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  1. Livingston - all the threads merged

    Any truth in the rumour that Halkett is close to agreeing a new deal for next season?
  2. Aberdeen v Livingston

    Crying shame he’s lowering himself to hearts. Can do so much better. His agent is a fud.
  3. Stay tuned for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT
  4. Accies v Hearts (Edinburgh’s good guys)

    Was very difficult to get to Aberdeen today so went to this game with a Hamilton supporting friend of mine. Hearts really were appalling...no redeeming features on and off the park and didn’t bring enough supporters to open up the little tent. Nowhere near as big a club as they believe and undoubtedly the ugliest fan base in Britain. Well done accies, either us or them could be in with a shout of putting the final nail in Dundee or st mirrens coffin which keeps the season interesting.
  5. Everywhere down the east of Scotland and in the highlands is soft as f**k.
  6. A lot of nervousness here. Could it be my club? Could it be my club? Could it? Unless a relatively small amount of compensation isn’t paid to these suppliers (plural) then it seems there could be numerous court proceedings beginning in early June. The club have breached trading terms set out in numerous supplier agreement contracts dated back to early 2015. Can’t be making more than £50k a season on this grey trade.
  7. Well well...I have it on very good authority that a certain Premiership club (who shall remain nameless) could be in a spot of bother. Got to say extremely bad business ethics...buying stock of goods from suppliers and distribution companies strictly for matchday sales purposes and selling them off backhand on the grey market. Let’s just hope the Coca Cola company etc etc have some shit hot contracts tied up in their legal team (I’m sure they will) as this one will absolutely be going to court and could have pretty damaging financial consequences for the guilty club. Certainly nothing to damage their long terms future but their budget for the 2019/20 season is likely to be in tatters when this court case goes through. Say hello to the championship you scum.
  8. Livingston - all the threads merged

    Nah. f**k hearts. Shit club with a shit manager and racist knuckle dragging pretend current bun fans. He could’ve moved to a club in England and earned the same/more as they’d pay him and if he’d stood out would’ve had an easier path to a genuinely decent sized club. He can do much better than Hearts and the results this season show it. No doubt all the knuckle draggers will be lapping this signing up weeks after slaughtering him and his teams style of play.
  9. Livingston - all the threads merged

    And what a shite move that is for Halkett btw. So disappointed he’s going to them. He could’ve earned the same money and tested himself in England. He ought to give his agent the sack, absolutely gutted.
  10. Aberdeen v Livingston

    Nope, ATLIS is quite correct. Gallagher and Halkett deals have now been made public. We’re not going down and we’re not getting top 6. We might finish 8th but given our away form and the fixtures we need to play I’d say 9th is most likely even with those 2 in the XI. I think Brown will be here next season and Odoffin has looked decent. Need to move on and plan for next season.
  11. Livingston - all the threads merged

    There is no top 6 - we still have Aberdeen and Celtic to play away from home and we’re already too far behind Hibs. I’ve already said take Gallagher out as well - we need to plan for next season, there’s a strong possibility Brown will be here and need to take a look at Odoffin as well. Don’t get the backline sorted for next season and we’re in real trouble. Let’s get Lithgow on a new deal too - can’t allow ourselves to let our best players leave for nothing when they’ve been here and developed for 4/5 years. Absolutely mad from a business point of view.
  12. Livingston - all the threads merged

    %100 drop Halkett now. Time for Holt to stamp his authority and build his own team.
  13. Livingston - all the threads merged

    Hopkin sitting next to Martindale at the st mirren game tonight...what’s going on here then eh
  14. Livingston - all the threads merged

    Yes I agree but I can see Holt trying to bring Brown back in for next season tbh
  15. Livingston - all the threads merged

    Where is the talk on Twitter about him being sacked, I haven’t seen anything? We could have played absolutely 0 games since 1st December and we’d still be in the same position as we are. This shows our recent form has been pretty poor but also that the 3 diddies below us are absolutely dreadful, as St Mirren proved last week - how we lost that I’ll never know, but it was a shocker. All the speculation about Halkett and Gallagher (much of which has been driven by Livi fans who couldn’t bare to enjoy a good run of results in the top division) hasn’t helped and I think has proven to be quite damaging in recent weeks. Newspapers reporting Gallagher is speaking to St Johnstone and Motherwell the day before games for Livi isn’t particularly motivating and much has been made about Halkett moving to Hearts. These players won’t be here next season and the teams below us aren’t good enough to send us down. I would completely drop those 2, which is a shame, but in my opinion they shouldn’t be playing. Give odoffin and brown as much time to bed in if Holt sees them as part of his plans for next season. I agree with what Holt said last week. If the players don’t want to follow instructions and jeopardise points then get them dropped and kick them up the arse. If they don’t like it then GTF - the way we lost last week was a shambles and Holt was clearly fucked off and rightly so. Hopkin would only have been at the game last week as he lives close by and wouldn’t wanted to see a few ex players - absolutely no surprise to see him at the match. Time to drop Halkett and Gallagher and see what Holt is all about - he could keep us in this division for years!