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  1. Still not sure why Lyons'goal was disallowed, and there were a couple of goalmouth scrambles before then too when we were very close. Lennox had nothing to do all game apart from pick the ball out of his net and claim a couple of crosses. To Raith's credit they put away their one shot. Had we done that first half when we were very well on top, I'd like to think we'd have won. For all our excellent possession and play, we did lack a killer instinct today. But it's been there before and will come back soon enough if we keep playing like that. The front 3 pressing in the first half was great to watch and we looked solid at the back too. Shame to lose our unbeaten league run, but there have been many winter games under the floodlights in the not too distant past where it's been a far far worse performance. On to the next game.
  2. I started making a list last week but gave up after the depressing memories it kept bringing back having tried hard to forget some players! Am sure there are many more Montrose fans who have done similar! Defensively I'd have added in Ewan Moyes with special mention to 'experienced' Phil McQuire who should have been retired from league football by the time we took him on. There was also a young, tall lad who I think we got from Raith (I want to say Wilson) who was always more concerned about his combed over hair style than his on field abilities. Gavin Malin never seemed to do it for me in midfield, and neither did Paul Harkins. Plenty midfield candidates brought in by HH in the preceding years too, including one who the terraces taught me the true meaning of the word nepotism. Up front I'd pop a certain Mr Gemmell, and sadly just outside the time period in discussion would be Willie Martin: Released, if I remember correctly, for 'lack of commitment to training', after attempting scorpion kicks in goal during warm-up despite declaring himself unfit. Thankfully we've turned a corner the last few years. When we find ourselves without SP I dread the return of more candidates!
  3. No real surprise to see SP and Webby winning manager and player of the month for October. Well deserved. Has been an excellent run of results and hoping that continues today.
  4. Really good all-round team performance today. First half we could possibly have been clear had Webby's goal not been chalked off, as we were on top at HT. Second half we sat back and allowed Stranraer on, and again zonal marking at corners cost us. However, there was something about our play today, a gritty togetherness that made me think we'd get a winner. Some not quite hitting their recent heights, but others stepping up which was pleasing to see. Encouraging performance on the whole, and if we keep beating the teams below us we'll do well [emoji106]
  5. I'll just sit here refreshing, waiting for the seethe to begin. Well done Montrose. Nice to see a settled starting line up for once resulting in maximum points and our first league clean sheet too.
  6. Excellent first 45, with great strikes from Webby and Watson in particular; big deflection for Peterhead's first. Sadly all-too-familiar shaky start to second half conceeding two quick goals. Webby's second was another lovely strike and when through 1 on 1 with his easiest chance of the day, he could have had a hat trick. Overall, a much much better performance, although zonal marking at corners left us looking vulnerable at times. Webby well worth his MotM, and Lyons must have pushed him very close: some awful challenges on him today and according to today's ref team it's seemingly ok to hold shirts for 90 minutes and not get booked. Crazy game and could easily have been 6-6, but delighted with the effort, performance and 3 points.
  7. Disappointing afternoon in all honesty, and a more clinical side would have completely swept us away second half. Can't be bothered writing loads and loads, so wonder what people's opinions are on: - Terry's red (wasn't watching when it happened) - Yano's "defending" for their first - EF number 3 not getting a second yellow for pulling back Lyons - Denholm's shot off the post from 2 yards - Our apparent lack of a plan B when things are going against us, and how we go about turning the hard work of the majority of the team in to actual points on the board. This is going to be a long season and a league win is desperately needed. Credit where it's due: we finished above East Fife last season but after SIX games they are THIRTEEN points ahead of us.
  8. 28th April 2018? Thanks to Jamie Redman's second half goal.
  9. Second half we could easily have tired but had good chunks of pressure; a couple of Milne free kicks coming close; hard to tell that we were 10 against 11; deserved a draw. We certainly had a good go of it and with 11 I think we'd have got a point which I felt we deserved on the performance. Felt Dickinson was always going to make an incorrect and influential decision for one side in the game after bafflingly ignoring some pretty obvious shoves and fouls first half. Fleming with a great reaction save first half before the penalty and then the awful penalty miss - we could have got a bit of a pasting had they gone in and heads gone down. But certainly no shame in our performance today. Tricky run of games continue, so important to keep up the intensity and level of performance.
  10. Pretty sure Cammy got sent off for Dumbarton against Arbroath final game of last season, so will have to sit first league game out.
  11. Fwiw, I was in line with Lennox's goal line when he fumbled and the ball was a good foot over the line. Amazed it wasn't given by the linesman. Best of luck this season in L2.
  12. Stuffy first half midfield battle, and don't remember us registering a shot on target. Second we looked a bit more decisive, though would still be surprised if we had more than 3 on target. Lyons coming on gave us a more direct approach and he set up Terry for a nice goal. Skelly held up well when he came on, and the back 4, Cregg/Masson all putting in good shifts and Fleming getting a crucial save at the end. I suspect SP will make a few changes in the top half of the team on Saturday as a few looked done in by FT. Good win against a Perth side who just didn't look match-sharp, but suspect that will come in their remaining LC games. 50/50 that a summer evening game like that would have been shrouded in the North Sea mist, so nice to get a decent evening.
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