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  1. Better make sure he finds room for Armstrong because he is a different class
  2. Aye they will be okay nae windaes in there tractors sheep shagging Forfar minks
  3. Need to swap McKay for Benny as he is the weak link just watched match highlights from yesterday, Davidson had a good game yesterday in my opinion
  4. Hope they offer Boris Melingu a deal he looks decent ,better than Lewis Allan
  5. Was Lewis Milne playing for Montrose today ? Because I never noticed him
  6. Rumour is Mendy getting loaned out to Fort William in the Highland league
  7. I personally don’t think the Rovers will make top four with that squad, defence is dire and Mcglynn is clueless, Falkirk,Forfar,East Fife and Montrose will finish above us if changes are not made
  8. Sold our two best players to Dunfermline and Mcglynn has recruited poorly apart from Hendry, same poor central defence that has leaked goals last season with the added bombscare (Mendy) ,the board and Mcglynn have to take a long hard look at themselves
  9. Should be playing Miller at Right back and pair up benny and big Dave in the middle
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