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  1. Happens a lot. Don't kick up a fuss though. "They" don't like it.
  2. McCann or McPake in a managerial position is a would you rather that I would not answer.
  3. Already addressed that calibre was the wrong word to use and explained it. Can't tell if we are going for the Billy Connolly classic, that people with surnames for first names are posh c***s, but no. No it isn't.
  4. Sure, I could have used a better than calibre, but you knew exactly what I meant. Crowd behaviour at those events are very different because of the atmosphere generated by the people around you. There are people that go to a match a match just to be a cock. Doubt the same could be said about cricket or that as many would.
  5. Unpopular opinion, but I would like the game to stay dry. You already hear and see some pretty shocking stuff at grounds around the country without needing to add alcohol into the mix. The balance we have of most having a pre match pint and not allowing people who are steaming into grounds is right. You can point to rugby, cricket or any other sport that allow drink in the stands but let's be honest and say football does not have the same calibre of fan.
  6. I abhor him for many reasons but the one that gets me the most is that he treats being from Northern Ireland like a great disability that he should be in receipt of Personal Independence Payment for. He's a twat and when he embraces his inner twat, claims everyone is bullying him. Needs to go and take his face for a shite. A good long one at that.
  7. Bet the game will be cancelled due to a waterlogged pitch.
  8. Just don't make any noise. The generations of inbreeding has left them relatively blind, so they rely on their heightened sense of hearing to target the living.
  9. 7 or 8 changes 🙃 This will be a laugh.
  10. It's all in the handshakes.....*mumbles*.......Vatican...........*mumbles*.........NWO.
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