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  1. I agree, but at least a week of this lockdown would be filled with laughter.
  2. You can call something whatever you like but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it's a duck. It's 100% not a republic and in no way democratic. Communist was the wrong term though I'll concede.
  3. Yeah, they've always been a beacon of truth and are a highly trustworthy news source 🥴. As for my comment on Russia, I was commenting that all the communist led nations are claiming there are no or very little cases and that everything is fine. And the last paragraph was just pointless. No they obviously don't have trouble speaking. They are attempting to divert responsibility by saying the outbreak originated elsewhere? Better?
  4. You don't for a single second believe that do you? Russia also believes they don't have an issue. China is also trying to say the source was not domestic but in Indonesia. Anyhow, lab trials show Chloroquine is nuking the viral particles. Cheap, non IP protected drug. Another few weeks we will have our answer if it is effective on already infected people. Fingers crossed.
  5. Yeah, I read about it afterwards. 🤦‍♂️ 80% is much more than I would have expected from the gov't in all honesty. I'm still waiting to hear if a few of us at my work will be 'repurposed' for ninewells or just let go.
  6. Some of the young ones might actually start earning more.
  7. The fact the language is "completed by..", and that it is highly unlikely any more competitive games are going to be played, I think that they are saying the current table is final. I'm also going to assume that means because no games can be played there will be no play offs either. Just automatic promotion/relegation. I obviously hope this isn't the case.
  8. I'm not condoning it, but is she not strictly liable for hearts still? She would need to not only cover the short fall in the present, but if relegated, have to deal with that shortfall too. I think it's more of a warning shot to the powers that be of potential litigation rather than "I don't care about people getting sick". Already been covered by some, but starting next season on time with points differences kept is the best way to go.
  9. Oh, I never saw. This guy has the right idea 😂
  10. I think keep the points differences and start a new season. So United would be 59 minus the Patrick points tally (26) , so they would start a new season with +33 points Inverness would be 45 minus minus 26 so would be +19 Dundee would be +15 and so on. Thistle would start at 0 points like a new campaign. That way this season's efforts aren't in vain and everyone still has an advantage based on the seasons form. Apply that to every league and the only issue would be not getting a name on a cup, but you still carry that lead you had the previous season. Removes any guess work.
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