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  1. Connolly was persuaded came out of (early) retirement to play for Falkirk, not on loan. Looked for the like he would rather have been anywhere else as I recall, despite some brief flashes of class.
  2. Where it all led to is what I was getting at as stated in the subsequent post. What were, evidently, the best memories of a lot of fans were bought and (not) paid for by Fulston. An asset stripper that had previous before turning up at Kilbowie on promotion day and doing a lap round the park to rapturous applause.
  3. I get you. So you are saying Ray McKinnon can be this generations Jim Jeffries for us? Not really. More to do with ownership and how much the majority of people really care about this aspect when the team is successful, or even just good to watch. These two sets of owners, Fulston particularly, laid the foundations, in my view, for everything that has happened since.
  4. It is interesting and quite topical to remember that Jeffries time in charge spanned the reigns if the Dean's and then Fulston. I think anyway.
  5. So no relevance then. Bell Sports Management are a US registered company.
  6. Not sure of an exact figure, but Carpetright have artificial grass for 14.99 /sq.m. with another 10% off using a discount code. Plus fitting and underlay.
  7. It means he doesn't want to pay corporation tax.
  8. Is that a party attended exclusively by c***s?
  9. Do SS season ticket holders need to sit in their allocated seats for tomorrow's game?
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