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  1. I was being serious! Do you not remember how much those Mouldmasters hurt?! Waterboarding any day. At the moment they're in storage. I will display them in something more worthy in the near future.
  2. No, absolutely not. I'm a collector. I won't even swap, buys only.
  3. Mouldmaster is a bit extreme. I'd suggest waterboarding first and Mouldmaster only if the waterboarding fails
  4. Keep them all coming, eventually I should get what I'm after! I'll open a shop to flog the rest
  5. If you're not referring to your bollocks, please send me an inbox message, preferably with a photo of the footballs. If you are genuine I apologise!
  6. Depends. Is your definition of a rip-off merchant someone who isn't stupid enough to post on a public messageboard the prices he pays, for the world and his wife to read? If so, yes.
  7. So you lot want to send me pathetic immature replies, but then you can't accept it back? Is that what you're saying?
  8. The question reads like "you already posted on here before, why are you posting again?". Otherwise why does it matter how many I got last time?
  9. I'm re-asking because many new people have joined the forum since, or weren't logging in (on holiday etc) the last time I asked (a year ago).
  10. Afternoon Gents/Ladies, I am looking for the below Scottish footballs. If you have one, or know somebody who does, please send me a private message. Thanks in advance, A 97/98 Mitre Ultimax "Scotland", used by the Scottish National Team: the 98/99 and 99/00 Mitre Ultimax "Scottish Football League", used by teams in Div 1, 2 and 3 (I think it was also used for Scottish cup games): Lower priority, if you have a pristine one of these, that would be good too:
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