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  1. I thought barjonas had a decent work rate for us but it just didn’t click for him
  2. Vaughan, hendry and super marv would galvanise any defence midfield and attack in the championship massively. So yes they would make a huge difference and would get that team promoted if everyone stayed fit
  3. Firstly, your shitey team got administrated and we didn’t? Secondly, arguably the best attacking player there was 16 in 2011/12 and I’m guessing Davidson is going by players at their best while at us. If he was putting a best players team surely skacel would make it even though he was mince for us.
  4. Was that not the season we finished 2nd to a team that was spending more money than they had 🤔
  5. I doubt it. Unlikely insurers would be happy to pay out for something they can put down to an act of God etc. Can’t be an act of god since it’s almost a given that China will fire out a virus every few years
  6. I wonder when/if the pars will pay the second instalment for Euan Murray
  7. Probably because we’re shite away to Peterhead and Stranraer?
  8. Dumbarton have signed Quitongo, he would’ve been a decent signing for any club in the division imo.
  9. This is definitely not going to come back and bite you on the arse. Not in the slightest. We’ve shipped off Victoria and basically lost gullan at this point so we’re a fair bit weaker than before the window.
  10. Or he’ll score 2 winners against f*lkirk and win us the title
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