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  1. Result in the signing department imo. Don't need a good keeper if we always have the ball.
  2. Personally can't wait for him to fire in 30 to shut you all up.
  3. As things stand would you be happy with the squad we have? Expected finishing place?
  4. At least getting along to Dens to watch a match seems likely...... Oh.
  5. If Parish was not very efficient, I wonder what he would have said about Jack.
  6. He'd easily make the Castle Huntly FC starting XI.
  7. We are due a raft of celtic players. Sparkie, Gordon and a defender is acceptable for what we 'didn't do'.
  8. Happy days. Hopefully they also put a max time on payouts from the insurer so they don't drag their feet there too.
  9. It is getting into who cares territory. Might be a done deal with no other prospects in the pipeline. Waiting to roll him out as a last-minute signing type thing.
  10. Boy needs to let go of that hair. Looks knackered.
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