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  1. Nice to see our Jan , our roving reporter upgrading to an appearance on STV news 😀😀😀
  2. You’re such a nice and reasonable person . He he he he he . I’d make it a closed vote 😀😀😀
  3. There a good one. We seem pleased over 800 people decide on what strip we wear. this season less than 500 on average turn up to see us actually play in our strip. personally I’d rather it was at least the other way around
  4. Are we thinking Tuesday 24th for this game. its been very wet so far this week
  5. Firstly let me start Clyde deserved to win today a couple of chance missed and a well taken goal on the break . going by the previous posts if any Clyde fans think this should have been 4 or 7 and Clyde s performance was based on ambitions to go up. Please stop. I’ve watched you 4 times this season . That’s not your level 4 games you won 2 we’ve one 2. 6th and 7th in league 4 points apart. Accept it for what it is
  6. Moonster-we haven’t had it so easy since the last league game against them at home forfar really poor which is why 4 games ago I wasn’t pessimistic about us being 9th. Forfar Peterhead and Clyde no better than us. Even raith looked our standard and they are top. forbes did a lot better tonight and I thought mccluskey put in a fair shift. All did well enough
  7. Surely this can’t survive. Conditions in Dumbarton at moment are awful
  8. I know there was some praise that we managed to boost squad in window. question was Wilson a mistake. Other than going straight in v Aberdeen he seems to have taken up the Zata role in the squad. surely he could have got a run out yesterday
  9. Can’t believe jan Lang an makes your team ahead of even an out of touch carsewell. also too many putting faith in jai quotingo. january we’ve lost 2 league games.nov we lost the first 2 and free the third. what’s the difference im not saying it’s good. It hasn’t been all season but think we all need to calm down a bit. As I do in previous post next 5 days is important to bring some bodies in.
  10. A lot of negativity most justified but I’m not so sure Forfar or Stranraer will catch us so for time being drop the relegation panic . next five days could be crucial re squad
  11. My view penalty decision was correct and Quitongo reaction backs this up. still think offside for hedges is a question steven Thompson plays the rustiness card. if going away for a break causes rustiness to the extent of that performance. Simple don’t go and play games in the weeks you are off
  12. Agree all the sons team deserve praise today but special mention to Lewis Crawford who’s confidence must have taken a knock this season. he defended really well against McGinn today and stood up to be counted. well done Lewis
  13. My take is it was a penalty .... but was offside( hedges). almost feels like my pre match prediction of an easy win would have been easier to take . if any Aberdeen fan is remotely satisfied with that display . Dear oh dear . as a Scotland fan please keep McKenna away from any future squads. He is awful
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