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  1. Never seen the ochiltree result coming. Have they lost players?
  2. Just in general! Every week it’s pure arrogant. Seen a few tweets blaming refs etc. Behaviour you would expect from them
  3. Thistle Twitter is a shambles! Arrogant and constantly blame everybody else when they don’t win! Hope Ayrshire are monitoring it
  4. New member 1hr ago and that’s the shite you start? Sounds like someone trying to upset new farm.
  5. Wee Tivvy is a fantastic player for shortlees, they still have quality so I don’t think they will be too far away
  6. Should be a cracking game tonight, reckon that’s my choice of venue. Fancy you to be too strong though, killie united still have a lot of the pub football mentality but smashing players
  7. Heard at the craigie game yesterday that the boy Stephen Miller is supposed to be going back to them?
  8. New farm v Hurlford should never have been at Scott ellis! Could barely see the ball for the length of the grass
  9. If there going to leave anyway why haven’t they? It’s principle, if everybody was to do the same it would be a shambles
  10. I would disagree with you there, what about the team the players are already signed with? Imagine there struggling and this happens? It’s got a massive effect
  11. Haha the best. Don’t like being a grass but hey ho
  12. Trust me it’s the case. They have played players who are signed with another team. I have evidence to prove it however I won’t be naming names on this forum.
  13. Very surprised it’s happening considering the president of Ayrshire is involved with Galston. Unless he’s not there and the new management are doing it anyway
  14. From what I have heard about Galston they have signed a few young boys but I also hear they are playing players who have signed with other teams and telling them it’s ok because it’s only a friendly
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