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  1. Arbroath well done.

    Well done Arbroath. How selfish of you break up the Angus Mini League 2019/20.
  2. Wasn't there today, but Montrose mathematically safe now which was surely always our start of season main objective. Getting into a playoff position with 3 games to go is fantastic and SP has to receive huge plaudits for getting so much out of this squad who were not really strengthened all that much over summer (could argue we were weakened). Excellent result.
  3. Brechin v Mo

    Can't say I'm always RC's biggest fan but his first half performance was spot on this eve, chasing down, harrying the back line and a very smart header for his second. In fact there were some top performances all across the park this evening. Granted, the opposition were really not up to much today, but some of the first half play was excellent. This petered away a bit second half as the ref got card happy. Although that 3rd goal was great play between Steeves, Canto and Redman. The second yellow for McGeever allowed us to see out the final 15 as pretty much a training game. A very good performance and it looked like the folks from BBC Scotland's 'A View From The Terrace' were there so might be some additional footage kicking around on Friday night.
  4. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    I honestly don't think we can place much weight on some of the MOTM Awards. They are regularly picked by sponsors who have close links with the club or specific players. It is a very welcome source of income for the club, but often their pick can be way off. Looking forward to this evenings game. Always good to get in a midweek match and hoping recent good results (not necessarily performances) continue.
  5. Mo V Stranraer

    Not a fan of the changing line ups we appear to have adopted either. Saturday/Tuesday are huge games and strongest starting 11 surely a priority for maximum points and the probable safety that would bring. Let's start with top goalscorer please SP.
  6. Mo v Stenny

    Thought the second half from us was a pretty brutal watch. Probably shaded the first half, but second 45 left me thinking we were very fortunate to get the win. Although Munro's toys out the pram tirade at the linesman including the sentence "but he's malkayed it out the park; if I did that I'd be booked" was a highlight. To be fair to him, he was passionate about the game compared to a few of our lads who were pretty flat. Four points from Stranraer and Brechin over the next week and a half and we should be safe. Makes the final 5 games (including all of top 4) slightly less important, though 6th April may be a title party for our neighbours down the road. Sent from my HTC One A9s using Tapatalk
  7. Airdrieonians vs. Montrose.

    We looked like a team who think they're safe. Not particularly fit or full of ideas either. Can't think of anyone who got pass marks today. Not that Airdrie were much better but credit them scoring and their keeper pulling off great stop from Henderson at point blank near the end. Not a good showing. Wasn't at Raith last week, so not sure how that compared. Sent from my HTC One A9s using Tapatalk
  8. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    We surely would have looked at the run of the last 3 league games as a chance to open up a gap between us and the relegation spots. However, that's 5 dropped points against the bottom 3 in the last 3. Important 2 weeks now with Forfar and Raith to play.
  9. Montrose V Stenny

    CJ missed chances aside, we looked very short of ideas last Saturday after Rennie went off, so I'm not expecting lots of goals today. This is an important game to win.
  10. Cold pies too. Sent from my HTC One A9s using Tapatalk
  11. Montrose v Rovers

    My favourite part of that is at 14 seconds when all the boys chasing Martin all jump at the same time. Great strike. He needs a long run in the team for his confidence, and it's starting to show. Sent from my HTC One A9s using Tapatalk
  12. Well, the first 20 minutes of the penultimate league game at Galabank end of 16-17 season was truly atrocious and one of the least enjoyable journeys I've made. To those of you who travelled through today, I hope you are enjoying the first 30 minutes tonight!
  13. "Dreadful", "forgettable" and "lucky" are spot on. Very disappointing performance this afternoon. Highlight of a very drab game devoid of any real chances for us, being farside lino taking objection to Annan's number 3 leaving the field of play to pick up his energy gel, by kicking his water bottle away. The Sean Dillon Fan Club will surely want to see us through to the next round.
  14. Montrose vs Dumbarton

    Yes, far more settled looking at the back today. There's been a lot of chopping and changing of personnel and formation this season but looked more assured today. Suspect Antoniazzi may miss a week after that ball in the chops, so yet more changes will come. Good to see Henderson get a run out too, and Webby surely due a start after today's positive performance. Two wins on the bounce will breed confidence, but next week will be an entirely different test altogether.
  15. Montrose v Farfir

    No idea how either! CJ ran and ran all game and should have won it for us, but showed great determination to chase all game. At 0-2 I really did think Forfar would run riot as we looked really out of sorts and they were ticking along well, first to every second ball and looking sharp. But we grew back into the game and having the wind behind us second 45 seemed to swing the game in our favour. Really felt the game was there to be won (as it was last week) so was a bit surprised to see Foxy put on as a striker for the last 10! Great to come back from 2 down today, so can't fault the effort. Millar didn't really have a lot to do, and had no chance for the second which was so sloppy from us. Given the Forfar strikeforce on show today and our opening 30 minutes, I'm happy with a point. But we need to turn some of these draws into wins. Inability to win games is what draws teams into relegation battles. On to next week. Sent from my HTC One A9s using Tapatalk