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  1. Echo what most have said re lynas. I also thought today Wilson was very good when he came on after some criticism. we did wake up in second half and can’t remember our keeper having to make a save ??
  2. Seems most of chat about one moment in game and differing opinions about red v yellow. when will people on this chat allow others to have a point of view my worry about last night is the depth of squad after promising league start . Seems we make done changes we drop a few levels . included in our changes was someone we’ve been pushing to get back for over a year albeit he needs some game time and a young midfielder who this time last year was considered best player in higher league . what will happen with this squad if we start to lose a couple of games in the league .
  3. The beast will be comedy value but in his cameo today showed it wouldn’t be worst signing ever regardless of how silly it appears
  4. Most enjoyable day. Credit to club for reduced price hospitality which was first class. couldn’t believe we were 2 up as Annan were better in first half but in end we deserved it. gray was mom but joe McKee had best game in a long while for me and I thought our experience at the back also showed . work in progress but a happy one x
  5. Just wondered who is going to the reduced price hospitality tomorrow. chance for done pre match debate ??
  6. Last week we score 2 in first five min to win. today a last minute winner this is a new thing for us to deal with but surely a positive xx
  7. Sorry I meant 2 goals in first five minutes
  8. Can’t remember the last time we got off to flyer like yesterday. Probably no surprise we played a bit cautious after tat and I thought we were fairly tight and never really under sustained pressure. Noticed neither full back fir us ventured out of back 4 and were both pretty solid. we probably sat a little deep after half time leaving Byrne a bit isolated and only brightened up after sending off. challenge now to build on this
  9. Chose to miss the league cup games so this is first time this season. hoping with the retained players down a level and new guys we are at least competitive this year especially at home . 2 wins against bottom team and a end of season gsme not good enough. as always I go tomorrow with some optimism that we can get off to a good start
  10. Interesting signing. Couple of years ago he was a smashing player . Hope I’m wrong but he has been quiet since. hope works out x
  11. Suspect you right moonster but they really are fooling us to suggest budget will be reduced but prices remain the same . vould be back to watching accies for me
  12. Incredible day of disheartening news. as said before I’m waiting on what the season ticket price will be checking out other second div prices suggests we should be getting a 25% reduction mimimum.
  13. I made comment on March 13 that he wasn’t good enough and I stand by that .
  14. Right I don’t see this group being capable of rescuing this . so for next season what price for a season ticket. if price is held I see a mass walk out from fans
  15. Let’s see all the comments about him looking good and keep him for next season. couldn’t get a game in lowland league !!
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