitting pass or two in him which we lacked for most of last season. Also glad that we now have not ONE but TWO keepers on the books! Worried about the low number of midfielders though especially ones with experience as we only really have McKernon with any experience at senior level. Time will tell though, i guess, and besides it's not too late to add more to the squad.
  13. I know who the other 3 are but who is Osadour? I tried googling him but couldn't find anything. Is it a nickname?
  14. The owners of Queens Park have flogged Hampden to the SFA for pennies on the pound and we will be groundsharing with a club like Pollock Juniors soon enough as the SFA don't want regular football played at the ground.