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  1. Wonder what the next reason for inactivity will be. If they got a move on years ago it would probably be hundreds of thousands cheaper.
  2. Right lads change of plan, we are going to canter to the title but are willing to offer you 2nd and a chance to relegate United (if they can finish 11th) on your way to promotion. What do yous think? I'll throw in whatever it is folk from Arbroath like.
  3. Anyone mind if I put the hot tub over in that corner?
  4. I reckon you boys have nothing to fear and will be in the premiership play offs.
  5. That was a good game. When it was 1-0 we missed a chance to make it 2 and Arbroath made it 1-1. Arbroath had a chance to go 3-2 up and we ended up scoring down the other end. Kerr was superb tonight and it was great to get our new boy on the scoreboard.
  6. Well maybe if you asked how we were feeling once in a while
  7. I like Arbroath. For years consistently punching above their budget and weight. Genuinely expecting this to be one of those games that feels much longer than 90. A win would be mega but by no means expected.
  8. Rovers have some excellent build up play. Edit - absolutely ripping down our left side constantly.
  9. Is Sweeney left footed? I sure as hell hope not. He insists on passing back with his left foot but the ball seems quite a bit off target.
  10. I need you to pick 5 numbers between 1-50 and 2 numbers between 1-12. Also which day do you prefer, Tuesday or Friday?
  11. A loss is still a loss, but clawing back 2 goals from being 3 down is not something Dundee would do under any recent management. I think brutal lessons were learned and we might see some more movement as a result. Overall not time to shite the bed. Yet.
  12. They were definitely a large part of the problem. Sharp shock though for Bowyer.
  13. That's enough for me. That didn't go as expected at all. So much promise and it all fell flat.
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