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  1. I know who the other 3 are but who is Osadour? I tried googling him but couldn't find anything. Is it a nickname?
  2. The owners of Queens Park have flogged Hampden to the SFA for pennies on the pound and we will be groundsharing with a club like Pollock Juniors soon enough as the SFA don't want regular football played at the ground.
  3. Bizarrely, that's exactly what Stenhousemuir have done.
  4. Aye, Gibson really made use of his blistering pace and his towering height to great effect last season, especially in the Stenny match. Honestly, sometimes I think you watch different matches to the rest of us.
  5. Ross is a good player, can play all across the back and is a model professional who is still young enough for a shot at a higher level and with better coaching I think he can make it. The only thing that he needs to learn is better positional sense but as QP played a variety of formations over the past 2 years he was constantly having to adapt to his circumstances. Not the best penalty taker though...
  6. And what would you know about what players are premier level ya dumb daftie! Some players are more adept to playing in different leagues where there is more time on the ball and players aren't hoofing it everywhere and the pace is much more different. Ross is wasted in the lower leagues. But I guess the scouts at Killie aren't as qualified at judging young players as you are though it seems. They should have asked you before they signed him.
  7. Premier League - 12 teams Championship - 10 teams League 1 (North) - 10 teams League 2 (South) - 10 teams *Last placed teams in League 1 North & South playoff against each other then against the team who won the Lowland/Highland League playoff.
  8. I will ask the P&B mods. In the meantime I will just assume that its the moderator of this thread who deletes 99% of my posts anyway.
  9. The estrogen levels are strong with you. I think twitter is missing a feminazi.
  10. Any proof of my 'racism'? You should report me if you have any snowflake. I'll wait here patiently for the nee-naws.
  11. Great. He's got an exotic name so he's bound to be terrific. Sadly, that's the way football is going. Soon, Scottish clubs won't sign any Scottish players preferring instead to sign some foreign kid they saw on a YouTube video doing heavily edited keepy uppys for 5 minutes. Looks like Graeme Souness was ahead of his time...
  12. Im still not buying Davie Galt being 'too tired' after running a marathon 3 days before the play off first leg against stenny. I walked the old railway path from Johnstone to Port Glasgow the other week and it was 22 miles there and back. Apart from a bit of sunburn I was perfectly fine the next day and if I was younger I would have easily been able to play a match 3 days later. He just had a poor performance that day but Gus saw the way the tie was going and used Galty as a fall guy by dropping him for the 2nd leg preferring to play the inferior Jamie Gullan instead. I feel for David who deserved better than a manager who was prepared to throw the whole club under a bus just to prove some kind of disciplinarian point.
  13. I assume you're not talking about the guy who crashed into a wall in F1? Never heard of a guy at Pollock with the same name but if he's a 'calm and assured' junior player then that probably means he's a lightweight. If you haven't broken the legs of at least 2 players at Junior level then you haven't been giving 100%.
  14. To be fair he did have a few good efforts which went agonisingly close but there's something in the lad which tells me that if he gets that first goal he could really be something (certainly at this level) But the question is 'if'...