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  1. Bearing in mind most teams try and kick Hendry off the park with very little protection from the poor referees
  2. Miller probably dropped after a poor game at Stranraer
  3. Let’s just see what happens at Kirkcaldy dickhead
  4. Having been a Stair Park virgin up till yesterday what an utter dump of a stadium with a horrendous playing surface and farcical high winds I’ll no be hurrying back there as the game was a lottery in such conditions and we would have pure pumped them at Starks park as the table doesn’t lie
  5. The Rovers midfield totally bossed it, as for big Nat he’s finished was rotten with us last season
  6. Carrying too much weight probably couldn’t run (too many bridies)
  7. Defo one of the Forfar fatties they have about four carrying too much timber , Forbes especially
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