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  1. Yeah Dillon had the ability but his attitude wasn't there.
  2. By making out that by finishing second is not an a big accomplishment
  3. Yeah just ignore the extra income gained from finishing second Dave... Way to put a downer on the season.
  4. At least john mcglynn conducted your team in a professional manner and played out the tactics right to the letter [emoji23]. Finishing below two part time clubs, what a season.
  5. How can dale be shortlisted for league one player of the year but come 3rd in the clubs player of the year???
  6. Tbh I didn't see an elbow and if it was as bad as you say I would have expected an uproar and a straight red but nothing was made of it other than a booking. Also we should have had a penalty second half which was not given. Seems to be everything the might moles way...
  7. Patrick cregg is one dirty b*****d. Was surprised to see him last the whole game and not get sent off. Went two feet studs up on Dylan in the first half and was putting in late challenges for the rest of the game. Think Baird had a right to complain at the shambolic representative of a referee.
  8. The red card for Brad Spencer from what I seen wasn't a red.
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