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  1. rangers fans think the sfa are out to get them my celtic mates constantly talk about how the sfa are biased towards rangers rangers fans think the bbc are biased against there club my celtic mates constantly talk about how the sfa are biased towards rangers hmm...
  2. top movie. i watched justice league on fri, couldn't get past supermans CGI.
  3. 1 celtic 2 hibs 3 rangers 4 aberdeen the rest can fight it out
  4. i just think lennon is a top manager and seems able to find good players and get the best out of them.
  5. i truly believe aberdeen have been the 2nd team in scotland the last four years because everyone else was/is sh*t. Now hibs and rangers are back and settled in the spl i fully expect them to be fighting for second spot with aberdeen doing well to finish 4th.
  6. rangers have improved since last season... but they still couldn't beat a poor aberdeen side.
  7. Yeah the book is excellent. Think there is a 2nd book as well.
  8. The girl with all the gifts. A good entry into the zombie genre. A bit different.
  9. Cannibal holocaust! Only seen it once a few years back but i thought it was really good, and it has a found footage section which became popular years later thanks to the Blair witch.
  10. One b*****d goes in and another b*****d comes out.
  11. This isn't science fiction Marge...this is real fiction.
  12. Rams. The critics loved that film, got some great reviews. I've never seen it but I would be interested in watching it. Watched 'shot caller' last night, thought it was ok. About a family man who goes to prison and gets in with neo-nazis. The star is the guy from breaking bad apparently.
  13. Apparently 85 of the top 100 grossing movies of 2017 were either remakes or sequels. Says it all really. Hollywood is all about making as much cash as possible, they don't care much about originality. And they constantly remake foreign movies and f*ck them up.
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