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  1. We need to get through 2 games with 2 fit centre backs until mendy will be back from international duty. Would be very surprised if we sign a player as back of for those 2 matches
  2. If Vaughan is fit he must start, only player that looked interested in scoring
  3. We’re going completely full time next season so what does that mean for Kieran Macdonald?
  4. Personally I thought hendry was one of the only players that wasn’t constantly passing the ball straight back to Arbroath last week
  5. If it’s that King from Dundee united I’m very disappointed
  6. Duku, Vaughan, Musonda, Matthews and Armstrong before hendry
  7. Don’t half ppv proceeds go to each team? Or am I wrong on this
  8. And cut out the shocking penalty decision as well 👍
  9. I can’t remember at least we’ll likely have the macdonalds back
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