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  1. He’s contracted till 2022 why would our board accept peanuts
  2. Vaughan will sort out our defensive issues, we concede less when he plays.
  3. Vaughan improves the defence as well as the attack when he plays we’ll be fine once he’s back as long as he stays fit 🤞
  4. It was the real Lewis Vaughan and Regan Hendry that posted it, just scroll up on the thread to see the actual post [emoji106]
  5. Except when we had Vaughan fit, everything came through him.
  6. It’s a 2 footer as well straight red in my opinion
  7. The foot coming off the ground is surely at least a booking even if it’s just the follow through of the tackle
  8. Lewis Allan will pump the goals in for us [emoji106][emoji1]
  9. Oooft......nothing to do with fact your whole team shat itself and lost to a team who'd been utter dug shite for 6 months. Quiet time 👏
  10. Maybe this guy won’t go missing in big games like Nisbet in the play off final 🤷‍♂️
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