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  1. To be fair I don't think anyone does read that far back. I only do when I arrive mid argument
  2. I think they'll ask for a P.I.P or C.D.P letter as proof of benefit and a letter for yourself from the C.A unit. Good luck getting through. You're almost always better just nipping in in person.
  3. Yeah you will both concession season tickets. Pal of mine does it. He has MS and his brother gets a concession for being his carer.
  4. I don't personally get the whole Strachan shenanigans. He was offered the job and said flat out he didn't want it but has continued hanging around like a bad smell. In his apparently unofficial time at Dens, he sounded out advice to McPake (who was shit) and obviously was instrumental in getting his pal McGhee the job (who was also shit). A sane person would look at that and say 2 for 2 you have no idea what you're doing, but we've gone and made him director of football?
  5. Dodds is everyone's preference. I don't think any of us have a real fundamental problem with St Johnstone. They've just always been the annoying little brother trying to join in with you and your pals. Still not a derby. Not that it matters now anyway.
  6. It seems to be everyone else isn't taking it to well. Going to enjoy every single second of making sure you lot stay in the championship next season.
  7. First choice would be Wieghorst, if not Jack Ross would do.
  8. Or maybe Gordon promised him leggy Scottish woman to provide the club with tall players in his weird eugenics ramblings.
  9. I'm very tempted to buy one again next season. I missed out this year because of the ongoing rona hokey pokey. Championship with a strong possibility of winning, dependant of course on the correct appointment, is very appealing.
  10. Strachan can get in the Tay. McGhee can get in the Tay. The whole club can get in the Tay.
  11. I love it. It's proof of a higher power. "How can I f**k with the Dee's today?"
  12. You've got the "new firm " derby and the Tayside "not a derby" derby.
  13. Top flight needed more recycled dildo pitches so I'm sure you'll be welcomed back with open arms.
  14. They've made it very clear from the get go that the stadium is not exclusively for Dundee FC. All the training facilities are for public use (money), the stadium itself is for concerts and of course sporting events (money) and the other parts of the build were long term investments to cover operations and the project over time. Houses for people that need somewhere to live (money) and a crematorium for people that no longer need houses (money). Plus there was chat of the SRU investment (money) as there is nothing that substantial on the east coast of Scotland and improvements such as a purpose curling rink added to the Ice arena (money).
  15. Really believe the only reason he didn't take it sooner was because he didn't want a relegation on his CV. Either way, he would be the first manager since Hartley that I'd have any sort of positive feeling about. Think you're on to something about his stock with St Mirren. He was on the top of everyone's shopping list. If sorting us out is the stepping stone to greatness for him I'll take it.
  16. He couldn't catch super gonorrhoea so f**k actually knows how he has won that.
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