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  1. Derby tickets go on sale Monday for season ticket holders online and then Tuesday in the shop for season ticket holders. Wednesday online for general and then Thursday for general in the shop. £24 Upper and Jerry Kerr £22 Lower
  2. Calendar signing tonight at 6:30. McPake and Nicholl are January. Reckon we will be seeing James? 😂
  3. No. There is a calendar signing tomorrow. Look forward to seeing you there tomorrow night. Doors open 6:30. You love the Dee. No "massive crescendo" at dens.
  4. Well I'm not a manager but we got our two up front and it's still not working. In fairness, I'm not there, but it reads like any other match we have played of late. Spineless Toothless Hopeless
  5. It's bad when that cheeky run he had in front of the mainstand was met by a surprised gasp from the folk around me. He is dreadful, not sure if that's him though or being played too far forward for his liking.
  6. Did he not just do an interview with the courier saying we needed another striker? You reckon McPake is a Cathro for someone else?
  7. That's all you need to know about just how fucking incompetent McPake is. We have strikers, he just isn't playing them together. Back three, drop Forster (living embodiment of a wasted shirt) and add another one up front. That simple and I'm not getting paid for it.
  8. Really top 4 was our realistic aim for the season. Failing that is as you said unacceptable, but on the McPake front, we have an excellent track record of inaction towards making much needed vacancies available.
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